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LOTD: Makeup Look Inspired by the Mysterious Bedouin Women

From Around The World: LOTD Inspired by Mysterious Bedouin Women
I am a bookworm... I love reading... Reading I feel is a way of traveling the world without leaving the warmth of your bed or the coziness of your favorite couch... From Appalachia to the land of Genghis Khan, from the deserts roamed by the Bedouin Tribes to the streets of Tokyo when studded with Geishas, books have not only helped me travel the world but also time and hence it shouldn't come as a surprise that I have an imagination fueled by what I have read...

Featuring: Ellis Faas Cosmetics for a Grunge Inspired Black Smokey Eye Look

An Ellis Faas Makeup Look
Makeup is a wonderful thing. It helps you weave magic every time you are looking to do something new. It helps you explore your inner creativity, brings out your inner diva and helps you discover your niche... Makeup truly is magical and without it, I know I would be incomplete...

LOTD & Tips: Jennifer Lopez Inspired Brown Smokey Eye Makeup

Jennifer Lopez Inspired Makeup
Jennifer Lopez has been my favorite since the day I heard and saw the video for the song If You Had My Love. I started out being hooked to her exotic features, sensuality, her sexy yet managing to be innocent sort of an attitude and well her songs... Later I was smitten by her makeup. Why haven't I ever done any post inspired by her makeup earlier is something that is a mystery to me as well... But then they do say Better Late Than Never isn't it?

LOTD: Mermaid Inspired Makeup

Mermaid Inspired LOTD
A few days back, I had the good fortune to be a part of a very professional photo shoot (details later!). There, the Makeup Artist did this really beautiful, ethereal looking makeup for one of the girls... Apart of the fact that it was so Summery, it made the girl look so beautiful, so innocent and so vulnerable! Just like a mermaid...