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REVIEW: Faces Go Chic Lip Gloss - Sheer Coral

Faces Go Chic Lip Gloss Sheer Coral ReviewISLM Writer: Sanchita
Lip Glosses work for my emergency routines when I don’t get time for other than kajal and sunscreen. I simply dab on some lip gloss, which mostly multi-task as a lip balm and lip polish and then I am good to go. I picked up the Faces Go Chic Lip Gloss in Sheer Coral this time for the upcoming summers. Let us see this little beauty in details.

Nail Art #2: Grey & Steel

Second Attempt At Nail Art

Swatches: Faces 5 Eyeshadows Palette

Review of Faces 5 Eyeshadow Palette
Guest Post By: Shabby

I am more of a kajal and lip balm kind of woman and don.t usually indulge in heavy eye makeup especially eye shadows. But I love colors and this palette is all about colors. It is an eye shadow palette from Canadian Makeup Brand Faces.

REVIEW: Faces Long Wear Pencil In Dark Green

No Shimmer... No Glitter...

2013 New Year's Eve Look...

I am still not getting the new year vibe as yet... Maybe cause it's really NOT COLD here in Pune... Or maybe because I had 31st Dec as well as 1st Jan working... Or maybe because I still remember Nirbhaya...
Honestly speaking we had nothing planned for the NYE... We just thought we'll have a bunch of friends over, have some drinks at home and then head out for a nice dinner past midnight... But then some of our friends found this fabulous place just close to where we all stay and so we girls all decked up and headed out :)

Since everything was planned so suddenly, I really didn't get to click a lot of pictures and whatever I did click are on my phone and my phone needs an OS upgrade so do bear with me about the lack of pictures here :P

Here are some pictures...

Makeup Breakdown
1. MAC Rocepaper/Browbone & Inner Corner
2. MAC Humid/Crease
3. Maybelline Gel Liner/Lower waterline
4. Colorbar Precision Waterproof Liner/Upper Lashline
5. MAC Zoom Fast Black Lash Mascara
6. Colorb…

REVIEW & LOTD: Faces Glam On Cream Blush in Sun Kissed

The Winter sun reminds me of sandy beaches and the blue sea, some trance music and lots and lots of Tequilla shots :D Wait... I think I am talking about the Sunburn Fest in Goa, which unfortunately the pati and I could not make it to :/ So anyways... I am making do with this gorgeous cream blush from Faces and it is transporting me to Sandy Beaches and Clear Blue Waters alright ;) Ladies and Gentlemen, please put your hands together for Faces Glam On Cream Blush in Sun Kissed.

It is a cream blush, which I think is a boon for the Winter months... It is a burnt orange kind of a shade with little golden sparkles that look gorgeous without being OTT... In all honesty, the sparkles are not very visible, leaving behind a slight flush and a glow to your face... The shade of the blush looks gorgeous with Red, Pink and even Nude lippies.

What I really like about the blush is that the first layer is almost sheer and in order to bring in some color you can easily build it up with multiple "…

NOTD: Faces Matte Nail Paint in Champagne Shower Matte

I am a matte girl... Lippies and nail polishes... And this is the first matte nail polish I have ever worn and I am bowled over :)

Faces Canada has introduced a line of matte nail polishes that are both gorgeous and tempting :D Though they are priced at INR 230/- each, which I find really steep for a nail polish, I still intend getting a couple of more shades...

This shade that I am wearing here is called Champagne Shower Matte...

What do you prefer? Gloss or Matte?

REVIEW: Faces Go Chic Lipstick in Prairie Pink

The word "Prairie" takes me back to school, to the geography lessons where we studied about Prairie grasslands... Now I wasn't really strong in Geography (Maths was my fav subject #NerdAlert) and so I cannot say that the flashbacks that I get are happy and pleasant but after receiving this lippy from Faces, using it almost everyday to office for the past week, I can say that it has changed the way I feel about the word Prairie and yes in a good way :)

The Prairie Pink shade from Faces is almost somewhere between Pink and Coral and is a beautiful and a flattering shade for girls with lighter skintones. It has a satiny finish that stays on for almost 4 hours and then leaves behind a faint but a flattering stain. It doesn't feel dry at all and even though the weather has gotten really dry lately, I am comfortable wearing it without any lip balm underneath... Yup! That's a big deal for me especially int he winters :)

One thing that I really like about these lippies …

LOTD & Video Tutorial: A Quick Makeup Look

I told you all last week how my Saturdays are generally spent with my guy going to office and me getting ready and seeing him for lunch :) Well this Saturday was no difference and we went to Cafe Linger On for lunch where we actually won a Quiz contest held by them as well ;) So all in all a Saturday well spent! :D

Here's the look I did this Saturday... Nothing too fancy rather a quick one mostly cause I slept in late and well wasn't left with much time to get ready ;) So I did a flat 4 mins look and tell me if you guys like it... Also, as you all know I am lately obsessed with making video tutorials, I have made one for this look too. Its a quick look, makes you look all fresh and girly and hence perfect for a daytime appointment :) Do check out the video as well and "like", "favorite" and do "subscribe" :)

This honestly is a flat 4 minutes look and perfect for times when you are in a serious hurry! :D P.S. I have done a similar look in the past …

Video Tutorial: Spring Make-Up

First off, thank you to all of my readers and new "youtube" subscribers for liking my first video tute and hence encouraging me and making me all confident about doing such video tutorials... And so I am here with another ;)

The look I have done here is a pretty and a girlie Spring Make-Up...
Hope you guys like it. Do check it out on youtube... Comment, Like and Do Subscribe :)

Link to the youtube video...

Hope you like it :)

REVIEW & LOTD: Faces Moisture Rich Lipstick in Fiery Orange

I don't know what bugs me more, brands not giving shade names to their products or brands giving their product "wrong" shade names! Like for example this lippy that Faces has very incorrectly named as "Fiery Orange". You know why? Cause there is nothing "Orange" about it! LOL! So anyways, going ahead with this lippy, I bought it because it looked beautiful :) But after buying it and then (obviously) using it I fell in love with because of its color :) It has a subtle duo-chromatic effect because of the lippy being a bright Coral Red with pink shimmers to it :) It's beautiful :) Though in the Image it does look a bit Orange but it actually isn't :P

My only issue with it that it isn't very long stay. It stays on for only about 4 hours. Yeah yeah you'd say that isn't bad but you know how much I prefer lippies that stay on all 8 hours of office ;) Am I being very demanding here? :P

Image of the Product


Oooohhhsss And Aaaahh…

SWATCHES: Faces Long Wear Pencil in Purple

Faces Long Wear pencils need no introduction, they need no preview and they don't need any reviews. They are a cult favorite among make-up lovers and its fan base seems to be increasing by the day. I got myself another one called Purple and it is the most beautiful Purple eye pencil I have ever used :)

I am not reviewing the pencil cause I have already reviewed these pencils here.

Image of the Product

I don't know why I look so swollen and FAT in the pic above :'(
It costs INR 250/-


Would I Recommend?
Do I need to? :) For those who haven't yet been introduced to these pencils, girl you need to get all the shades in this range :) each and everyone of them are beautiful :)

Overall Rating

HAUL: Faces. Lush and The Body Shop & A Pune Bloggers Meet Proposal

It has almost become a tradition that I go hauling every weekend and flaunt and show you guys my purchases. But another practice that threatens to become a tradition is that every weekend I almost but unfortunately not end up meeting any of the Pune bloggers. I have missed meeting Parul, Parita and even Zara at Phoenix Market City Mall even though we have all be shopping there on the same day at the same time! How unfortunate! So I was thinking and proposing if we could arrange for a PMBB meet? :P I mean Pune Makeup and Beauty Bloggers Meet? What say girls? It'll be fun.. Think about it and let me know through the comments section. Then we can all decide a day and venue according to everyone of our convenience and meet up, shop, gossip and talk makeup :) What say? Of course non-bloggers but beauty blog readers are welcome as well. I think this could turn out to be something awesome! Think about it ladies :)

Coming back to my haul, this time I did not shop at Bharat & Dorris b…

REVIEW & LOTD: Faces Rouge Lipstick in Catherine

With so many of my lipsticks pending review you all know how indecisive I got and had to finally turn to you guys to help me decide, which lippy to review first. And you guys have been so sweet and supportive because of which on popular demand as well as first come first serve basis, I am reviewing Faces Rouge Lipstick in Catherine first :)

I bought this lippy in the Faces Sale last week and I have worn it twice since. Once to office and once for shopping yesterday. It stays on for pretty long, keeps my lips hydrated and makes you feel "like you're wearing nothing at all" :)

Image of the Product


Oooohss and Aaaahhhsss!!
1. A beautiful brown based shade with a hint of Red.
2. Stays on for really long
3. Great pigmentation
4. Glides on very smoothly
5. Hydrating and not at all drying
6. Feels watery like Maybelline Watershine but stays on for about 6 hours!
7. Feels like you are wearing nothing at all ;)
8. Extremely easy on the pockets!

1. Has a weird …

REVIEW & LOTD: Faces Mineral Eye Shine Trio In BeechWood

There are times in one's life when we need to veer from our comfort zones, our traditional choices, our favorites and do something unexpected or try something that you know just isn't you. I am not saying change for others but if you watch Dexter then you'll know when I say that sometimes you need to blend in ;) So what is the unexpected that I recently did? haha well, instead of buying a smokey palette or bright shades, I go out and get myself a neutral eye shadow palette. Yup that is what counts as "unexpected" for me :P I am sure many of your girls know what I mean :) Why did I get it? The reason is as simple as wanting something "appropriate" for office ;)

How do I like it? Well I feel that I am in Neutral Heaven and well I am totally enjoying this new palette of mine :) The shadows are all various shades of brown but are as different as they could be. The dark brown and the highlighter shades are matte while the medium shade is satin. They have so…