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REVIEW: Kiko Milano Smart Lip Pencil - 709

Kiko Milano Smart Lip Pencil - 709 Review of Kiko Milano Smart Lip Pencil in 709 Hey guys! I just got back from watching Udta Punjab and I must say that I loved it! Honestly, I wasn't expecting much from it because of the hype probably but I was stunned into silence by the movie. It seriously is a must watch and everybody did such a fabulous job in it... Alia Bhatt especially was outstanding but it would be unfair to not call out the others' performances as well...

My Kiko Milano Haul

My Kiko Milano Haul While I sip on my glass of port and listen to Alex Cruz's music, I cannot help but feel a little sad about how I wasted my Saturday sleeping... I was on leave on Friday (period woes) and I spent 48 hours i.e. Friday and Saturday only sleeping... I did not eat, did not watch television or even check my messages and other stuff on my phone... I simply slept... Periods have that effect on me... You'd think at the age of 30, I'd probably have tamed the monthly visitor but well sorry it just seems so untameable!

REVIEW: Kiko Milano Luxurious Lashes Extra Volume Brush Mascara

Review of Kiko Milano Luxurious Lashes Extra Volume Brush Mascara So today I was browsing a furniture website for you know some furniture... I need a wooden trunk in my life for no reason at all and I need a full length mirror with a stand and wooden frame for self obsession purposes. See? I can easily justify the wants in my life...