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Mumbai Haul

Its been a while I did haul posts and well it isn't really a surprise keeping in view the makeup ban I had imposed on myself :P But this time when I went to Mumbai, I knew I was going to let myself get tempted and well just HAUL :D And Haul I did :) I hauled at Beauty Center (Crawford Market) and TBS and I think it would be really honest on my part if I told you all that I am literally broke! But enjoying every moment of it ;) Ha ha! Here are some pictures.... Sighhhhhh... You have no idea how fulfilled I feel :) HAUL!   Maybelline Haul Coolorbar Full Cover Makeup Stick in "Au Natural" TBS Haul :) Colorbar Take Me As I Am Lip Color in "Flirtatious Pink" The Body Shop Jewelled Heart Compact Mirror The Products (Some Are Repeats As I loved Them So Much) 1. TBS Spiced Vanilla Body Butter - Repeat 2. TBS Earth Lovers Apricot and Basil Shower Gel 3. TBS Jewelled Heart Compact Mirror 4. TBS Swedish Spa Body Scrub 5. Colorbar Take

HAUL: Bharat & Dorris, Faces, Mango and Promod!

I don't if many of you all know about it, but Faces Cosmetics have launched easy to wear Airbrush Nails replete with nail glue and a set of 24 artificial nails that you can wear and apply at the comfort of your own home :) Well if there was something that was launched newly, then I had to go and get it right? :P So come Saturday and I went to Phoenix Market City where there is a nice Faces store where I was sure to get my hands on the latest launch of the brand :) And well I splurged... Mango... Promod... Bharat And Dorris and Faces :( :D Ok people I am officially in love with Mango! So anyways, just a peek at my haul... It'll be a quick one I promise cause I need to go out (It's Saturday Night people :P)... So here's the haul and be prepared to be  jealous  wowed :P The Haul :) Bharat & Dorris Cream Lipstick in No.138 Faces Blending Brush 106 Faces Satin Matte Lipstick in Claret Bharat & Dorris Lipstick No.145 Bharat & Dorri

REVIEW PREVIEW/HAUL: MAC, Colorbar and Lakme Absolute

Like I promised you guys loads of reviews, I am done with my Mumbai shopping and here is a preview of upcoming reviews... 1. MAC Matte Lipstick in Chili 2. MAC Satin Eye Shadow in Club 3. MAC Eye Shadow in Mythology 4. Illamasqua Powder Blush in Morale 5. Colorbar I-Glide Pencil in Blackout 6. Colorbar Eye Shadow in Black Tie 7. Lakme Color Crush Nail Polish in 02 8. Lakme True Wear Nail Color in Vanilla MAC Matte Lipstick in Chili MAC Eye Shadows in Mythology and Club Illamasqua Powder Blush in Morale Colorbar I-Glide Pencil in Blackout Colorbar Eye Shadow in Black Tie Lakme True Wear and Lakme Absolute Color Crush Nail Colors  Hope you like my haul ;) Let me know what would you like me to review first :)

REVIEW PREVIEW/HAUL: Sleek Make-up All the way from the UK

Know the feeling when you suddenly start feeling that God is smiling at you, the sun is shining just for you or that the world's top cosmetic brands are churning out make-up products solely for you :P Well that is exactly how I feel right now :) After my Lakme and Colorbar haul, my Sleek products arrived yesterday and I know that my Illamasqua blush is on its way... Sighhhhh life is beautiful again ;) See this is what make-up does to me :P So anyways coming to my haul, which serves as a preview to my upcoming reviews, this is what I ordered :) Please be warned that this is a pic heavy post!!! Ok first a list... 1. Sleek Eye Shadow Palette in "Original"  *Bought 2 by mistake* 2. Sleek Eye Shadow Palette in "Bad Girl" 3. Sleek True Color Lipstick in "Coral Reef" 4. Sleek True Color Lipstick in "Papaya Punch" 5. Sleek Ink Pot Eyeliner Gel in "Dominatrix" 6. Sleek High Shine Lipgloss in "In Your Dreams"  *Free Gift*

HAUL: Lakme Absolute and Colorbar

With the launch of Lakme Absolute range of cosmetics, the Indian Beauty Blogosphere has been buzzing with the latest in the range and reviews of products from this range have started trickling in... Well I am not gonna be left behind for sure and I am doing my bit to keep the beauty blog readers informed of all the rights and wrongs from this range... Yup! I am so noble! :P So anyways, I went to Central today and got myself a couple of stuff from Lakme Absolute and also from Colorbar, which is still going strong as my favorite affordable brand of cosmetics :) Now ladies and gentlemen, lets please indulge in some eye-candy ;) Lakme Absolute Baked Eye Shadows, Highlighter and Matte Lipstick Lakme Absolute Highlighter Lakme Absolute Baked Eye Shadow in Day Queen Lakme Absolute Matte Lipstick in Classic Rose Lakme with the purchase of products more than Rs.1000/- is giving this pretty jewelry box :) A little about the products now though full review

GLIMPSE: Faces Brights Makeup Kit

What makes us girls the happiest? Diamonds? Shopping? Chocolates? Flowers? All of these yes but what really makes me happy is a HAPPY SURPRISE :) Don't we all just love surprises? Just yesterday I was pleasantly surprised by a parcel from Fashion and You that contained this awesome make-up kit from Faces. This really wasn't a surprise in the true sense but you see I had ordered for it and then had conveniently forgotten about until the moment it arrived. Imagine my surprise when I opened to see what the parcel contained for me:) I am just soooooo HAPPY :D Let me warn you all that this is a pic heavy post and well those you dont like pictures (i can't imagine who) are requested to read my other posts ;) Ok, so here goes... The kit is called FACES BRIGHTS and contains the following: Eye-shadow palette containing 5 colors: Cranberry RED (200), Indigo BLUE (034), Golden YELLOW (336), Moss GREEN (188) and PURPLE (327). They are all non-matte

Mini Haul: MAC and maXfactor

Has it ever happened to you that you go to say a mall and are looking at clothes to shop but you cannot put in your full concentration cause your mind is thinking about the various cosmetic counters that are present on the ground floor? Even when the clothes that you are looking to buy are on 51% sale? Well it happened to me just today... I went to Shoppers Stop and just rushed through trying out clothes, zoomed past the array of ensembles and almost skidded to the maxfacctor counter (exaggeration? U bet not!)... Well yes ladies, you've got it... This is a HAUL POST :D This will not be a long post... It will just be a pic heavy post and you guys just need to drool over the goodies that I hauled :P Here's a glimpse... My Haul :)  A comprehensive list: Maxfactor False Lash Effect Mascara Maxfactor Lipfinity Lasting Lip Tint in shade 02 Maxfactor Lip Liner in shade 14 Raspberry Maxfactor Miracle Touch Cream Blush in shade 03 Soft Copper – FREE