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Traditional Engagement Makeup

Indian Bridal Engagement Makeup   Tips & Tricks: Indian Bridal Engagement Makeup I did my own engagement and wedding makeup and even though I am pretty proud of the feat there are no doubt a few things that I would like to change in both of my makeup if I had a chance... And one that tops the list is making my eyes more dramatic and beautiful. I have small eyes and even though I don't care much and very consistently line my eyes (both waterline and tightline) with a black kohl, I still feel I could have done something more elaborate with my eyes at least on my engagement evening... And to illustrate what I mean is why I am writing this post...

Bridal Makeup: Pink Daytime Wedding

  Pink Bridal Makeup for A Daytime Wedding Daytime weddings are very close to my heart. Even though I couldn't have one but somehow I find weddings during the day very very special and well very convenient...My today's Bridal Makeup is about this pretty Pink look that is simple and yet eye catching... I have achieved this look using Maybelline's Instaglam Wedding Edition Box (featured HERE ).

Presenting The Maybelline Instaglam Box - Wedding Edition

  Introducing The Maybelline Wedding Instaglam Box It is the Wedding season again and soon-to-be brides and very soon-to-be brides have a good news coming there way :) Maybelline has just launched the Wedding Edition of it Instaglam Box that covers the basic makeup needs for every new bride...

Bridal Beauty: Tutorial For A Bridal Eye Makeup That Goes With Everything

LOTD & Tutorial: Indian Bridal Eye Makeup Marriages they say are made in heaven. Weddings on the other hand are a result of conspiratorial planning, procrastination, deep analysis and a balancing act of keeping all parties concerned placated. Trust me when I say that I speak out of experience! My wedding had three communities involved and myriads of people directly or indirectly being affected. As a result for me my wedding was somewhat like an Annual Day function in school wherein I was rushing off to my dressing room every hour to change. I changed 3 outfits during my wedding ceremony in 4 hours flat! 

Bridal Beauty: Makeup For An Indian (Night) Wedding - Tips & Tricks (Part 1)

Tips & Tricks For Doing Your Own Wedding Makeup (Night Ceremony) India is a country of diverse cultures and hence observes myriads of traditions and practices... One that I am going to talk about today is the time of the wedding ceremony ... From the night time festivities of North Indian weddings, to the early morning ceremonies seen in the Deccan region, to the early evening celebrations in the North-East, our country sure knows how to do weddings any time of the day! And lucky for us, I got this brainwave to do posts on Bridal Makeup for each type of Mahurat ...

TUTORIAL/READER REQUEST: Simple Wedding Eye Makeup

Yes yes I am doing a tutorial on a very simple wedding eye makeup today. It was requested by Supriya Pawar as she is getting married in a small town... Though I don't know the venue details but I know it's gonna be a bengali wedding and so I am dreaming of the locale to be the exotic Sunderbans with their tropical mangroves and a rustic setting... Oh! It sounds all romantic and adventurous all at the same time :) Isn't it :) Supriya, I wish you a very happy married life ahead :) Now because of the locale she will not be having any access to any MUA and so she has to do her own makeup! For some it's scary but for me who did her own wedding makeup, I say go for it girl! It'll be fun and it'll be something you'll remember forever :D Fret not! It's your wedding and anything you do will be seen with reverence and awe ;) TRUST ME! Unless of course you have some nagging aunts in the family who don't approve of anyone doing anything ;) So enough of my ra

Indian Bridal Makeup: My Work and some Tips & Tricks

A wedding is a very important event in one's life. It brings about mixed emotions of joy and sadness alike. Apart from various aspects that go into a wedding preparation, one stands out as a tad bit more important for the bride and that is, the way she wants herself to look on her wedding day. From deciding the color scheme of the makeup to go with the outfit, booking parlours and beauticians and even going for extreme makeovers, we girls are known to have tried it all for our weddings :) On such an important occasion of their lives my two best friends decided to trust me with their make-up :) They believed in my skills and let me take over the reins of how they would look on their respective weddings... This gave me confidence for doing my own wedding makeup as well. So today I shall be covering three Indian wedding looks that I did for three women who have totally different features, skintones, skin types and wedding outfits. Was it a challenge? Yes it was..