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Top 5 Blushes For Indian Skin Tones!

Top 5 Blushes For Indian Skin Tones!ISLM Writer: Ishleen
Hello my darlings!
All hail summers! Yes, the season of oily, dull looking skin is here and this is the time of the year when I miss my Rosy-Posy cheeks and I crave for those just-pinched looking skin! And the best way to achieve that perfectly rosy cheeks is to get your hands on the best ever blush available in the market and sweep it across your cheekbones and blend it into your hairline and temples. But getting a great blush does not necessarily means you need to shell out a huge investment and we girl, have got you covered here! So in no particular order, let us start!

REVIEW: Kryolan Brush On Concealer in Shade 06

REVIEW: Kryolan Brush On Concealer in Shade 06
ISLM Writer: Arshi
Dark circles, blemishes, scars, burn marks; at one time or another we all have struggled to conceal these unpleasant imperfections on our face. The concept of color correction in makeup is not new but not everyone is familiar with it. A color wheel can help in concealing these flaws.
Opposite colors in the wheel neutralise each other. Thus, identifying the color of the flaw and then selecting the opposite color from the color wheel can help neutralise and conceal the flaw.

REVIEW: Kryolan Eye Pencil in Purple

REVIEW: Kryolan Eye Pencil in Purple
Eyeliner pencils are a lifesaver, aren't they? Especially when you feel lazy or are in a hurry, eyeliners can jazz up your look in seconds and ready you to rock whatever you are attending... They are easy to use, very travel friendly and can be found in some really fabulous colors. And that's exactly the reason why I am always on the look out for new shades, brands and textures.

REVIEW: Kryolan Professional Lipstick in LC 195

Review of Kryolan Professional Lipstick in LC 195
My trips to Bombay and Delhi are generally sprinkled with tiny bouts of shopping, mostly makeup shopping and even though we get almost all brands in Pune, what we still miss here is Bobbi Brown, Sephora and well Kryolan. Now Bobbi Brown and Sephora are my occasional haunts but Kryolan with its great quality and even better pricing is something that I always make a point of visiting every time I am in either Bombay or Delhi...

Mini Kryolan Haul

A Mini Haul from Kryolan

You know those times when you plan to curb your shopping impulses, promise yourself that you will not step into any store and even keep your wallet devoid of any cash so as to not get tempted? And then you know the times when in spite of all measures you end up giving in to temptation and end up getting things you don't require...
Well yes that is what happened to me...

REVIEW: Kryolan Blush in TC1

Review of Kryolan Blush in TC1

Guest Post By: Pranali

After hearing so much about Kryolan, I wanted to try their products. So I picked up a blush, craving for an orange Blush. And after possessing this one, I want to own them all.
There are so many colors ranging from Pale Pinks to Coral Pinks and Deep Red, for varied skin tones.

I tried two blushes at the store on each cheeks and stepped out. This Blush looked so natural in sunlight, and it added a warm glow to my cheeks.
There are so many things, I love about this blush. And I’ll reveal them all in The Goods.

Affordable yet Must Have Eye Makeup Brushes

Kryolan Eye Makeup Brushes - Affordable and a Must Have!
I had a weird dream last night... I dreamt that I was sipping a steaming cup of cappuccino, was debating with myself about what was the best way to achieve Continuous Delivery in a release cycle and just kept crying at the same time... Weird? Right! Creepy? Damned right! Disturbing? Hell yeah!
No the dream didn't have a dramatic ending, like me waking up with a scream or me starting to blabber in my sleep and the pati having to shake me up... The dream died its natural death and I continued to sleep... Only in the morning when I remembered the dream did I feel that something was amiss with me. 

REVIEW: Kryolan Glamour Sparks in Noble Sparks

Review of Kryolan Glamour Sparks in Noble Sparks

Every once in a while, a girl needs some bling in her life... Some OTT shimmer... Some in-your-face glitter and the works! I am personally not a bling loving person but once in a blue moon I sure crave for some shimmer and I feel the incessant urge to embrace bling... For such days and occasions I got myself Kryolan Glamour Sparks in Noble Spark...

REVIEW: Kryolan Ultra Foundation

Review of Kryolan Ultra Foundation: Perfect For Dry Skin Beauties Looking For Medium to Heavy Coverage
I had always been scared of foundations... I had this uncanny fear of looking "artificial" or "made up" with foundation on and hence even though I had embraced eye shadows and blushes and lipsticks, bringing foundations into my inner-circle of makeup products took me a long time... If you look at it technically, I had to get married to finally be comfortable with foundations! Yup! True that!

Featuring: Kryolan Professional Lipstick in LC107

Featuring: Kryolan Professional Lipstick in Shade LC107
It has been raining incessantly here for the past few weeks... We haven't seen the sun in ages and the days are gloomy as hell (I am assuming hell is dull, grey and sad)... Nothing makes me crankier and cribbier than the rains and I am having the toughest time trying to keep from snapping at everyone who tries to talk to me... And thus to keep myself sane and of course the others "safe", I have been indulging in bright pink lipsticks in the hope that it would help me cheer up at least for a tiny bit...

HAUL: Kryolan & Beauty Center

Haul From Kryolan & Beauty Centre, Bombay
I have these phases... I think everyone does... Where one gets fixated with a particular product or a habit or a technique or even a person. I am having a beautify your vanity fixation right now and I want my vanity to be all Glass and Silver. Why? I have no idea! So I planned my weekend haul accordingly, however it went all haywire the moment I stepped into Beauty Centre and then well Kryolan.

REVIEW: Kryolan Ikonic Gel Liner In Black

Review Of Kryolan Gel Liner Pencil - Black

Haul Post: From Kryolan, Mumbai...

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