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MAC Club Eyeshadow - The Underdog

LOTD: MAC Club Eyeshadow Every once in a while you come across a product that you find is so fabulous and yet it's probably the least talked about in the market, let alone raved about... MAC Club eyeshadow is a stupendous example of this...

Top 5 Blushes For Indian Skin Tones!

  Top 5 Blushes For Indian Skin Tones! ISLM Writer: Ishleen Hello my darlings! All hail summers! Yes, the season of oily, dull looking skin is here and this is the time of the year when I miss my Rosy-Posy cheeks and I crave for those just-pinched looking skin! And the best way to achieve that perfectly rosy cheeks is to get your hands on the best ever blush available in the market and sweep it across your cheekbones and blend it into your hairline and temples. But getting a great blush does not necessarily means you need to shell out a huge investment and we girl, have got you covered here! So in no particular order, let us start!

Top 5 Highlighters In India!

5 best Highlighters Available In India! ISLM Writer: Ishleen Hello my girlies! The monsoon has already kicked in here in Delhi, and I do not know why but all I could think of while sitting at my porch, hearing the pitter patter of the rain--was highlighters! Maybe it is the romantic weather, or just me being hopelessly romantic--but somehow I always attach rains and makeup highlighters with romance! And I am sure there would be plenty of us who feel the same romanticism towards our beloved highlighters, so why not compile our very own Top 5 best highlighters available for the Indian skin tones! And just so you know, I am a college goer myself and am almost always tight on budget, so again I have tried to include products which are comparatively affordable but have bang-on quality! 

Mac Vegas Volt Lipstick Review and Swatches

Mac Vegas Volt Lipstick Review and Swatches ISLM Writer: Nimisha How we all wish to swear by certain things we love, yet we come across some beauties that steal our hearts away once again. Just to ascertain that I talk of materialistic things only when I mention this. Well, enough of flirting around, warm regards my lovely ladies, today I talk of one of the most loved lipstick that I own, Vegas Volt by MAC. Being an ardent lippy addict, I have tons of lipstick in my stash, and yet I get gravitated to this very lipstick. 

MAC Sheertone Shimmer Blush in Plum Foolery - Review, Swatches & FOTD

MAC SHEERTONE SHIMMER BLUSH IN PLUM FOOLERY REVIEW, SWATCHES AND FOTD! ISLM Writer: Ishleen Hello girlies! How is everyone doing? Winters are in full bloom here in Delhi, and with winters starts the flooding of sultry-flushed cheeks on instagram! Yeah, yeah! I know some of you may “say” that we are naturally blessed with flushed cheeks, or some of you might really be lucky enough to have those gorgeous, supple, pink cheeks—but alas, I am not one of you lucky girls and I need a little swipe of miraculous colour on my cheek to look instagram ready! :P Not to forget the glorious wedding season which winters bring along, and special occasions require some high-maintenance makeup such as a nice pigmented, warm toned, plum hued blush and if it is a shimmery one—more power to you good woman!

REVIEW: MAC Amorous Lipstick

  Review of MAC Amorous Lipstick ISLM Contributor: Arshi  I know I’ve been away again for a while and this scorching summer heat has turned me all the more lazy. Hope the summer heat is being kind with you all. It isn’t with us! On summer days like these, I usually don’t like to wear a lot of makeup on my oily face. Lipsticks come as a saviour during such times. Just dab on some color on your lips and you’re ready to go!

REVIEW: MAC Girl About Town Lipstick

  REVIEW: MAC Girl About Town Lipstick ISLM Writer: Arshi I apologise for being missing in action since a really long time. It seems like a small eternity has passed since I last wrote a review. I had been busying celebrating and enjoying some real big changes in my life. You know there comes a phase in your life when you desperately need a change and simply nothing seems to work for you. And then, just about the time when you least expect it, out of nowhere, you finally witness the change! Getting what you've been waiting so long for is sheer bliss!! :-)

REVIEW: MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack

  Review of MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack This post has been long due... What can I say, I am a procrastinator... You wont believe it but honestly its been a year since I have been shelving this review and today when I woke up in the morning, I just promised to myself that I'd have the review out and LIVE before End Of Day today!

LOTD: Coastal Scents & MAC Come Together In This Look...

  LOTD: Coastal Scents Eyeshadows and MAC Ruby Woo ♥ Every now and then rather once in a while when I clean up my dresser, I come across lost and forgotten makeup that still have some life in them before they reach their expiry and the product that I invariably always forget only to be reminded of, during such tasks is the Coastal Scents 88 Original Palette... It was my first "proper" eye shadow palette that almost all beauty bloggers at that time talked about and so I must say the day it arrived was quite a Red Letter day in my life...

Review: MAC Speak Louder Lipstick

Review of MAC Speak Louder Lipstick Guest Post By: Marianne Every once in a while, I have to remind myself to switch it up where my makeup is concerned – both my look and the products I use. Inevitably, I keep coming back to my comfort zone of defined eyes and nude-pink lips. When I consciously want to try something different, I dig deep into my stash and bring out the bright and colourful stuff. Presenting today - my only out and out bright lipstick, MAC Speak Louder!

A Must Have MAC Eyeshadow - MAC Cork

    Multitasking Makes MAC Cork A Must Have Eyeshadow For Indian Skintones If you have been in the beauty blogging business for a little while, chances are that you would have by now received a query from your readers about must have MAC eyeshadows for Indian skintone, at least once. And it is one question that today after 3 years of bblogging, still leaves me sweating cause honestly what I deem as necessary may not really be a must-have for someone else. Best is to leave such queries open to be answered by other readers, so that everyone can put in their 2 cents and the person asking the query gets to have an opinion of many... This I am sure helps her pick out products more easily :)

READER QUERY: MAC Lipstick Recommendations for Very Fair Complexion

    MAC Lipstick Recommendations For Fair Complexions Neha asks... Hi Suma, I am Neha - a regular follower of ISLM. I love the way products are reviewed on ISLM and soo many of them. Recently I too have been bit by the beauty bug and having a new job in hand means now I have the liberty to splurge a little on myself :-) I am going to do my very first MAC purchase and since they have soo many products I zeroed down on buying a lipstick for starters. I went through the MAC website and various others to check for swatches, since most colours are gorgeous I got super confused hence wanted your suggestion.Would really really appreciate if you could suggest me a good lip colour that I can wear daily - to office and casual outings(I have a very fair complexion).

REVIEW: MAC Impassioned Lipstick

Review of MAC Impassioned Lipstick Guest Post By: Pranali There is this thing with firsts, people always remember their ‘First’ no matter what. Here goes my first review on ISLM with my first MAC Lipstick. I always wanted Party Parrot, an LE of Strength Collection for Spring 2012 but I never could try it. Bright Colors always attracts my sight first. So, MAC Impassioned ended up being the first lipstick I tried at the store. 

REVIEW: MAC Eyeshadow Patina

Review of MAC Patina Eyeshadow You know what I really love about MAC? Their eyeshadows... Of course I adore their lippies too and I simply cannot live without MAC's Paint Pots but MAC eyeshadows in particular hold a special place in my heart... You know why? Cause most of them do not smudge and crease on me... And that's huge! Trust Me :) Plus of course who can ignore the array of colorful little pans that are kept on display that catch your eye much before anything else does in the store... It is that display array at the MAC store that tempts me to buy at least a couple of eyeshadows every time I visit the store... However, the one that I had been looking for quite a while had always been out of stock! The eyeshadow in question is  MAC Patina ... I had been looking for it high and low and it had been out of stock in Pune and all Mumbai stores... So much so that it seemed like a mirage to me and I had surrendered to the fact that I may never get to use the eyesh

REVIEW: MAC Cream Blush in LadyBlush

  Review of MAC Cream Blush in LadyBlush Guest Post By: Rmyah These days I’m hoarding blushes… So much that I keep forgetting the ones I already have for the ones that are fresh entrants to my kitty. One such forgotten beauty was my dearly beloved first MAC blush … I cannot even believe I forgot about this one. For many, their first blushes remain cherished, same is the case with me… My love for blushes started with this darling of mine called “ Ladyblush ”.

Tiny MAC Purchases and Rants...

  My Tiny MAC Purchases & ISLM Rants It has been raining here in Pune (and Mumbai) non stop since a month now and we have been left pining for the sun... I have found an escape route... I plan on traveling to Bangalore just for some sun and get back to the daily, rainy grind of Pune all soaked up... Just the thought cheers me up and I am getting this queer urge to start humming Soak Up The Sun by Sheryl Crow ♪♪♫... But no amount of rain can stop best friends from meeting up and catching up on gossip and some well deserved shopping... Thus this Sunday saw the three of us, two besties (P & K) and me meet up for lunch at German Bakery (newly renovated after the blast) and some MAC shopping :) One of the besties (K) stays in the US and she has a hard time finding MAC foundation shades for herself there... It seems finding NC shades is a little tough there and hence (being a responsible beauty blogger), I took up the whole responsibility of making sure she finds her true

LOTD: Cut Crease Look Featuring MAC Patina & MAC Antiqued

  Cut Crease Makeup Look With MAC Patina & MAC Antiqued Oh I have so missed doing LOTD posts all this while. No doubt my vacation was simply Earth shattering, however nothing beats the thrill of doing a full face of makeup, clicking pictures and then seeing how they finally turn out to be on a big screen... Ok having mamma ke haathon ka kheer trumps all of that but then you do know what I mean right :)

LOTD: Asian Eyes And Blood Red Lips

  Asian Eyes And Blood Red Lips Courtesy of MAC Eyeshadows and Ellis Faas Milky Lips It is no secret that I am no fan of the monsoons... Ok that's putting it lightly... I extremely abhor the rains and cannot wait for the season to pass over. Imagine, if this is my plight when staying in a city that is to the leeward side of the monsoons, what would I be doing if I was living on the windward side... I even shudder to think of it...

My Anniversary LOTD

LOTD With A Cut Crease Look And Red Lips While our wedding anniversary is something we have been looking forward to for the past two years, it is our relationship's anniversary that is closer to both the pati and my heart. Maybe cause it's a bigger number or maybe cause it's the day that actually marks the beginning of our togetherness. Whatever the reason may be, these two anniversaries in a year is a fun reminder to us that even though it's been 7 years of our togetherness, there still is a long way to go...

LOTD & Tutorial: Pink & Purple Cut Crease Look

Makeup Tutorial for a Cut Crease Look My daily routine (on weekdays) after I get back from work spells something like this... Get back -> Change -> Hit the Gym -> Cook Dinner -> Do a makeup look/LOTD -> Wait for pati to be back home -> Get his feedback -> Wash face -> Have Dinner -> Blog about the look... Being married to a guy who loves women in makeup is a perk I get to enjoy and hence in turn being married to a beauty blogger is a perk that the pati gets to enjoy... It's like a win-win situation for both of us... Hence, I make it a point to be in my makeup (LOTD for the blog) till the pati is back, so as to get his feedback and only then do I wash off my face... It's like a ritual that we follow almost daily and that we secretly enjoy ;)