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Do I Recommend The Lakme 9 to 5 Weightless Mousse Foundation?

Review: The Lakme 9 to 5 Weightless Mousse Foundation I had updated on snapchat (@samyukta_islm) last week that I suspected the Lakme 9 to 5 Weightless Mousse Foundation to be breaking me out and hence I have been keeping a keen eye on the foundation since.

REVIEW: Maybelline Matte & Poreless Fit Me Foundation

REVIEW: Maybelline Matte & Poreless Fit Me Foundation The day I received the Maybelline Matte and Powerless Fit Me Foundation, I was in two minds... I am not a huge fan of drugstore foundations and so I wasn't sure what really to expect... Additionally, it was labelled as something for Normal to Oily skin and hence I concluded that it would not work on my dry skin.

Lakme Absolute White Intense Skin Cover Foundation Review

Lakme Absolute White Intense Skin Cover Foundation SPF 25 Review! ISLM Writer: Ishleen Hello gorgeous ladies! So the wedding season has started and we all have been ton loads of busy in trying to keep up with the hectic but fun period that comes each year at this time! Long nights of sangeet and early morning rituals, not to forget the high dose of sugary nd greasy foods that we tend to gorge upon, do take a toll on the skin! And no matter what skincare regime you try on, a pimple, some spots, and a blemish or two, would definitely welcome you in these days! And yes, dark circles, how can we forget them?

Keep Calm & Love Your Skin Featuring L'Oreal Paris Mat Magique

  REVIEW: L'Oreal Paris Mat Magique All In One Transforming Powder I am turning 30 in a fortnight and all I can think of is somehow saving my skin from the inevitable aging... From various night creams to eye creams to magical skin elixirs, I am giving everything a shot. However, I cannot but notice how my skin's changed in the past couple of months...

REVIEW: Sephora 10Hr Wear Perfection Foundation

    REVIEW: Sephora 10Hr Wear Perfection Foundation You know the times when you buy something recklessly and once you reach home, you realise that the product you just bought could actually end up not being great or could end up not suiting you :/ Happens to me a lot since I never read reviews of products before I buy them... Yeah I am a beauty blogger and I do not read reviews... :P

REVIEW: Lakme Absolute Mattreal Skin Natural Mousse

Lakme Absolute Mattreal Skin Natural Mousse   Review of Lakme Absolute Mattreal Skin Natural Mousse in Golden Medium ISLM Writer: Himani Hey all beauty geeks!!! Today I am going to review Lakme Absolute Mattreal Skin Natural Mousse in Golden Medium. I don't even remember how many foundations I have bought and tried to find my HG foundation. Wait, I do remember!!! Some hundreds. Ya, I am exaggerating, but the number is definitely a two-digit, if not a three-digit. And I am sure lot of you will relate and remember those wrong buys which once looked like a ray of hope.

REVIEW: Oriflame The One Illuskin Foundation

    REVIEW: Oriflame The One Illuskin Foundation So many of you would know that I am taking life easy nowadays, am on my winter break and well am just simply chilling :) Of course the first two days were total bliss and then on the third day I started feeling fidgety and now I want to just do something other than simply lazing around the house...

REVIEW: ZA Shiseido True White Two-Way Foundation

  REVIEW: ZA Shiseido True White Two-Way Foundation There are three kinds of people in the world, one with whom we get along with in a snap, the second with whom we want to get along with and we somehow make the friendship work and the third are the ones with whom we just cannot get along with, how much ever we try ... Makeup products are similar... 

REVIEW: Revlon Colorstay Whipped Creme Makeup Foundation

  Review of Revlon Colorstay Whipped Creme Makeup Foundation So today I’ll be reviewing my favourite drugstore foundation. Revlon Colorstay Whipped Crème Foundation has been there for a while. I’ve been wearing this daily since last 4 months. I have oily skin and having to find a good drugstore branded foundation has always been a difficult task for me. So when I bought it, I was a little apprehensive but it surprised me and surpassed all my expectations.

REVIEW: Bobbi Brown Moisture Rich Foundation SPF 15 in Warm Natural 4.5

  Review of Bobbi Brown Moisture Rich Foundation With SPF 15 Just when you think you've seen it all, Bam! the universe decides to give you a surprise and make you realise that there is so much more in life than you can even fathom. All this deep talk is not because of my recent trip to the holy city of Varanasi but because I realised that when I started believing that the MAC Face & Body Foundation was the best thing that could have happened to me, Bobbi Brown just simply happened.

REVIEW: Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation

    Review of Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation Guest Post By: Pranali Finding your ‘Right’ foundation is much of a task. You get the texture right but the shade wrong and other hundred reasons to detest one single bottle that can change your life. (Yes. Makeup is life changing) Voila! I’ve found my ‘Right’ Texture in a wrong shade. Bourjois Healthy Mix in 55 Beige Fonce or Dark Beige.  If you ever wondered or still wonder how naturally your skin can look even, kill the thought.

REVIEW: Kryolan Ultra Foundation

  Review of Kryolan Ultra Foundation: Perfect For Dry Skin Beauties Looking For Medium to Heavy Coverage I had always been scared of foundations... I had this uncanny fear of looking "artificial" or "made up" with foundation on and hence even though I had embraced eye shadows and blushes and lipsticks, bringing foundations into my inner-circle of makeup products took me a long time... If you look at it technically, I had to get married to finally be comfortable with foundations! Yup! True that!

REVIEW: MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation In NC42

Review of MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation In Shade NC42 Guest Post By: Rmyah There are days when I just cannot help look at myself through any reflective surface that I can. Be it mirrors, glass doors, rear view mirrors, the back of a spoon and even a pond. And then there are days when I wished everyone was blind, every mirror shattered, the serene water turbulent, anything to avoid me seeing my face. One such day when my skin was going through a blearrrgh phase I decided to put my face on the web and show you how I deal with it. My savior is the MAC studio fix fluid foundation which has been my HG foundation for about three months now.

REVIEW: MAC Mineralize Foundation With SPF 15

Review of MAC Mineralize Foundation with SPF 15 There are times when I get a product and I review it within a week and then there are products whose reviews take longer and I finally belt them out after about a month or so. But there are also products that I finally get down to reviewing after more than a year and the MAC Mineralize Foundation SPF 15  is one such example. Honestly? I cannot think of any other product that I took so long to review :) This sure has to be special ^_^

REVIEW: Aaranya Honey Moisturising Shampoo

  Review of Aaranya Honey Moisturising Shampoo Guest Post By: Manu A good, different, uncommon name is always like a ‘Jingle in your ears’ which definitely draws your attention.   And this shampoo’s name perfectly fits for this phrase. Aaranyaa – a Sanskrit word which historically means green and bountiful forest, so be rest assured to get all the natural ingredients in this product. Ah! What a bliss! It brings me back the memories of my childhood vintage – pure black shampoo with Amla, Shikakai and Methi (fenugreek) seeds. Above all, it also claims to be

REVIEW: MAC Face And Body Foundation

Review Of MAC Face And Body Foundation In Shade C5... Every once in a while you come across a product that sweeps you off your feet, makes you feel all special and pampered and as if it was made just for you. You then start feeling as to how had you been surviving all this while without it and why in the whole wide world did you take so long to pick it up... Well that product for me ladies and gentlemen is The MAC Face And Body Foundation. I am an NC 36-38 and I use the shade C5 in it... >>

REVIEW: Lakme Invisible Finish Foundation - Shade 2

Review Of Lakme Invisible Finish Foundation

REVIEW & LOTD: The Body Shop Extra Virgin Mineral Cream Compact in Golden Vanilla

Phew! Thats a long name in the title of the post ;) This perhaps is the most awaited review since a long time but seriously guys I needed to try this foundation out nice and proper before I gave you all an honest and an extensive insight about this product. So then let me start at the beginning... I do not use a lot of TBS cosmetics, only their solid perfumes and the Tropical Rainforest range of their haircare products. But I still generally go through the various stuff on display to make mental notes and to tally with my previously made mental notes. Weird? Nah! :P So while "aisle" shopping, I saw this foundation and on a whim picked it up... The SA I must say was really good and she was able to tell my shade bang on. I haven't seen anybody so confident and yet so right about someone's skin tone as she was! :D Thats a plus while shopping now isn't it? :) Once I got this home, I kept it in the "ghar ka mandir" for about an hour praying to God that i

REVIEW: Maxfactor Second Skin Foundation in 075 Golden

Hello people :) I know I ve been MIA since almost a month now... Well you see I ve been really caught up with things and have been keeping really busy with a myriad of things. But I ve missed posting tutes, looks and reviews and most of all I ve missed you guys and your comments. So today I am out with another review on Maxfactor's Second Skin Foundation. Let me tell you all for your info that this is the first foundation that I have got myself and am extremely excited to review it. I had heard a lot about Maxfactor's Second Skin Foundation and had to had to check it out for myself. I bought a shade in 075 GOLDEN, which I am assuming to be a shade lighter! :( You guys will have to be judge! Maxfactor Second Skin Foundation But coming back to the foundation itself, the product is just amazing! And it's just perfect for dry skin. It is very moisturizing without giving shine and feels like "second skin". I guess thats why it's called so! :P It gives mi