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VIDEO TUTORIAL: Soft Green Smokey Eyes & Pink Lips

  VIDEO TUTORIAL: Soft Green Smokey Eyes & Pink Lips Spring's almost here and somehow all my makeup decisions nowadays are automatically driven by this fact... As if on autopilot I end up doing makeup that is beautifully summery and yet has a lingering wintery touch to it...

LOTD: Soft Green Smokey Eyes using MAC Swimming Eyeshadow

  LOTD: Soft Green Smokey Eyes using MAC Swimming Eyeshadow and a promise of a video tutorial... I created this look accidentally... I mean I was just going through my stash of eye shadows when I dicsocvered many of them that I had not used since a long long time... So I decided to get all of these shadows out of their hiding places and start using them more consciously... And thus this look came to be :)

In The Spotlight: MAC Club Eye Shadow

Welcome to another edition of "In The Spotlight" and today we are featuring MAC Club eye shadow. When you google MAC Club, you come across mixed reviews about this shade and almost negligible reviews from Indian blogs. We Indians are I guess still exploring the possibilities with makeup and tend to walk on the safe path... Especially for products that cost the earth, we like to checkout reviews online extensively and look at swatches after swatches and then finally go with a shade that seems to be the most popular with all beauty bloggers... We all end up with similar shades of eye shadows like Naked Lunch, Mythology, Expensive Pink, Cork, Carbon Black, Folie, Texture, Rice Paper to name a few... Now this doesn't quite work for me... Why, I don't know but it just doesn't... Now am not saying don't read reviews on beauty blogs, rather if I said that then I would be putting my feet on the "kulhari" myself :P But what I want to tell you all is tha