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Fab India Tulsi Toner Review!

Fab India Tulsi Toner Review! ISLM Writer: Ishleen Hello my munchkins! How is everyone doing? Going through my stash of skincare in order to compile a post of best skincare products for you lovelies, i stumbled across my favourite toner, and by what i assume you must have guessed which toner am i talking about here! So without much a do, let us straight away dig in to the review!

REVIEW: FabIndia Silk Protein Nourishing Cream

Post By: Manu  Treat Your Skin To Some Silk Proteins...

Reader Request: My Skincare Regime (Dry Skin)

With the advent of Winters in most parts of the country, skin care has become a major cause of interest for everyone of us. Cold weather brings in the problem of dryness especially for beauties with dry skin and I guess this is the perfect time for me to indulge in reader requests regarding my skin care regime. ISLM I have always maintained is a purely make-up and beauty blog but with ISLM readers increasing asking for my skin care regime especially Kanika Justa of and Beena of Beauty And Everything Else , I have finally given in and am doing a post about my daily skin care routine. Now I think is the right time to warn you guys about the fact that this post will ONLY be about Dry Skin care cause well I have very dry skin :) Now whats really funny is that I don't really do anything special and neither do I really follow any kind of a set routine except for EXFOLIATING and MOISTURISING :) So anyways, the products that I use on a daily basis are here