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#MyDiwaliLook LOTD for #TeamBoldLips

#MyDiwaliLook LOTD for #TeamBoldLips
You know the rage that has gripped Twitter, Facebook and Instagram alike this Diwali? The Selfie Contest that has everyone talking about how they want to look this Diwali? Yes ladies, I am talking about the #MyDiwaliLook contest sponsored by The Body Shop India.
If you haven't heard of it yet then you might want to go through this post of mine, first...
#MyDiwaliLook Contest - #TeamBoldLips

LOTD: Makeup & Curls for Work

From the Archives: Makeup & Curls for Work
You know the whole furore about the new Airtel ad where the wife is the boss and then she gets back home to be this awesome Goddess in the kitchen and then lures her husband back from work and all that? The arguments ranged from "Awwwww, Airtel has nailed it" to "What was Airtel thinking having a senior manager at go home and still cook for her husband"... Well honestly, I have nothing to say about it cause well the ad is open for interpretation and everyone is welcome to their own opinions.

LOTD: Natural and Glowing Party Makeup

LOTD: Natural and Glowing Party Makeup
One *generally* always tends to associate brighter colors and louder makeup with parties and functions while relegating natural looking makeup to everyday work makeup. I used to be under a similar impression. However, since some time now I have come to realise that natural looking makeup can be as gorgeous and as dressy as any bright makeup and with this post, I try to illustrate the same!

LOTD: My Signature Monsoon Makeup Look

My Signature Monsoon Makeup Look
Monsoon isn't one of my favorite seasons and I don't make a secret out of it... I mean I think most you all by know how much I hate the rainy season... But well I cannot really do anything about it now, can I? So I have ways to get around the gloominess of the season and here's how I do it with makeup :)

From The Archives: LOTD for Work

LOTD: Makeup for Work
Whatever happens, happens for the good... My mum always told me so and I strongly believe in it too... There are things happening around me that directly or indirectly affect me and my extended family but I am keeping my fingers crossed and pray that everything settles down and miraculously makes everyone who is concerned, happy... That said all I want to do right now is have a bowl of mint milk chocolate chip ice cream from Baskin Robbins... Ummm yeah, my mind is fickle like that :/

Traditional Engagement Makeup

Tips & Tricks: Indian Bridal Engagement Makeup

I did my own engagement and wedding makeup and even though I am pretty proud of the feat there are no doubt a few things that I would like to change in both of my makeup if I had a chance... And one that tops the list is making my eyes more dramatic and beautiful.

I have small eyes and even though I don't care much and very consistently line my eyes (both waterline and tightline) with a black kohl, I still feel I could have done something more elaborate with my eyes at least on my engagement evening... And to illustrate what I mean is why I am
writing this post...

LOTD: Pink on Sunkissed Skin!

Pink Makeup on Sun-kissed Skin
The pati is a sucker for tanned, sun-kissed skin... He loves women with dusky complexions and needless to say I am forever trying to either get tanned or wear makeup that makes me look a couple of notches darker... Yeah yeah its a confession of sorts and I swear to God I love looking duskier than what I really am. I feel a sun-kissed complexion looks healthier, glow-ier and well downright hotter!

Red Carpet LOTD: L'Oreal Paris L'Or Lumiere Collection for Cannes Film Festival 2014

A Red Carpet Look using L'Oreal Paris L'Or Lumiere Collection for the Cannes Film Festival 2014
Every once in a while, brands come up with makeup collections that take the beauty blogosphere by storm... One such is the L'Or Lumiere Collection by L'Oreal to commemorate the Cannes Film Festival 2014... Why is the collection special you ask... Well read on to know what I really want to say...

TUTORIAL & EOTD: Sparkly Brown Eyes

Pictorial Tutorial for Sparkly/Shimmery Neutral Brown Eye Makeup
Not every day is a dramatic makeup day and not every night when you go clubbing calls for dark smokey eyes... Sometimes, just sometimes you want to sport some neutral eyeshadows and yet not be left behind off the bandwagon and look glamorous... So for such occasions and situations and moods, I have this super glamorous EOTD tutorial for you guys...

I hope you like it :)

Bridal Makeup: Pink Daytime Wedding

Pink Bridal Makeup for A Daytime Wedding
Daytime weddings are very close to my heart. Even though I couldn't have one but somehow I find weddings during the day very very special and well very convenient...My today's Bridal Makeup is about this pretty Pink look that is simple and yet eye catching... I have achieved this look using Maybelline's Instaglam Wedding Edition Box (featured HERE).

LOTD: Coastal Scents & MAC Come Together In This Look...

LOTD: Coastal Scents Eyeshadows and MAC Ruby Woo

Every now and then rather once in a while when I clean up my dresser, I come across lost and forgotten makeup that still have some life in them before they reach their expiry and the product that I invariably always forget only to be reminded of, during such tasks is the Coastal Scents 88 Original Palette... It was my first "proper" eye shadow palette that almost all beauty bloggers at that time talked about and so I must say the day it arrived was quite a Red Letter day in my life...

TUTORIAL: Smoked Blue Colossal Eyes Featuring The Maybelline Colossal Range

Tutorial for a Smoked Blue Eye Makeup using Maybelline Colossal Range

A few days ago I had posted pictures of the Maybelline Colossal Range with an EOTD using the Colossal Kohl in Turquoise (a misnomer?)... You can view the post HERE. And I had promised a step-by-step tutorial on the same... So here I am keeping my promise to you all and hoping that you guys find the tute helpful :)

LOTD: Summer Happy Makeup with a Dash of Plum!

Plum Lips In Summers
We generally associate pastels and powder pinks and fuschias and minty greens and all those flirty and fun nuances of bright colours with Summers. In the same vein, we think of plums and berries and purples and rich browns with the Winter season. We are conditioned to do so... But the other day I felt like going with Plum... Yes! Even in this heat, this unbearably bright sunny afternoon I chose plum and surprisingly enough it came out to be quite cheery and summery! :)

LOTD: A Perfect Look For Saturday Night Clubbing

Featuring: Lakme Absolute Colour Illusion Eyeshadow "Smokey Pearl"
I did this look with a blank mind, I had nothing going on and by the time I finished photographing, I was wondering what I should name it... So I did not do a post on it and just randomly posted it on Instagram and hence Facebook and Twitter... You guys loved it (thank you so much :D) and Bidisha labelled the look as Perfect for a Saturday Night Party Look and thus I got my title for the post :) Thanks sweetheart :) ♥

LOTD: Using MAC Humid, Contrast & GoldMine

MAC LOTD: Wish I Had Better Pictures Kinda Post 
Life's tough! And it gets tougher when you are a beauty blogger! I mean of course there are perks of being one especially with the awesome samples that you receive and the love you get from your followers and subscribers... But then we've always got to be on our toes, not only with the latest launches, amazing new products and belting out Earth shatteringly beautiful LOTDs but also with good pictures.

LOTD: Why I Love MAC Patina Eye Shadow and Maybelline Lip Polish

LOTD: Soft Smokey Eyes and Summery Pink Lips
You know Summers are here when you automatically reach out for that powder pink lipstick or that pale nude lip pencil... You know Summers are here when you set out to do a bold smokey eye but end up "softening" it with some neutrals and browns... You know Summers are here when you naturally tend to put your hair up rather than have it down...

LOTD: Is it appropriate for work?

Makeup For Office: Glossy Lips and Soft Smokey Eyes
Even after 7 years of being in this industry, I stand in front of the mirror each morning debating whether to either get that smokey eye in place, or wear that gorgeous Red lipstick or go a little overboard with contouring. Nothing seems to say it clearly, if something is appropriate for work or not... On some days I feel that MAC Ruby Woo is just perfect for that power meeting and yet on days I feel like MAC Taupe is the way to go...

LOTD: Work, Life and My New Found Love for Brown

LOTD for Work: Brown Smokey Eyes
Things change as you grow through the years... Your emotions change, your interests change and your outlook towards life change... Priorities sort themselves out and certain relationships  start taking precedence over others... But what really stands out is the things that remain constant even after all these changes and ladies the things that change through all these years is something that you've truly loved... Seems like a "obvious" sort of a statement but with my life going through some major changes, I realize the significance behind it all...

LOTD: When In Doubt Wear Black... On The Eyes As Well!

LOTD: Simple Black Smokey Eye Look
Everyone has that black dress or top that they reach out to when they can't decide what to wear. I do too... In the same way, I have this basic black smokey eye look that I invariably end up doing when I am not being able to come up with a makeup look... So the other day when I had my creative juices dry up yet again, I decided to do a post about it... After all that is what being a beauty blogger is all about, making the best out of every situation, isn't it ;)

Makeup For Office: Statement Eyes & Glossy Lips

Makeup For Office That's All About Statement Eyes and Glossy Lips!
Continuing with my previous week's trend of going with statement eyes and glossy lips, my last week too saw me doing similar makeup... However a little change that I did last week was mix it up with colored eye liners as well. One thing that I realised while sticking to my New Year Resolution of doing amekup everyday to work is that initially it does feel like a bother but once you've survived a week it starts to get really easy and sometimes even a lot of fun :)