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READER QUERY: Lipstick Recommendation To Brighten One's Face

Hey Samyukta, My 45 yr old friend and neighbour needs your help. I have been trying to tell her that she needs a go-to lipstick that's versatile enough to wear both during the day and for a casual evening out that will brighten her face. But the  lady insists on taupes, browns and maroon-browns that make her look older than she is.( Needless to say she has a haul fit to put a cosmetic counter to shame) She has fairly good skin and for want of an exact description of her skin tone, I''ll ask you to imagine a totally make-up free Bipasha Basu,but half a shade duskier. Can you help with a chioce of a shade that she will be comfortable with ? Her fave brands are Maybelline and Chambor. She might be more attentive to your advice as she's aware that I subscribe to your blog. (Hmm...I'm being sneaky and not at all apologetic about it !) Thanks, Samukta and keep up the good work. I look forward to your post. Thank you for them. Usha First off Usha, I must say that you ar

My Goto Red Lipsticks

A few days ago I had done a post on how I feel that Red Lipsticks were for everyone. For those who missed it could check it out here . I had mentioned there that I have been doing a lot of trials and experiments in order to zero-on on the perfect Red lipstick for me and in this post I have come up with the Reds that look most flattering on me. Do note that these Reds aren't of any particular tone/undertone and span over a variety of brands... So here goes... (L-R): B&D is shade 145, Faces Satin Matte in Claret Red, MAC Matte Chili, Lakme Absolute Matte in Classic Rose, Colorbar Velvet Matte in Hot Hot Hot Red Lipsticks 1. Bharat & Dorris Lipstick in Shade 145 It is a delightful orange based Red lipstick with a tinge of Coral to it. It is one shade that suit Indian skintones that are on the fairer side. It is a bright neony Red and is quite an in the face color. It isn't for the weak hearted ;) and is sure guarantee attention to the wearer. SO wear it

REVIEW & LOTD: Lakme Absolute Matte Lipstick in Classic Rose

With everyone google searching for Lakme Absolute product reviews, it becomes really critical for us beauty bloggers who have indulged ourselves and gotten ourselves some products from this much acclaimed range of cosmetics and for those beauty bloggers who have been fortunate enough to have received samples of this range from the company PRs to post reviews and help the beauty blogging brethren :) So here I am doing my bit... It all started when I had promised myself that I was not going to purchase anything from Lakme as I did not find their product quality up to the mark. Before the Absolute range, I owned only their fantasy range bronzer. So anyways, with their listicks ranging from nudes to mostly browns, I was always put off by the "mature" lip colors that they had to offer. But when they came up with their Absolute range, I couldn't but help myself from plunging into a mini haul and I must say that my apprehensions have been put to rest and I