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On The Cover: Sonam Kapoor in A Gothic Grunge Avatar on Harper's Bazaar September 2013

Sonam Kapoor In A Grunge Goth Avatar On The Cover of Harper's Bazaar September 2013 Issue

Summer had come and passed The innocent can never last Wake me up when September ends
Nothing rings true more than these lines from Green Day's "When September Ends"...
I love September... Not only because it is my birthday month but also because it marks the beginning of fall and all the "dark" side of fashion that it brings with itself... The summer has truly passed and looking at Sonam Kapoor on the cover of Harper's Bazaar September 2013 issue, one can confidently say that "the innocent can never last"...

On The Cover: Alia Bhatt on Harper's Bazaar August 2013

Alia Bhatt On The Cover of Harper's Bazaar India August 2013

During my teenage years and my early 20s, Cosmopolitan was a staple for me every month... It still is... But by the time I hit my mid-twenties, a couple of other mags joined the party and today, no month for me is over until I have read and re-read the month's Cosmo, Vogue, Grazia and Harper's Bazaar. This reminds me I need to get hold of Grazia and Cosmopolitan for this month...

The Cosmopolitan this month is especially a MUST-BUY cause of Cynthia of IndianVanityCase winning the Cosmo Beauty Blog Award and being chosen to be a jury member in Cosmopolitan's beauty panel with Mehak of PeachesAndBlush... Isn't it exciting to see your favorite beauty bloggers reach such new heights? :)

Tutorial: Cover Inspired Bold Winged Eye MakeUp

Hello everyone :) I feel all bright and chirpy today cause I have had a super productive morning and well nothing cheers me up more than ticking off items off my "To Do List" :) Raise hands if you feel the same :) And one such item on my to-do list was to do a tutorial for a look I had done a long time ago here and which many of you and specially Roshini has been waiting for :)

Ok, if you are one of those who don't check embedded links like me, then to remind you all, this was the look I had done inspired by Harper's Bazaar's Anniversary Issue where they had Vidya Balan look smoking hot in straight bangs and sultry eye makeup :) The following was my version and this is the tutorial for it! (Yes Finally!) :D

Products Used:
1. Maybelline Gel Liner
2. NYX Eyeshadow Base in Skintone
3. MAC Zoom Fast Lash Mascara
4. Black Eye Shadow
5. Flat Smudger Brush (Colorbar Brush No 122)

1. Apply eye shadow base generously on your eye lids as well as under your eyes.

Cover The Cover: Harper's Bazaar (India) March 2012

You all know that I love tweaking my blog here and there and making some changes, introducing newer features and well sometimes just hooking the blog onto some social networking site :) Well this time I am introducing a new feature that I promise will be really exciting for all beauty enthusiasts :) To start with this feature is called "Cover The Cover" where I shall be covering the cover pages of our favorite beauty and fashion magazines in terms of make-up. There are times when a certain look on a celeb or a fashion mag just gets to us. Well rather than just mulling over such looks I have decided to give life to such looks (on me) and well do a kind of a faux photo shoot ;) What say? Doesn't it sound like fun? What more? You are all invited to submit your looks with a reference to which magazine and edition you are covering and I'll post it here :)

Today's look is inspired by my latest fav mag Harper's Bazaar. The March edition of Harper's Bazaar is a …