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How to Get the Celebrity Look

  How to Get the Celebrity Look If Jennifer Lopez or Priyanka Chopra wear a certain style dress today and carry it off with √©lan, you can be sure it is going to be the rage tomorrow with girls and women searching frantically for something similar to give them the same pizzazz and hopefully make heads turn.

Review: MAC Speak Louder Lipstick

Review of MAC Speak Louder Lipstick Guest Post By: Marianne Every once in a while, I have to remind myself to switch it up where my makeup is concerned – both my look and the products I use. Inevitably, I keep coming back to my comfort zone of defined eyes and nude-pink lips. When I consciously want to try something different, I dig deep into my stash and bring out the bright and colourful stuff. Presenting today - my only out and out bright lipstick, MAC Speak Louder!

Slow Down Signs of Aging with Antioxidants

  Antioxidants And Their Role In Anti-aging          Guest Post By Nicki Anderson Although antioxidants have been around for a number of years, many people are unsure of the real benefits. You’ve likely purchased products that promote antioxidants. However, you may wonder if you’re actually getting any benefits at all? The truth is antioxidants offer numerous benefits and can easily be obtained through a healthy diet.

REVIEW: Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Sweetheart Valentine

Review of Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain In Sweetheart Valentine Guest Post By: Shabby Well guys if you still don't know about the Revlon kissable balm stains then you are missing a great product big time. This is one product which has taken both the international as well as Indian blog-o-sphere like a rage. These are basically balms with colors but not your average tinted balms these leave a stain your lips and also these are glossy. Interested?

REVIEW: Rimmel London Lasting Finish Lipstick in Asia

Review of Rimmel London Lasting Finish Lipstick - Asia Guest Post By: Shabby Rimmel was once a brand which was earlier out of reach for us Indians but thanks to an online portal names now we have access to many products from Rimmel at reasonable prices. So how I got this lipstick is a strange story. From when these came into the market I was so eager to try this shade and 'Heart Breaker' shade but sadly Heart Breaker is almost always Out of Stock so I picked up two promising shades named 'Asia' and 'Tantrum' instead.

REVIEW: Clinique Chubby Sticks In A Whole Lotta Honey

In Love With The Fat One!

REVIEW: Clinique Clarifying Lotion - 2 (Dry Combination)

Step 2 Of The 3 Step Skin Care System

GUEST POST: How to create the perfect brow shape

Finding the perfect shape for your eyebrows can really transform your features and make the most of them. The wrong shape can make your face appear too long or too wide, and draw attention away from your most important asset: your eyes! However, it's easy to work out how to style your eyebrows in a way that suits you, and use an eyebrow pencil to achieve it. Follow this quick step by step guide to creating the perfect brow: 1. Determine your face shape After a shower, pull your hair back from your face and stand in front of a mirror. There are six main face shapes: oval, round, long, square, heart and diamond. To determine which one you are look at three main areas - your forehead, your cheeks and your chin. The ratio of each of these in relation to each other will signify your face shape. source 2. Match your face shape to a complimentary brow shape Now you know your face shape, you can find the brow that will best suit you. Oval, long and square face sha

GUEST POST: Valentine's Day Nail Art

Guest Post written by: Dimpal Rathore With V-Day looming in the near horizon all my giveaway guest post entries are revolving around it and who is complaining?  I am truly loving it :) Dimpal blogs at and is a nail polish and nail art fanatic! Let's see what she has in store for us... Hello Beauties , I am Dimpal. I am so happy and excited to write my first blog post ever . This is valentine week and I can see lots of love in the air and so in the blogs. Here, I am gonna show you a very simple valentine nail art which doesn’t need any special tool or accessories. You will need following things: A base coat: I used Sally Hansen Double Duty Strengthening base coat A white nail polish : I used collection 2000’s French White A pink or red nail polish: I used Colorama sexy A top coat: I used Chambor’s top coat A dotting tool or toothpick First apply base coat to protect nails. After that apply 2 coats of white nail polish. Using

GUEST POST: Valentine's Day Look and Tutorial

Guest Post by Bidisha You all know that I have a giveaway underway on ISimplyLoveMakeUp where I will have two winners. One winner wins a GlossyBox and another winner will win three of my favorite lipsticks :) If you haven't entered it yet then worry not beauties you can still enter it here . As a part of one of the rules, Bidisha from has very sweetly done a guest post about a Valentine's Day look and a tutorial :) I wont introduce her to you all just yet, for that you'll have to be a little more patient and wait for a couple of more days ;) So over to her for now... Hello everyone... This is Bidisha here I am so excited today to write a post for my adorable friend suma <3 So today i thought of doing an easy eyemakeup tutorial for you all This particular eyemakeup can be done during day and is also suitable for evening ! In this tutorial I used sponge applicator instead of brushes. So lets get starte

GUEST POST: Casual Look For Office

Written By: Kannu Today I decided to wear my favorite tunic with tights at work. I totally love teaming tights with tunics as I find it a very relaxed & easy going combination. Also I am very fond of neutral tones be it apparel, footwear, accessories or even makeup … Outfit Details: Tunic from GK I, tights from Snowhite , CP, footwear from Enroute, multi rounds bangle , gifted & Ed Hardy watch in black. My Overall Look   Makeup Details: I wanted to add a color to my look so decided to do makeup with some blue in it….. This is what I did  My Make-up for office I generally prefer wear metallic eye makeup and neutral toned lips. Here I have done metallic blue eyes and pale nude almost Kim Kardashian type lips ;) Closeup of the eyes Closeup of the lips Products Used: Coloressence Pearl effect eye shadow pencil in Electric Blue, Maybelline The Colosal Volume Express Weatherproof Mascara in Black, Maybelline Diamond Glow by Eye Studio in s

REVIEW & LIP SWATCH: Deborah Milano Lipstick in Atomic Red

Post By: Megha Ladies and gentlemen... May I present to you our second guest post of the day. Megha also hails from "dil dil dilli" and sh is reviewing another brand that has never been featured on "isimplylovemakeup" as yet... Deborah Milano Lipsticks... Deborah Milano Lipstick What the company claims about the Lipstick: ·          Lipstick with a luminous, silky finish. Innovative formula produces pure, vibrant color.   ·          Glides on easily and feels comfortable all day long. Hypoallergenic.* Price: INR 480 Packaging: Metallic colored casing, to give it a hard and shiny look. Shade Card: The shades available in this range My take on Deborah Milano rossette atomic red lipstick shade 03: Hii… I  am a working girl. These days I have been reading a lot about RED, PEACHES ,ORANGES..All the beautiful colors. Once you wear it,you look beautiful automatically and be it any skin color,You will start glowing itself. So I

REVIEW: Bharat and Dorris Cream Eye Liners

Post by: Kannu Ladies and gentlemen... Please put your hands together for our first guest post and also an entry post for the giveaway :) Btw, have you guys entered the giveaway as yet? No? Really? Why? LOL... You could check out the giveaway here :) So anyways coming back to our guest blogger, let me introduce you all to Kannu Mankatala Wadhwa. She is from dil waalon ki dilli (Delhi) and will be reviewing this professional range of makeup from Bharat and Dorris :) Applying eyeliner was always a very difficult exercise for me until I started using gel liners. Gel liners are very convenient to use and have a long lasting effect. I went to Pune last week where I discovered this make up brand called “Bharat & Dorris”. Well to be honest I had never heard about this brand before or seen it anywhere in Delhi & NCR. The B&D store was quite huge and attractive so unlike any other girl I got tempted to visit the store. So this was my first visit to a