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ISLM Travel Diaries: Bangalore to Pondicherry

A Road Trip from Bangalore to Pondicherry
Road Trips are special and if it is with your sister, then they take a whole new dimension altogether... My sister and I have made a pact that we shall be doing 1 trip every year, just the two of us... No parents, no in-laws, no husbands/boy friends and in the future, no children... This was our first ever trip of this sort and hence it was special... It was after all the Maiden Once-A-Year-Sisters-Only-Road-Trip and no doubt a hugely liberating experience...

How to Get the Celebrity Look

How to Get the Celebrity Look
If Jennifer Lopez or Priyanka Chopra wear a certain style dress today and carry it off with élan, you can be sure it is going to be the rage tomorrow with girls and women searching frantically for something similar to give them the same pizzazz and hopefully make heads turn.

My Khoobsurat Moment, Thanks to L'Oreal Paris Casting Creme Gloss

My Khoobsurat Moment, Thanks to L'Oreal Paris Casting Creme Gloss

You know when you are having a dull and drab day at work because of a lot of workload, the stress and strain of meeting deadlines and someone just compliments you out of the blue... Doesn't it feel special? Doesn't it make you look at life in a new light? Doesn't it make a khoobsurat moment that you know you'll look back at with pleasure?

CONTEST: What Do You Hate About Yourself & What Do You Love? #SecretsRevealed

Contest: Share Your Secrets & Innermost Fears #SecretsRevealed
There are times when we hate ourselves, hate every little thing about ourselves and wish we looked, behaved and sometimes even been some one else... And then there are times when we love ourselves to bits... Love the way we look, love the way we smile and even love the faint smile lines we get...

Tips & Tricks: Skincare Mistakes to Avoid

Avoid these Skincare Mistakes for Healthy, Beautiful Skin
I am not sure if this happens to you too but very often I have wondered about why my skin would breakout or sometimes look dehydrated and patchy when I was using the best of the products and taking care to go through the whole CTM routine every night without fail... I introspected... I retrospected... And then it struck me...

Budget Wednesdays: A New Feature...

Introducing A New Feature Called The Budget Wednesdays...
Heylo my darlings :)
While traveling with Jyoti (of EverthingThatMatters) to Mumbai to attend the IndiBlogger Dove meet on Sunday, we were discussing our respective blogs, the whole journey of blogging and our adorable readers who have kept us going... Then eventually the topic switched to the kind of posts that our readers like and how many a times unexpected posts become more popular than the ones we thought would be and you know what we realised?
Read on to know...

Coffee Breaks With ISLM: Accept Yourself, Love The Way You Are

Don't Try To Be Someone You Are Not!
Every time I hear statements like these, read them on book covers and come across people preaching these sentiments, I want to puke. I find them to be utter nonsense and do not support these notions... Of course I know this could whip up a storm and a HUGE controversy, but then just hear me out before you decide to write something scathing in the comments section below...

The Body Shop Haul!

Yet Another Haul from The Body Shop
There are times when I am quite fed up with being married. Don't get me wrong but there come days when I miss my days of single-dom... I miss not having to be responsible, to not worry about getting dinner ready at home when having to work late at office or even being a good girl and striking a balance between calling up both sets of parents... Gosh! Those were the times, when I could possibly do anything under the sky and not worry about consequences... And yes I do miss guilt-free ogling at cute guys as well ;)

Coming Out Of Hibernation!

Busy Since The Start of 2014!
The Winters are almost over and doing a post after so long feels like I am finally coming out hibernation. The past three weeks of almost zero blogging and limited Facebooking certainly took a toll on me and made me realize what an important part, blogging plays in my life. If that wasn't enough, I realized I ended up pissing off numerous PRs and lost contact with so many friends especially one of my dearest blogger friends, Abhilasha of Looking Good Feeling Fab. I have been making and breaking dates with her and now I think she has just given up on me :/

Grocery Shopping Is My New Favorite Hobby!

Finding Beauty Products & Other Jewels Amongst Aata, Maida And Toor Ki Daal
I have been married for a little over 2 and a half years and I have been grocery shopping almost since then but never until today have I realised the hidden merits of shopping for mundane, day to day items like pulses, flour and rice. What I am talking about is the little kiosk or in some cases aisles after aisles of beauty and makeup products that women inadvertently get drawn towards. How have I missed them for all these years, is a mystery in itself but now that I am enlightened I plan to exploit my weekly trips to the grocers to my most of my ability :)

Forest Essentials Honey & Vanilla: I "Stole" Them and Now I Love Them!

Forest Essentials Honey & Vanilla Shampoo and Conditioner
What do you do when you check into a 5 star hotel room and find that the bathroom has been stocked up with some luxurious hair and skincare products? What do you do when you check into a 5 star hotel room and find the bed to be just so plush and soft and pristine white? What do you do when you check into a 5 star hotel room and find soft, white bathrobes tucked away discreetly in a corner cupboard?

ISLM Rants: Keeping Busy, HOI and Loads of Pending Reviews

Things That Keep Me Busy and The Stuff I Feel Guilty About!
There is so much going on in my life right now that I am getting no time to even breathe! Honestly! I have keeping so busy at work (major developments), 3 weddings to prepare for, my mom visiting us and of course Handlooms Of India wanting to grow up so damn fast... Its like everything is happening all at once and well I think its ISLM that is taking the brunt of it all. But not for long I promise :) So if you have been missing regular posts on ISLM let me begin by first apologizing and then assuring you all that its just a temporary phase. I promise :)

ISLM Rants: A Little Vacation On The Sunny Beaches of Goa!

Go Goa Gone!

One thing that my parents can never fathom is how the pati and I go away on vacations and little trips without doing any bookings beforehand... It's always been a tradition with us that we never get our hotel bookings done in advance and always invariably book ourselves something after we reach our vacation destination... I mean really, if a couple goes for a honeymoon without booking a hotel in a foreign land and hunts for a place to stay only on landing at the airport, you really cannot expect much now can you...
I swear! While on our honeymoon, the pati and I very confidently took a flight out of Bombay, flew into Male (the capital of Maldives?) without a hotel booking and then finally at the Male airport called The Taj and got a booking done through a pay phone! Oh yes! It was an adventure on its own!

Whats Been Keping Me Busy?

HOI, Work and Family :)
If you have been following ISLM regularly, you would know that I haven't been updating it regularly :P Of course I have been wanting to but my life's been so insanely busy and my schedule's been so crazy off late that I have had no choice but to be on a self imposed exile from my blog...
But not anymore... Come Friday and my vacation starts... I so love working for an American organization just for the Winter vacations that we get to enjoy till the New Year ;)

Can You Guess The Lipstick? And Rants!

Can You Guess The Lipstick?

The last few days have been full of ups and downs for me... So much has been happening, some good, some bad and some fantastic that I cannot think of a single word that can be used to describe these past days... Or maybe I can... Let me say that I have had a mixed-bag of days...

ISLM Rants: Does Your Office Makeup Choices Depend On The Environment At Work?

What Is Office Appropriate Makeup?

Quite often than not, I read about how women limit their makeup choices because of the industry they work in... Limiting lipstick shades to basic neutrals and at the most toned down pinks, a strict no no to eye shadows and in many cases even skipping foundations in order to avoid that "made up" face... Of course, to counter these observations, there are a group of women who take pride in going "against" the norms and sport Red lipsticks every now and then or go through with a gorgeous smokey eye, subtle enough to not look OTT and yet making sure that it is noticed...

Face Contouring... Pictures... Promise of A Video Tutorial...

Face Contouring... A Trick To Master!

I am a chubby girl... Anyone who has met me in person will vouch for it... And I hate it! I hate being chubby... I hate to put on weight and I totally hate looking cute... Siiigghhhh... But then we don't always get what we like and we don't really like what we have, right? So one needs to look for alternatives and make things work, isn't it?

Rants, Nice Pictures from HOI shoots & Makeup Looks...

Rants, Makeup And A Host of Pictures

I have come to realise recently that everything tastes 2700 times better when it's a day old... Don't get me wrong but Daal Makhani from last night is somehow thicker and yummier when had for lunch today, the butter chicken from the party yesterday when heated and had with fresh naan tastes anyday awesome-er during the following dinner and well last night's pizza any day makes the best next-day breakfast ever! And so ofcourse we celebrated the start of the weekend with some yummy Pepperoni and Chicken Supreme pizza for breakfast that were essentially the leftovers for last night's dinner ^_^

LOTD, Rants, Smoked & Smudged Liner Look And The Like...

Rants, Makeup Looks and HOI

Hola Chicas! (This reminds me I need to sign myself up for a Spanish class)... How is it going ladies... A lot has happened since the last time I sat down to write a post and you guys have been patient and really really supportive... Thank you so much... I am as of now really bogged down with so much happening in my life that I feel I am starting to neglect ISLM :/

But things will change very soon, I promise and I will get back to posting regularly...

My Birthday, Updates, Back From Being MIA... Rants In General

Happy Birthday To Me!
My mom always told me that a person can be judged by the birthday wishes he/she gets... Of course I always scoffed it off thinking about how easy it was for people to wish others on their birthdays in the era of Facebook, which does not let you miss out on anybody's birthday... However, this birthday I realized the true meaning of my mum's words and realized that it wasn't the number of wishes she was talking about but the way, the means and the sentiment behind each wish :)

I feel truly blessed today...