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How I Wear My Denim Jacket To Be In Trend for 2018

How I Wear My Denim Jacket To Be In Trend for 2018 Denim is forever. It's versatility makes it a classic and in the form of a jacket it not just looks dapper and en vogue but is also comfortable and convenient... I love denim jackets because they are perfect for Pune's so called Winters and because they are the best accessories for any kind of outfit... Going through some of the Fall Winter 2017-18 collections from the likes of Calvin Klein, Christian Dior and Stella McCartney, denim on denim seemed to be the trend in boxy and boyish silhouettes. I am not a very big fan of denim and denim and hence I prefer to pair my boxy denim jacket with a flowy, floral dress that makes the look strike a balance between feminine and androgynous.      Faded Denim Jacket: Westside Floral Dress: Marks & Spencer Red Shoes: Zara Black Bucket Bag: Zara

Coffee Breaks With ISLM: Fashion & Style Sensibilities

Coffee Breaks With ISLM: Fashion & Style Sensibilities Guest Post By: Priyanka Have you ever caught yourself judging another woman’s fashion choices and going, “Man! What was she even thinking when she stepped out of her house? I wouldn’t be caught dead in that!” This happens because the woman most likely thinks that she looks fabulous, you have conflicting style sensibilities and that certainly can’t be helped. For someone grunge fashion looks utterly chic but to another, it might just look like “homeless-du-jour”. Being someone who prizes a sense of individuality, I say, go with what you think works. The world be damned! As Yves Saint Laurent once said, “Fashion fades but style is eternal.”

Trend Alert (F/W 2012): Colors On The Runway this Fall

I got it from the horse's mouth (yeah yeah I just checked out the Pantone site) and ladies and I am super excited to bring to you all the colors that you should be sporting this Fall or rather Winter :) So without much ado, lets get started, shall we... 1. ORANGE Everyone knows that Tangerine or a more Neony Orange ruled the runways this Spring and there is no denying the fact that it has been one of the most successful color trends ever in both the fashion as well as the beauty industry :)   The trend with Orange continues this Fall but Neon or Tangerine Orange has given way to a more mellowed cousin called Burnt Orange :) Now we all know burnt orange is the color of Fall and remind you of Autumn leaves and well this trend is inline with it... So ladies rock this shade as much as you can cause we never know wha could be the color of 2013 :D 2. OxBlood   Not a very cheery name, after all anything to do with blood cannot be really pheromone inducing now can it... And as