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Bridal Beauty: Makeup For An Indian (Night) Wedding - Tips & Tricks (Part 1)

Tips & Tricks For Doing Your Own Wedding Makeup (Night Ceremony) India is a country of diverse cultures and hence observes myriads of traditions and practices... One that I am going to talk about today is the time of the wedding ceremony ... From the night time festivities of North Indian weddings, to the early morning ceremonies seen in the Deccan region, to the early evening celebrations in the North-East, our country sure knows how to do weddings any time of the day! And lucky for us, I got this brainwave to do posts on Bridal Makeup for each type of Mahurat ...

Bridal Beauty: Should You Do Your Wedding Makeup On Your Own?

  Hire A Bridal Makeup Artist or You Be Your Own Makeup Artist I remember when I was getting married, there were tons of things that needed last minute touch ups... But not my makeup... My Kanjeevaram needed another pin, I needed to change my heels at the last moment, I had to adjust my jewellery, the pallu of my lehenga kept slipping, the potloi that I wore for the pheras needed an extra hand to be carried and the most hilarious of all, the pati's pagdi needed attention almost all throughout the ceremony, it just refused to stay in place! But my makeup stayed true to me... It did not budge, it did not smudge and it did not get washed away... Mind you I got married in June, during the peak monsoon season in Bombay and even the humidity that mother nature bestowed upon me (as a wedding gift?) couldn't undo my makeup... I am extremely proud of that :)

Bridal Beauty: LOTD, Basic Questions Addressed and Some Tips & Tricks

  Bridal Beauty -  A New Section On I Simply Love Makeup Till a couple of days back I had no plans of starting this section on Bridal Beauty ... I am not really a huge fan of wedding extravaganzas, intricate designer bridal lehengas or huge jadau ornamental sets... I am more of a minimalist where marriage is concerned and hence I am not sure if I would be able to do justice to the to-be brides who are looking for help in beauty and makeup and planning for a Bollywood style wedding ceremony... 

Reader Appreciation: Shruti Kulkarni on her wedding makeup

If you guys follow and read my blog regularly, you wold recollect that a while back I had, had the opportunity to do a wedding makeup for a friend's friend Shruti (now she's my friend too)...  If you don't then here's the link to refresh your memory :) Well, she is now back from her really long honeymoon ;) and decided to write me an email to thank me. Well I must say I should be the one thanking her for for faith she put in me, an amateur makeup enthusiast to do her wedding and reception makeup. Here is what she has to say :)   My sincere apologies for delaying this so much....I wish I had done this much earlier but somehow I wasn't very confident if I could put this up as perfectly as I wanted it to be or felt about it with my experiences. But this delay has been long enough now and I thought I might as well write it down for you and your blog followers to know than wait for the right time.   June 2012 (the month I was going to get married) arrived mu

What To Wear: To A Marriage where You are the MUA and my Experience

Ha ha the scenario I describe in the title of the post is quite rare, but well not entirely impossible now is it? :) Yup! I had been asked to do a bridal makeup for a traditional maharashtrian-kannada wedding on Sunday by my friend's friend... The thing is the bride "Shruti" had returned from Switzerland just two weeks before her wedding and well the scramble for getting clothes stitched, booking parlours and well getting trial makeup done was having a toll on her. She took trials from a couple of parlors and MUAs for her bridal makeup but wasn't very happy with the results... Then when she was lamenting to Shweta (a common friend and ISLM follower), Shweta recommended her to try out a couple of trials with me (ahem!) :P And once I did my first look, she fell in love with it so much that she asked me to do her bridal (wedding and reception) makeup :D Yay! Now as I do take up occasional requests for bridal makeup as well as party makeup and plus she was a friend's

Reader Query: Light Makeup for an Indian Wedding

Jayde asks, Hey Samyukta, I've got my brother's wedding coming up and I'm not a big fan of heavy make-up and only ever use nivea lipbalm on my lips. But one of my Bhabhi's (sister-in-laws) decided that we are all going to get dolled up!  I have incredibly fair indian skin and have been burdened with quite thin lips. I want quite a natural look rather than walking in looking like a clown, so no typically bright colours. What natural colours and make up brands would you recommend to enhance my lips?   P.S.  Yeah, I live in the UK unfortunately. We are mixed race - my mum was Spanish and my Dad is Indian Gujarati. However, my dad's features turned out to be more dominant, so I have deep dark brown curly hair and brown eyes with fair skin. My brother will be having a traditional Gujarati wedding ceremony based in London, so what would you advise? Nothing too bright? I'll be wearing a turquoise Saree if that helps in any way .. 

REVIEW & LOTD: Faces Sparkle Dust in Gold (Shade 2)

This post has been long due from my side and I have somehow always shelved reviewing this product even though it is my HG loose pigment in a golden shade. Whenever I need to use a golden eye-shadow I automatically turn towards it, it is such a favorite of mine :) This product is called Faces Sparkle Dust in Shade 2... It is beyond me why Faces refuses to name their shades... Remembering numbers and co-relating them to shades is like quite difficult :( I bought it when I was preparing, collecting and buying cosmetics that I needed to do my wedding make-up. You know how Indian weddings are with glittery lehengas, sarees, "glitterier" jewellery and of course "loud" make-up to go with it all, don't you? Indian brides are literally transformed into a Goddess :) So then obviously I needed a golden eye-shadow for my make-up :) And it just couldn't be any shade of Golden!!! It had to be a bright, glittery and very sparkly golden. But you see I am

Indian Wedding Makeup

Hello fellow bloggers and readers! I have had so much fun over the past three weeks and I have been dying to get back to my blog and share all my experiences with you guys... For those who don't know, I got married a couple of weeks back and then had crazy fun on my honeymoon in Maldives... Pictures of the honeymoon later! This post is solely dedicated to my bridal make-up and the make-up I did for the various functions that were a part of the wedding celebrations :D Oh and ladies, I did all of my make-up myself and I had a blast! A lot of blogs and articles warned brides to be to hire a professional make-up artist so as to avoid adding more stress to your already strained out mind, but I say if you are confident then you go girl! Get yourself some good foundation, some excellent brushes, a few traditional wedding colored eye shadows and some really bright lipstick and you are ready to ROCK! ;) You see, mine was a traditional Indian wedding resplendent with bright colors, lot