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CONTEST: Inglot Sponsored Bring Out Your Inner Diva Makeup Contest

Contest Alert! Win Inglot Goodies...
With the Cannes Film Festival just over, we are left with a hangover of Red Carpet Looks... This Makeup Contest is to urge all readers of I Simply Love Makeup to tap into your dreams and bring out your inner divas by creating a Red Carpet worthy glamorous look.

Smokey Eyes... Bold Lips... Shimmer & Glitter... Unleash the drama and live the glamour...

REVIEW: Inglot Freedom System Lipstick Refill In Shade 30

Review of Inglot Freedom System Lipstick Refill in Shade 30
Guest Post By: Mrittika
Inglot now does not need any introduction. Its freedom system refills lets us hoard innumerous of them at reasonable prices. The one thing that I love about these refills is that considering the quantity, am sure I’ll be finishing it off one day . This range offers an array of 90 different shades, of which you are bound to get confused on which one to pick.

Snippets From My Last Night's LOTD

Grey Smokey Eyes & Pink Lips!
Last night after a nice, sumptuous dinner, the pati decided to work... On my laptop :/ Now with my laptop engaged, I had nothing to do but to sit at my vanity and experiment with stuff... Not meaning to do anything serious rather having a particular look in mind that I needed to try out before I did a final version of it for the blog, I got down to business...

EOTD: Soft Smokey Eyes... Double Winged Liners... Et Al

Till maybe yesterday 8:00 pm, I was on a winged liner roll.. I thought nothing could look cooler than the little flick that I did at the end of my liner... But God had some other plans for me ;) While doing an EOTD for the blog, I messed up my liner while winging it and voila I discovered that I had the ability to do a double winged and it looked good on me :D Yay! So ladies... Here goes...

With Instagram Effects (I am so Addicted!)

MakeUp Breakup
1. MAC RicePaper - All over the lid, inner corners as well as a bit on the under eye area.
2. Inglot Matte 378 - Outer V and Crease
3. Maybelline Gel Liner - Lower Waterline
4. Colorbar Precision Waterproof Liquid Liner - Upper Lashline
5. MAC Zoom Black Lash Mascara

So how do you like the look? Do you like the double winged liner trend?

P.S. I am planning on selling a couple of my MAC stuff as some of the shades do not suit me :( Would you be interested in me keeping a sale?

EOTD & Makeup Break-up: Pink and Taupe

It's been a while I did any EOTDs for the blog... And I promise this time it wasn't laziness ;) The thing is as Winters start setting in and the weather becomes dry, I start getting dry patches over my lids and below my chin :( And though I do use an ointment for it, it does take time for them to heal completely... So last night while washing my face after the gym, when I noticed that the dry patches had started to heal, I for my brushes and my MAC and Inglot palettes out and did an EOTD... It felt so good :)

So here it goes...

Makeup Breakup
1. MAC Sushi Flower (Light Pink) - Inner 3/4 of the eye
2. Inglot M363 (Taupe) - Outer V
3.Inglot DS51 (Sparkly Orange) - In the crease for blending
4. Maybelline Gel Liner - Lower waterline
5. Colorbar Precision Waterproof Liquid Liner - Upper Lashline (Winged)
6. MAC Zoom Fast Black Lash Mascara

Hope you liked the look :)

The pictures below are with Instagram Effects...

Those of you following me on Instagram must have already gotten a gli…

Entry2 (Sunset In The Orient) For VanityNoApologies Makeup Contest

Hellloooooo people :) Last night I wasn't getting any sleep (Friday Fever I guess) and so I got out of bed and did this look, which in the morning I decided to send as my second entry to VNA's eye makeup contest :)

I started out with Yellow and then tried to mellow it with Orange and somehow it turned out to be like sunset :) Plus it made me look totally Oriental and so I cal this look of mine as Sunset In The Orient!
This look has been done using Inglot eye shadow shades DS51 and S400 :)

Hope you guys like the look :)

Here's the link to the contest btw :)

LOTD: For the love of winged liners...

The rate at which I am posting winged eye liner looks is quite alarming cause I stand a chance of becoming a drag and well simply over-doing it. From where I caught the bug I don't know but it sure seems to be persistent and is now deep inside of me, refusing to get out. I sound as if I am talking about a virus but ladies seriously, the winged liner trend is going almost VIRAL. If you know what I mean :P

This time I did a winged liner with my Indigo blue Inglot Liner (shade 83)... And I am quite liking the result...

The confusion is if it looks better with a clear gloss or with the Pink lippy :) You comments and feedback is more than welcome :)

LOTD: Orange Eye Shadow for a Nude Look

The color Orange is totally IN right now and if you are a fashion and beauty magazine buff like me then I am sure you only have either this tangerine colored dresses in your head or are lusting after some floral prints... Going with that trend I wanted to use Orange in a more subtle way and maybe even make it look more wearable for day to day routine... Thus I came up with this look where I have used Orange eye shadow for a nude daytime makeup look... I swear I had no idea Orange could be used in such an understated and a casual look :) The trick is that we Indians have a warmer skintone so warm shades like Orange and Brown look super gorgeously natural on us :)  Oh yes do try it :)

Isn't it a pretty relaxing Sunday look? :)
P.S. I have used Inglot DS51 here :)

REVIEW & LOTD: Inglot Eye Shadow in DS 51

Ladies and gentlemen I am back and I would like to thank you all for being so patient with my slow trickle of posts :) But from now on I promise to be prompt and up to date :) When I did this look, I was having a tough time deciding if I should post this look as an LOTD or as a review and finally I guess the "review" won :D

I got this eye shadow from my Mumbai trip to Inglot. When I visited the store I had deliberately kept my mind blank and had decided to lose myself in the world of colors and choose whatever caught my fancy :) This trick sometimes works wonders, much more than going through endless hours of reviews and making a list et al. This is exactly why I love shopping for make-up in the store as opposed to online shopping (no offense anyone really). It's a personal choice right? :)

Inglot Eye Shadow DS51 is a delightfully bright orange with Silver sparkle and it beckoned me so much gusto that I knew it was going back home with me :) I expected it to look stark …

REVIEW & LOTD: Inglot Eye Shadow DS 72

First My Weight Loss Program Update
Peopleeeeeeeee as you all know I have put on a lot weight in the past few months. I used to fluctuate between 48-50 Kgs before getting married, I gained weight during wedding preps (yes i was very happy) and became 52 Kgs and after that my weight has been consistently increasing. When I weighed myself 2 weeks back I was 59 Kgs! Can you even imagine that? So then knowing my body's ridiculous tendency to put on weight and also shed weight with equal ease, I started on my patent diet plan and exercise regimen, I now proudly stand at 54.5 Kgs after 14 days! :) My target you ask... It is 50 Kgs :) In order to keep me motivated I shall be giving you updates of my weight in each post. I know I know many of you wont be interested but then you can just skip this part na ;)Also, if anyone is interested I can share my diet plan and exercise regimen with them :) *high hopes* :P

As you all know I shopped a lot of Inglot in my recent trip to Mumbai. I h…

Mumbai Bloggers Meet and Haul :) [UPDATED WITH MORE PICS]

Hello everyone... Finally I could get some time and could start posting about my Mumbai trip and the Blogger's meet that we had in two installments :) Got home late last night, then went out for dinner with the "pati" and finally when we were home, I was so sapped out of energy that all I could was think of my bed and some sound sleep :) Oohhh looks like the Mumbai trip did tire me out :) So without much ado, let me just start with all the updates :)

Mumbai Blogger's Meet
The Mumbai Blogger's Meet was almost in two parts, one in North Mumbai and the other in South Mumbai... In the North Meet, Jinal, Jyoti, Preetha and I met up at Infinity Mall (Malad) where we shopped from Colorbar and Inglot (as was decided)... Like I told you guys before, we met up like we knew each other since eternity and as if I was back from boarding school in Pune and was meeting all my old friends (there goes my imagination!) :P It was so much fun and we were all at such ease with each ot…

Updates from Mumbai :)

Hello yellow to all my friends... Let me first say that i really really miss you all... Sighhhhh.. "yeh dooriyaan" :P LOL... Also, I miss my laptop, which I very "dumbly" left at home in Pune and I miss posting on my blog :( Somehow my camera isn't liking my parent's computer and so it refuses to transfer pictures to it... So the pictures that I took of my Blisscovered Box, of the Mumbai Bloggers Meet and most importantly of my haul cannot be flaunted and I'll need to wait till tomorrow night to post them and share it with you guys... But I'll give you a short description till then :)

Mumbai Blogger's Meet
Four of us met up... Jinal, Preetha, Jyoti and I :) The others gave is "dhokha" :( We met as if we were friends since eternity and as if we meet almost every week! Everyone knew everything about everyone. Awesome isn't it? :) And the best part is we ended buying the same "jhatak" pink lipstick from Inglot... All four of…

Some Updates

Hello hello hello :) Yes I am very happy as of now... Ecstatic rather! Why you ask...
1. Received my Blisscovered Box today
2. Going to Mumbai tonight!
3. On leave tomorrow
4. Mumbai Bloggers Meet on Saturday
5. Planning to raid Inglot and MUFE :D

yes there is a but...
1. Haven't yet opened by Blisscovered Box cause am in office and its at home.
2. Won't be able to post about it till late tonight i.e. once am in Mumbai
3. My posts might just get a bit irregular

yes another but... Do keep visiting my blog for surprise posts. Also, do keep commenting, I will surely reply to all the comments though it may be sporadic and not very consistent. But I promise to reply to ALL comments :) Why? Cause I love chatting with you guys :)

Ok so now wish me luck for my Inglot and MUFE venture and pray that I get some awesome products and may be even some delish deals :)

wait for flaunt/haul posts :D

And Mumbai beauties... Hope you guys are coming...
Venue: Infinity Mall, Malad
Day: S…

REVIEW & LOTD: Inglot Freedom System Lip Pan No. 66

Grocery shopping essentially entitles me a minimum of 20 mins of browsing the beauty section where I go through the various Vega brushes, comb sets, bath sets etc for the millionth time. I never pick up anything from there but I still love browsing through the same wares on display week after week, month after month. What attraction it holds for me I don't know. Last Sunday again saw me rifling through all the brushes and combs that were on display but I surprisingly actually picked up something! I picked up a "lip brush" from Dio. No no even I had never heard of this brand before but out of impulse I picked this up and then I completely forgot about it! Just last night cause I was not getting any sleep, I started arranging my dresser when I realised that my Inglot Freedom System Lip Palette was lying forgotten in a corner. In order to cheer the palette up (yes yes my make-up are my babies and I like to pamper them), I brought out the new lip brush and app…