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HAUL: A Tiny One!

A Tiny Haul Post So I have this cocktail party to attend at the end of this week and I am grappling to figure out what I should wear... I have zeroed onto a black skirt I own that I imagine wearing with an Emerald green silk shirt/top... I say "imagine" because I don't yet own the said shirt and hence on Christmas Day I went shopping looking for it... The way I shop is that I first make up my mind about what I need and then go looking into stores for that particular item. Of course this generally always fails because hey the item exists only in my head and hence I always end up getting things that I don't need and not buy something that I actually need... That's exactly what happened day before yesterday and I ended up with no clothes but a tiny makeup/skincare haul... Some of these products are new for me and some have been a personal favorite since a while now...

My Kiko Milano Haul

My Kiko Milano Haul While I sip on my glass of port and listen to Alex Cruz's music, I cannot help but feel a little sad about how I wasted my Saturday sleeping... I was on leave on Friday (period woes) and I spent 48 hours i.e. Friday and Saturday only sleeping... I did not eat, did not watch television or even check my messages and other stuff on my phone... I simply slept... Periods have that effect on me... You'd think at the age of 30, I'd probably have tamed the monthly visitor but well sorry it just seems so untameable!

HAUL: Accessorize, Zara, The Body Shop and FabIndia

Aldo Sunglasses & Zara Roll On Perfume HAUL: Accessorize, Zara, The Body Shop and FabIndia It's Monday today and I swear I cannot get my head around how is it that I get myself to work every beginning of the week without fail! Coffee of course helps but I kinda have a feeling that it is probably making me put on weight again, though I do give sugar a skip... But well you gotta prioritise and choose what works for you...

A Tiny Haul: The Body Shop

The Body Shop - A Tiny Haul Some trips are special... Could be because of a special someone, could be because of the destination itself, could be the journey :) Well I had a special trip the other day when I traveled to Bombay for a day and while I was on the way to the station to catch my train back to Pune, I stopped at The Body Shop...

HAUL: Sephora and Drugstore

HAUL: Sephora and Drugstore Sundays for me are lazy days... It is so for most of us and yet I know people very close to me for whom Sundays are days that mark the end of a weekend and hence they get everything done on a Sunday and needless to say Sunday is the most productive day for them in a week... Ummmmm I ain't like that... I get all my chores done of Friday night so that I have my weekend to just sit back and relax ;)

ISLM Travels: My Dilli Haat Haul

     ISLM Travels: My Dilli Haat Haul This post has been due since a really long time! I visited Delhi over the long Eid weekend and though it was a short trip, I did squeeze in an evening of shopping all thanks to my sweet sweet in-laws! I am not very well versed with roads in Delhi and to be honest, I am pretty scared to be alone in Delhi and hence I am always waiting for someone to either take me places or at least accompany me to various places...

Sephora Haul: Video and Rants!

  Sephora Haul: Video and Rants! Sephora is in Pune!!!You know the feeling that is a mixture of wild disbelief and gleeful joy... the feeling that you get when you win something that you never expected but secretly wished for? Yeah... That's excatly how I am feeling right now... Sephora is in Pune :)

On My Testing Table: Rimmel London

  On My Testing Table: Rimmel London So I got myself a teeny-tiny micro haul from Rimmel London last week... I wasn't planning to... I went to Pune Central thinking of getting myself the L'Oreal nude magic Foundation when I happened to glance at the Rimmel counter... The SA there smiled so sweetly that I knew I just had to check out some Rimmel products... Ha!

HAUL: The Body Shop, Westside, Verom Moda, Catwalk and Fabindia

  HAUL: The Body Shop, Westside, Vero Moda, Catwalk and Fabindia The best part about a weekend is meeting with your bestie and spending hours shopping, gossiping and cribbing about how age and weight's catching up with us... And this weekend's been all about it... #LoveYouPrajakta #MissYouManu Now Ships To India! Now Ships To India! I have never been a huge fan of online shopping from sites that are not based out of India. The little Sigma, Sleek and Urban Decay that I have is all thanks to friends and colleagues going abroad, who get them for me... What deters me mostly is the exorbitant shipping costs and heavy custom charges...

HAUL: Long Weekends at the Starting of the Month!

    Long Weekend Shopping Haul from FabIndia, The Body Shop, MAC, Zara and Vero Moda Long weekends are a boon but if they fall during the starting of the month then nothing can stop them from becoming a bane, for me at least! We had a long weekend, this one, due to the beginning of Ganesh Utsav on Friday and well I just couldn't help myself from going all out and buying stuff that I didn't need... I do that often and end up with stuff that I really never need... But then again, that's the fun part of life now, isn't it? ;)

Haul: Clothes, Accessories, Makeup and Jewellery!

Spiked Bangles from   Haul: Clothes, Accessories, Makeup and Jewellery! OMG I have so much to tell you guys, so much to catch up you guys up on and so much to share that I am almost bursting at the seams and yet not able to understand as to where should I begin! Let me start with how I have been struggling with my weight lately. I have over a few months gained an abominable amount of weight and it is showing! I used to be 54 Kgs and I went up to 61!!! With my height that's a lot! And the kind of cravings I have for sweets and desserts, it is dangerous! And so I have hell bent on shedding a few kilos but its a slow process. I'll keep you guys posted for sure!

Mini Kryolan Haul

  A Mini Haul from Kryolan You know those times when you plan to curb your shopping impulses, promise yourself that you will not step into any store and even keep your wallet devoid of any cash so as to not get tempted? And then you know the times when in spite of all measures you end up giving in to temptation and end up getting things you don't require... Well yes that is what happened to me...

Look What I Got: Urban Decay, NARS & Maybelline

  Mini Haul consisting of Urban Decay, NARS & Maybelline I am very stingy about shopping for makeup. I was not like this. In my initial days of blogging, I would go all out and get myself whatever I fancied... I blew half my salary on makeup, on products I didn't need and on products that I knew I would not use more than once... But today I am more organized, have better control over temptations and well in short have become pretty frugal. So when my manager had a business trip planned to the US and he asked the team if anyone wanted anything, I didn't jump at it like how I would have earlier... However, I did order some stuff after I gave stuff some thought and deliberation and here is what my mini haul consisted of :)

Haul: The Body Shop & Maybelline

  My TBS & Maybelline Haul and some rants! So while my skincare routine video is getting uploaded to YouTube (it takes ages for some reason!) I am sitting here staring at my laptop screen 3 am in the morning and wondering how to start this post... So I guess I'll just get right down to the core of the subject... And that is skincare... Skincare for the 30s skin... Off late I have been noticing a lot many fine lines around my eyes and even though I know I can still get away with it, I in my mind know that I am approaching 30... So of course however much I try my best, age will one day surely catch up with me and my skin...

Grocery Shopping Is My New Favorite Hobby!

  Finding Beauty Products & Other Jewels Amongst Aata , Maida And Toor Ki Daal I have been married for a little over 2 and a half years and I have been grocery shopping almost since then but never until today have I realised the hidden merits of shopping for mundane, day to day items like pulses, flour and rice. What I am talking about is the little kiosk or in some cases aisles after aisles of beauty and makeup products that women inadvertently get drawn towards. How have I missed them for all these years, is a mystery in itself but now that I am enlightened I plan to exploit my weekly trips to the grocers to my most of my ability :)

HAUL & UPCOMING REVIEWS: MAC, Colorbar, Forever New, The Body Shop & Promod

Haul And Upcoming Reviews

Haul Post: From Kryolan, Mumbai...

BOMBAY - Victorial Terminus - Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus

HAUL! MAC... Accessorize... Colorbar...


HAUL: Sneak Peek Into What I Got From Zara, Mango, Vero Moda, TBS & La Senza

I "saled" this weekend... No not like crazy, more like a scratching an itch kind of shopping... I am far from being satiated and hence I plan to shop a wee bit more the coming weekend as well ;) Just a few teaser pics for you all to absorb ;) Of course, some of the buys are prizes for the What Does Makeup Mean To You Contest as well ;)