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LOTD: Featuring An Orange Lippy For The First Time on ISLM

LOTD: Featuring An Orange Lippy For The First Time on ISLM
If you have been an ISLM reader for a substantial amount of time, then you'd know that I have never ever featured Orange lipstick on ISLM till date... The reason being simply the fact that Orange lipsticks never suited me and hence I have always stayed away from them...

But things change...
    Time heals everything...

LOTD: A Perfect Look For Saturday Night Clubbing

Featuring: Lakme Absolute Colour Illusion Eyeshadow "Smokey Pearl"
I did this look with a blank mind, I had nothing going on and by the time I finished photographing, I was wondering what I should name it... So I did not do a post on it and just randomly posted it on Instagram and hence Facebook and Twitter... You guys loved it (thank you so much :D) and Bidisha labelled the look as Perfect for a Saturday Night Party Look and thus I got my title for the post :) Thanks sweetheart :) ♥

LOTD: Featuring Soultree Color Riche Lipstick in Java Brown

Makeup Featuring Soultree Color Riche Lipstick in Java Brown

What does one do when you get sent a lipstick as a PR sample in a shade that you don't really wear? Well I was left at the lurch with a similar situation and I was totally out of ideas about what kind of a look should be done with a brown lippy... If you like the ISLM Facebook page and follow us on Twitter, you'd now realise the motive behind me asking you all to help me with eye shadow ideas that would go with a brown lippy... Aha! So thanks to you all for your ideas and thanks to Soultree for sending me the lippy sample, I am now ready to present to yo guys the look :)

LOTD: Featuring Maybelline Colorsensational Bold Matte Lipstick MAT4

Mini Review & Look Featuring Maybelline Colorsensational Bold Matte MAT4 Lipstick

My face has two sides... Of course we all do... But somehow while on one hand, one side of my face is normal, the other on the other hand is "bitchy"... Nah nah am not saying I am bitchy, what I am trying to say here is that the left side of my face looks bitchy! Somehow it does... No logic there...
So you guys'll realise that I rarely ever show the other side of my face... But while taking pictures for this post and then editing them, I decided to show you guys my other side and leave it to you all to come to a conclusion about it :P

Featuring: Kryolan Professional Lipstick in LC107

Featuring: Kryolan Professional Lipstick in Shade LC107
It has been raining incessantly here for the past few weeks... We haven't seen the sun in ages and the days are gloomy as hell (I am assuming hell is dull, grey and sad)... Nothing makes me crankier and cribbier than the rains and I am having the toughest time trying to keep from snapping at everyone who tries to talk to me... And thus to keep myself sane and of course the others "safe", I have been indulging in bright pink lipsticks in the hope that it would help me cheer up at least for a tiny bit...

LOTD: Cut Crease Look Featuring MAC Patina & MAC Antiqued

Cut Crease Makeup Look With MAC Patina & MAC Antiqued
Oh I have so missed doing LOTD posts all this while. No doubt my vacation was simply Earth shattering, however nothing beats the thrill of doing a full face of makeup, clicking pictures and then seeing how they finally turn out to be on a big screen... Ok having mamma ke haathon ka kheer trumps all of that but then you do know what I mean right :)

Featuring Ellis Faas Creamy Eyes E123: Simple Blue Eye Makeup Look

Blue Eye Makeup Featuring Ellis Faas Creamy Eyes E123
With the rupee doing an all time low, shopping online from foreign sites has almost ceased. I see people cribbing, feeling fidgety and still not be able to do anything about the shopping cravings. But Ellis Faas seems to have come to our rescue. They support currencies like USD, Euro, GBP and Indian Rupee for shopping online from their site! Can you believe it?
And if that wasn't enough, Ellis Faas provides free shipping to India as well. Now this is one brand that actually loves us ;)

Featuring: Colorbar Deep Sea Eyeshadow in a Biker Chic Look

Colorbar Deep Sea Eyeshadow
I am loving Blue this season... Blue on the eyes especially... There is something so calming as well as edgy about blue eyeshadows... On their own or paired with black or some other color for that matter, blue eyeshadows are a trend to embrace this season!

MAC Ruby Woo Makes Everything Right!

MAC Ruby Woo Lipstick Does It Agian!
Ever wanted something so so so badly that even though you knew it was bad for you, your passion for it made it alright? Ever did something really really bad, so bad that it became right? My last night's makeup experiments took me underground where there were temptations everywhere, so much so that after a while everything started feeling right and non-evil :P

Bollywood Inspired Makeup Series (1970s): L'Or Sunset Cannes 2013 Collection and a Hippy Bollywood Look

A Makeup Look From Bollywood's 1970s Era
First off, a huge thank you to all you for receiving my previous post on the 1950s Bollywood Inspired Look so well... I was overwhelmed by the kind words and encouragement that you guys gave me :) I love you my readers :)

So moving on with the series, today's Bollywood inspired look is from one of my favorite eras... The 1970s... Who doesn't love the hip, cool and the laid back 70s? Of flamboyant prints, super flared bell bottom pants, over sized sunnies, brightly colored scarves, big bouffant hair and of course fabulous winged liners, the 1970s have always been something like a mirage to me...

Bollywood Inspired Makeup Series (1950s): L'Or Sunset Cannes 2013 Collection and a Vintage BollyWood Look

A Makeup Look From Bollywood's 1950's Era
The moment L'Oreal Paris India announced the L'Or Sunset collection for the Cannes Film Festival this year that was honoring 100 years of Indian cinema, I had been itching to get my hands on at least some part of the collection and well what can I say... My wish was granted ^_^

As of now I am in love with the collection... The lippies that I got sent have been a dream to work with and the Eau De Rose eye shadow palette has this gorgeous plummy brown shade of eye shadow that is a constant in my dreams :)

Featuring (LOTD): Coastal Scents 88 Original Palette

Green Blue Eye Makeup
I essentially started beauty blogging with a handful of products mostly from Oriflame. You see I was an Oriflame consultant that time. If you go back to my initial LOTD/EOTD posts, you'll observe that all my looks were created using Oriflame palettes that I would keep buying from the catalogues every month and I was blissfully happy :) And then I got myself the Coastal Scents 88 Original Palette and my world changed. I started considering myself to be in the big leagues... But well it was only in my head :P

Featuring: Maybelline Hyper Glossy Liquid Liner & Winged Liners

Featuring Maybelline Hyper Glossy Liquid Liner In Black
Every once in a while you come across a product and get swept off by the sheer genius that went behind creating it. Every once in a while there comes a product that totally hooks you to it, so much so that you are ready to give up on other products that you have always been loyal too (Ah! Do extra maritals work on the same principal?). Every once in a while you are introduced to a product that you gets you so obsessed that you cannot but think of your life without it...

Featuring (LOTD): MAC Swimming Eyeshadow

Soothing... Cooling... Refreshing...
Temperatures have been soaring like crazy and Pune that rarely sees the harshness of Summers has been cowering in fear of the sweltering sun... Maximum temperatures that are touching 42 degrees don't seem to be backing down and we are all left with improvised ways to battle this heat :( \

My improvisation is of course makeup related :D


Featuring: Too Faced Glamour To Go 2 Pocket Palette

Featuring Too Faced Glamour To Go 2 Pocket Palette
There are things that lie forgotten in your memory, so much so that it needs something really drastic to bring it the fore. It could be anything... From some hurt you've had to face to a loss to a forgotten lippy and well in my case a whole palette replete with eye shadows, blushes and lippies... Yup I forgot I owned a palette that too, a palette that had come to me all the way from Paris (um Sephora Paris)...

Featuring (LOTD): Colorbar Eyeshadow in Copper Crush

Makeup Featuring Colorbar Copper Crush Eyeshadow
You know the feeling when you are digging, delving and searching for an eye shadow in an array of displayed eyeshadows and then you find one... It's like hitting a Gold Mine! Well in my case it was more of a Copper mine and I brought the baby home... Ladies please behold Colorbar Eyeshadow in Copper Crush.