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Mini Haul During the Pune Blogger's Meet

Heylo people :) As you all know we had a mini Pune Blogger's Meet on Sunday for which I did an OOTD post here. Today's post is about what all I bought that day :) I am sure you guys remember that I had challenged myself to buy as less makeup as possible and try and buy products I only needed and not lusted for :P So beware... My haul is actually a mini haul and contains very less makeup products :( Siiiggghhhhh... So here goes... 1. MAC Retro Matte Lipstick in Ruby Woo With my love for Red lips, it is a wonder I hadn't bought it earlier :P 2. MAC Lustre Eye Shadow in "Honesty" Am so glad I got this :) Reviews coming up very soon! 3. Maybelline Makeup Remover With everyone raving about it, it was difficult not buying it especially when I was looking for a makeup remover since long! 4. Mini Desk Organizer Yup got this to organize my ever growing collection of lipsticks... Organization post coming up real soon ;) 5. Children's Painting

Weekend HAUL: MAC Cosmetics...

It had been a while I had shopped at MAC (1.25 months to be precise) and well I was waiting for my new salary so that I could just go and raid MAC ;) And well, since I do not like to waste time, I was at MAC on 31st March i.e. yesterday ;) Best part? Apart from the haul of course was that my bestie was with me (I finally bullied her into buying a MAC) and then I met fellow bloggers, Zara and Parul there too :) What a way to start a weekend right? :P So what did I buy? Well the first thing I wanted was the MAC Lip Erase thingy... But was greatly disappointed :( The MUA applied it on me and then whichever lippy I tried over it would invariably settle into the lines :( She did say that it would need a prior exfoliation of my lips to give best results... But then I wasn't paying a huge amount for something that I wasn't really sure if it would work on me :( So... I did not buy it! :P Then I moved onto the quest of finding the perfect nude lippy for me :P Yes those who are with

My Mumbai Weekend Trip :)

Hello beautiful people :) I am back from another weekend vacation from Mumbai all refreshed. I am sure you wonder how much "refreshments" I need in a month ;) Hahahaha.. This time was special cause "pati" also accompanied me and well "pati", mamma and I had a blast! :) We went to Sassoon Dock early in the morning where we witnessed all fishermen hauling their catch (fish) on to the jetty and people scrambling to buy them at less than wholesale prices! This was something totally new for me and I was astounded at the variety and the size of fish that people catch and we eat :P Being a sea food junkie I was in sea food heaven with crabs, lobsters, king prawns and pomphrets :) You cannot even fathom the amount of fish we brought back home and best part is we even got a huge ice-box filled with sea food with us to Pune :) heheheheheheh... yup we are celebrating sea-food fest this month at home :P Apart from this we checked out and dined at "Pizza By The

HAUL: Yes Another One! This Time from Chambor :P

With my incessant need to go out and keep buying cosmetics comes this new realization that this need is turning into a disorder :( And I need to rid myself off it! But till it is not causing any harm, I guess I can still indulge :D :P So today I went to Central and bought some stuff from Chambor. Now am sure you all know by now that I do not really shop from Chambor and all I have used from them is a kajal and a couple of nail polishes... But today I got me some lippies and I am floored by their packaging and the most attentive sales staff ever! :D So thumbs up to Chambor... So what did I buy? 1. Chambor Truly Lasting Lipstick in Truly Coral 2. Chambor Flowing Lipstick in Rose Red 3. Chambor Moisture Plus Lipstick 4. Chambor Eye Tattoo Liner I got the scented candles free! Yippe! :D Chambot Moisture Plus Lipstick Chambor Truly Lasting Lipstick in Truly Coral (for my Mom :)) Am wearing Chambor Flowing Lipstick in Rose Red! Here's what I wore! Oh Yeah

Pune Bloggers Meet and HAUL!!!

Yes yes yes you read it right! :D We had a Pune Beauty Blogger's Meet and though the turn out was meager but we did have a lot of fun! :D Next time we need more participation :) Today we were three of us who met up... Zara, Pranali and I at the MAC pop-up store at Jewel Square in Koregaon Park and then after "hauling" headed towards Dorabjee's and well "hauled" again :) So let me start at the beginning... I picked Zara mid-way and we proceeded towards KP (Koregaon Park). The first thing I said when we met was "Zara you are so CUTE"... LOL :D She really is... Cute and sweet :) And she has this cute little tooth jutting out, which is totally endearing and adds to her cuteness factor :P For the bengalis reading this post, Zara has what we say in Bengali as "haathi donto" :) We had just stepped foot into MAC when Pranali joined us and well though she isn't a blogger but is an ardent follower of ISLM, her enthusia

HAUL: Faces. Lush and The Body Shop & A Pune Bloggers Meet Proposal

It has almost become a tradition that I go hauling every weekend and flaunt and show you guys my purchases. But another practice that threatens to become a tradition is that every weekend I almost but unfortunately not end up meeting any of the Pune bloggers. I have missed meeting Parul, Parita and even Zara at Phoenix Market City Mall even though we have all be shopping there on the same day at the same time! How unfortunate! So I was thinking and proposing if we could arrange for a PMBB meet? :P I mean Pune Makeup and Beauty Bloggers Meet? What say girls? It'll be fun.. Think about it and let me know through the comments section. Then we can all decide a day and venue according to everyone of our convenience and meet up, shop, gossip and talk makeup :) What say? Of course non-bloggers but beauty blog readers are welcome as well. I think this could turn out to be something awesome! Think about it ladies :) Coming back to my haul, this time I did not shop at Bharat & Dorris

HAUL: Faces and Bharat & Dorris

Hola Chicas... How is your Sunday going? Mine went all busy busy with a movie to catch and then loads and loads of household work! Phew! :D Now that I am all done with that, I plan to telling you guys about my yesterday's haul :) As you all know there's a 50% off Sale going on at Faces Cosmetics and most of my stuff is from the sale.. So here you go :) The stuff that I bought are as follows: 1. Faces Mineral Pressed Powder [Orig: Rs.449/- On Sale: Rs. 225/-] 2. Faces Mineral EyeShine Trio in BeechWood [Orig: Rs.449/- On Sale: 350/-] 3. Faces set of 10 mini Nail Polish [Orig: Rs.599/- On Sale: Rs.299/-] 4. Faces Blending Brush in 106 [Rs. 249/-] 5. Faces Rouge Lipstick in Catherine - 2 [Orig: Rs.249/- On Sale: Rs.186] 6. Bharat & Dorris Cream Lipstick in Shade 123 7. Bharat & Dorris Cream Liner in Shade 12 [Rs.390/-] 8. Faces Long Wear Eye Pencil in Purple [Rs.249/- no discount] :( 9. Faces 3-D Stick on Nail Stickers [Rs.179/- no discount] 10. Maybelline BB