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5 Makeup Hacks For Rushed Monday Mornings!

5 Makeup Hacks For Rushed Monday Mornings!ISLM Writer: Ishleen
Hello Darlings! If I ask you about one thing which you hate, what would it be? If you ask me, I know what to say--I hate mornings! And more than mornings, I hate monday mornings! And why should I not? All those lazy weekend moments have left me craving for that last hit of snooze button! And the hideous monday mornings comes as a prick which bursts my weekend fantasies, and as a result I am in no mood to wake up early or go to college! But priorities, and you need to get them straight in life! So when after the 10th snooze, I finally wake up, I wake up to the shock that I am not left with ample time to get ready! And those are the moments when the below stated 5 makeup hacks are what I swear by!

The Ultimate Guide to Lip Gloss Application—Tips and Tricks!

The Ultimate Guide to Lip Gloss Application—Tips and Tricks!
ISLM Writer: Ishleen
Lip gloss is a staple for every make-up bag; from 18 to 80, every woman can and should wear it. Lip gloss adds a luscious shine to your beautiful pucker, and I am sure each one of us craves for shiny lips which look plumper. Yes, lip gloss does give the illusion of Plumper and FULLER lips without the actual usage of painful fillers. (Well, that’s an entirely different story).

10 Best Foundation Tips

10 Best Foundation TipsISLM Writer: Sanchita
Hello marshmallows!
Foundation is something which can either make you look like a drop-dead gorgeous diva or a simple white ghost with the base makeup ‘gone-horribly-wrong’. Firstly, shade plays an important role, which I am sure, you must heard a zillion times. However, if you get the undertone (yellow, peach, pink, neutral) right, there’s still a fading chance that you can make the foundation work with a lighter shade if you failed to get the right match. Application is something you have to learn a lot and foundation isn't something to be applied with fingers. So, as a person who has failed a numerous times while applying foundation, here are my top 10 tips on foundation application, which took me a lot of time to learn. Scroll down for more on the topic.