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ISLM Rants: Especially For Contact Lens Wearers

Contact Lenses & Eye Pencils With Glitter Do Not Go Hand In Hand
Shared By: Nandini
This isn't a review,I'm just sharing my thoughts with all of you. Hope you benefit from this specially those with sensitive eyes and those who wear contact lenses and don't get bored reading my story :P

So, the other day me and my friend from college (I have only one friend from college who knows more about makeup than just Colossal kajal and nivea lip balm) were just sitting and discussing what eyeliners are safe for contact lens wearers because shee's been wearing them for a while and I just got them recently. So,while discussing she told me not to use eyeliner pencils with glitter in them on the waterline. She said if the glitter gets into the eyes,it really irritates them.

REVIEW: Faces Long Wear Pencil In Dark Green

No Shimmer... No Glitter...

This Or That: Colorbar I-Glide Pencils vs Faces Long Wear Pencils

It has always been a bone of contention whether the Colorbar I-Glide Pencils were the ones to go for or whether the Faces Long Wear pencils fare better. Of course both are dear to us beauty bloggers and to all beauty enthusiasts but seriously sometimes even I am at a loss at what I should really go for. Both ranges of pencils have similar shades and similar staying power even on oily lids, so getting confused between the two is an expected deal :)

Hence, I am trying to make an endeavor to make it easier for everyone of us to finally make a decision where these two pencils are concerned :)


LOTD & Video Tutorial: A Quick Makeup Look

I told you all last week how my Saturdays are generally spent with my guy going to office and me getting ready and seeing him for lunch :) Well this Saturday was no difference and we went to Cafe Linger On for lunch where we actually won a Quiz contest held by them as well ;) So all in all a Saturday well spent! :D

Here's the look I did this Saturday... Nothing too fancy rather a quick one mostly cause I slept in late and well wasn't left with much time to get ready ;) So I did a flat 4 mins look and tell me if you guys like it... Also, as you all know I am lately obsessed with making video tutorials, I have made one for this look too. Its a quick look, makes you look all fresh and girly and hence perfect for a daytime appointment :) Do check out the video as well and "like", "favorite" and do "subscribe" :)

This honestly is a flat 4 minutes look and perfect for times when you are in a serious hurry! :D P.S. I have done a similar look in the past …

SWATCHES: Faces Long Wear Pencil in Purple

Faces Long Wear pencils need no introduction, they need no preview and they don't need any reviews. They are a cult favorite among make-up lovers and its fan base seems to be increasing by the day. I got myself another one called Purple and it is the most beautiful Purple eye pencil I have ever used :)

I am not reviewing the pencil cause I have already reviewed these pencils here.

Image of the Product

I don't know why I look so swollen and FAT in the pic above :'(
It costs INR 250/-


Would I Recommend?
Do I need to? :) For those who haven't yet been introduced to these pencils, girl you need to get all the shades in this range :) each and everyone of them are beautiful :)

Overall Rating

Makeup For Office: A quick look!

When you are a part of an inter-community marriage, important decisions like what to cook for dinner is never easy! *sarcasm*. Mine as you all know is one, my guy is a Punjabi and I am mixed bred Manipuri and Bengali. Food habits across these three states are as different as chalk and cheese and well the discussion over what to eat isn't as straight forward! But for our love for each other (ahem!), my food habits are turning Punjabi and well my guy is stuck somewhere between a Bengali and Manipuri! LOL! Why do I say so? Well for starters I prefer roti or parathas for dinner while he wants to have rice else he remains hungry all night! hahaha! Another instance would be last night, when he wanted to have fish (maachh bhaja bengali style) and I wanted to have "chhole"... hahahahaha. So what did we finally do? We cooked both! LOL :D
Why do I bring this all up on a Monday morning afternoon you ask? Well that's because when these important dinner decisions are taken at 10:0…

REVIEW, SWATCHES & LOTD: Faces Long Wear Pencil in Turquoise Blue

With Faces Long Wear Pencils taking over from Colorbar I-Glide ones in the beauty blog-o-sphere, it is no surprise that I am out with reviewing another one of them and ladies and gentlemen, today's shade is "Turquoise Blue". Yes I LOVE blue eye liners!!! Why? Cause they are vibrant and flattering and somehow puts the focus on your eyes even when u wear a Red Lipstick (speaking out of experience)! :D

Just recently, I reviewed Faces Long Wear Pencil in Navy Blue and since "Turquoise Blue" also fares the same, I am not repeating the same review over again. I'll just post swatches so that you guys know how pretty it looks :)

Image of the Product
It costs INR 250/-

Staying Power
It stays on my OILY LIDS for over 8 hours!

Definitely! These pencils have become my HG eye pencils!

Would I Recommend?
Those who already have this shade or have recently ordered: good choice!
Those who are still waiting to buy: BUY IT NOW! :P

Overall Rating:

REVIEW & LOTD: Faces Long Wear Pencil in Navy Blue

While doing the "Meet The Bloggers" feature every Saturday, I have realised (and I am sure that you all have too) that Faces is fast becoming a very popular brand amongst us especially the Faces Long Wear pencils. So much so that a lot of people prefer Faces Long Wear pencils to even Colorbar I-Glides and that ladies and gentlemen is quite a feat for a newly launched brand. So anyways, I got myself a "Navy Blue" from this range and I must say that I am very happy with it. This is my second pencil from Faces after "Turquoise Blue" and well it hasn't failed me either.
This particular shade is a beautiful deep blue that looks stunning on the eye lids.
Image of the Product Swatches LOTD

Ooooohss And Aaahhss!! 1. Really really stays on forever. 2. Doesn't smudge on my oily lids even after 8 hours of wear. 3. Friendly to the pocket 4. Faces have become quite easily available now. 5. They do not cause any allergies or reactions. 6. They are waterline safe a…

REVIEW & LOTD: Faces Long Wear Pencil in Turquoise Blue

You kow you need a break from make-up shopping when while rushing to get ready for office in the morning you cannot decide on which blue eye liner pencil to use! Ha! This happened to me today morning and I told myself "No more blue liner buying babe!". LOL! So in order to help myself "decide" on the blue pencil liner pick of the day, I did what anybody would have done (yeah right!).. I did "eenie Meenie Mynie Mo" :P LOL! Finally Faces Long Wear Pencil in Turquoise Blue won and I wore it to office :)  Faces is one of my favorite drugstore brands in addition to Colorbar and NYX and I find that their Long Wear pencils give a very close competition to Colorbar I-Glide Pencils. I guess that says a lot! I am reviewing Faces Long Wear Pencil in Turquoise Blue and let me tell you guys before hand that I totally recommend it :D And there goes the suspense of my review :P Images of the Product Swatch(es) LOTD
Oooohhsss and Aaaahhhs!! 1. Intense pigmentation 2. Gorgeous s…