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REVIEW: Shiseido Shimmering Cream Eye Color in GR125 and BE728

REVIEW: Shiseido Shimmering Cream Eye Color in GR125 and BE728
It had been a while since I had actually been blown away by a makeup product. Don't get me wrong, the market is brimming with some really good products that are not only great at what they do but are also very easily available... However, they are all becoming jaded and repetitive... I get the feeling that a brand comes up with something new and almost immediately all brands copy it and come up with similar versions of their own :/
I have been almost bored out of my wits with makeup in the market nowadays...

REVIEW: Coloressence Vibgyor Matte Eye Shadow EM-4

Coloressence Vibgyor Matte Eye Shade EM-4
ISLM Writer: Sanchita
Hello dolls! It has been ages that I wrote for ISLM and God! How I missed it! I have been MIA for a long time due to some reasons but now it time for an eyeshadow review. I have a weakness for matte brown eye shadow and I generally hoard every possible one in the market. MAC is a little bit ‘out-of-my-range’ because I am still a college student and hence I concentrate more on other budget friendly ones. I suddenly saw this matte brown eye shadow from Coloressence I stock and wasted no time in ordering this. Read on to know about my thoughts on the product.

REVIEW: Maybelline The Nudes Eyeshadow Palette

REVIEW: Maybelline The Nudes Eyeshadow Palette
With the Urban Decay Naked palettes and Makeup Revolution chocolate palettes and the like it was high time that some popular drugstore brand too upped their game and got something out in the name of nudes and neutrals. Well, Maybelline did and ladies and gentlemen please give a round of applause to Maybelline The Nudes Palette.

REVIEW: Maybelline Diamond Glow Eye Shadow Quad in Wine Pink

REVIEW: Maybelline Diamond Glow Eye Shadow Quad in Wine Pink
So... I am 7 kilos overweight and I have a wedding to attend in 5 days flat... Any tips to lose weight ladies? Anything? Anything at all? Come on, help a sister out here ok? :)

REVIEW: Coastal Scents Hot Pot in Passion Fruit Pink

Review of Coastal Scents Hot Pot in Passion Fruit Pink - Dupe of Mac Molten Mauve?
Guest Post By: Himani
Hey all beauty geeks!!! Has it ever happened to you that you ignore a certain thing for very long and then, it becomes one of your favorite items ever. Well, this happens to me a lot of times. I have an 'inertia' issue and do not like to make changes voluntarily. I stay happy in my own 'wonderland', till something becomes too big to be ignored. Lip glosses, nude lipsticks and now, coastal scents hot pots are some of the makeup biggies that I could not ignore and finally, succumbed to the whole idea.

REVIEW: Sleek Makeup I-Divine Acid Eyeshadow Palette

Review of Sleek Makeup I-Divine Acid Eyeshadow Palette

Guest Post By: Pranali

Sleek MakeUp’s Palettes are coined as ‘Legendary’ and one of the brightest beauty is Sleek Acid.
Bright almost Neonish shades combined with regular colors, this palette is perfect for Bold Eyemakeup.

REVIEW: Sleek Makeup I-Divine Au Naturel Eyeshadow Palette

Review Of Sleek Makeup I-Divine Au Naturel Eyeshadow Palette Review

Guest Post By: Pranali

Sleek I-divine mineral based palettes are raved much on the blogging platform. There are Brights, Mattes, Vivid and Shimmery colors. Each eyeshadow has its own interesting texture, you will know while I describe each color. Sleek I-divine Au Naturel is a combination of Matte and Shimmery eyeshadows, mostly neutral or nude. There are 8 Matte and 4 Shimmer eyeshadows. The colors are appropriate for Day, Work and for everyday looks.

A Must Have MAC Eyeshadow - MAC Cork

Multitasking Makes MAC Cork A Must Have Eyeshadow For Indian Skintones

If you have been in the beauty blogging business for a little while, chances are that you would have by now received a query from your readers about must have MAC eyeshadows for Indian skintone, at least once. And it is one question that today after 3 years of bblogging, still leaves me sweating cause honestly what I deem as necessary may not really be a must-have for someone else. Best is to leave such queries open to be answered by other readers, so that everyone can put in their 2 cents and the person asking the query gets to have an opinion of many... This I am sure helps her pick out products more easily :)

REVIEW: MAC Eyeshadow Patina

Review of MAC Patina Eyeshadow

You know what I really love about MAC? Their eyeshadows... Of course I adore their lippies too and I simply cannot live without MAC's Paint Pots but MAC eyeshadows in particular hold a special place in my heart... You know why? Cause most of them do not smudge and crease on me... And that's huge! Trust Me :)
Plus of course who can ignore the array of colorful little pans that are kept on display that catch your eye much before anything else does in the store...

It is that display array at the MAC store that tempts me to buy at least a couple of eyeshadows every time I visit the store... However, the one that I had been looking for quite a while had always been out of stock! The eyeshadow in question is MAC Patina... I had been looking for it high and low and it had been out of stock in Pune and all Mumbai stores... So much so that it seemed like a mirage to me and I had surrendered to the fact that I may never get to use the eyeshadow ever!

REVIEW: Kryolan Glamour Sparks in Noble Sparks

Review of Kryolan Glamour Sparks in Noble Sparks

Every once in a while, a girl needs some bling in her life... Some OTT shimmer... Some in-your-face glitter and the works! I am personally not a bling loving person but once in a blue moon I sure crave for some shimmer and I feel the incessant urge to embrace bling... For such days and occasions I got myself Kryolan Glamour Sparks in Noble Spark...

REVIEW: MUA Undress Me Too Palette

Review of MUA Undress Me Too Palette
Guest Post By: Shabby

Well don't know about you guys but since Urban Decay has launched NAKED and NAKED II palette and NARS their famous ORGASM blush I feel the Beauty World has become rather obsessed with these cheeky and catchy names for their products. So when I heard MUA's UNDRESS ME TOO palette was a dupe for the NAKED II from Urban Decay I simply had to get it. Well one more reason was that I was not ready to shell out 40$ for the naked one.

Well read on to know what I feel

REVIEW: MAkeup Academy (MUA) Matte Eyeshadow in Shade 20

Review of MUA Single Matte Eyeshadow in Shade 20
Guest Post By: Rmyah
Its been so long of me fighting lethargy that I’m now sitting down and finally penning down a review. I just need some incentive to  write and what better way than getting a new camera that delivers fabulous pictures….
Oh yayyy did I tell you I got a new camera… :) the pictures are inspiration enough to start writing again. Clicking them and then posting them on a review is what I live for.
I’m starting to ramble so let me get back to the task at hand. Review. Yes.

REVIEW: Maybelline Color Tattoo in Pomegranate Punk

Review of Maybelline Color Tattoo in Pomegranate Punk
Guest Post By: Mrittika
We all are aware of the buzz and hullabaloo that mayblline color tattoo created since its launch. While everyone was buying and showing off their color tattoo, I was a bit skeptical about it. Finally after swatching all the colors, I was confused between Bad to the Bronze and this one. Somehow I felt, this particular color looked better on me.

Featuring (LOTD): MAC Swimming Eyeshadow

Soothing... Cooling... Refreshing...
Temperatures have been soaring like crazy and Pune that rarely sees the harshness of Summers has been cowering in fear of the sweltering sun... Maximum temperatures that are touching 42 degrees don't seem to be backing down and we are all left with improvised ways to battle this heat :( \

My improvisation is of course makeup related :D


PREVIEW: MAC Atlantic Blue And Colorbar Deep Sea

Some Blue Eyeshadow Recommendations..
Ever wondered why we associate gorgeous, sandy beaches and the deep blue seas with Summer, when in reality the ideal time to visit these exotic locations is in Winters? Food for thought huh? Ha ha...

REVIEW: Aaranya Honey Moisturising Shampoo

Review of Aaranya Honey Moisturising Shampoo
Guest Post By: Manu
A good, different, uncommon name is always like a ‘Jingle in your ears’ which definitely draws your attention. And this shampoo’s name perfectly fits for this phrase. Aaranyaa – a Sanskrit word which historically means green and bountiful forest, so be rest assured to get all the natural ingredients in this product. Ah! What a bliss! It brings me back the memories of my childhood vintage – pure black shampoo with Amla, Shikakai and Methi (fenugreek) seeds. Above all, it also claims to be

REVIEW: Maybelline Eye Studio Color Tattoo In Tough As Taupe

Tough As Taupe! Really?

REVIEW: MAC Retrospeck Eyeshadow

Your Ticket To Nymph Like Beauty...

REVIEW: MAC Eye Shadow In Contrast

Strikingly Different!

REVIEW & LOTD: The Body Shop Eye Shadow in Midnight Blue (42)

Addiction they say is bad... It is the root cause of many an evil but what does one do when they tell you that the product that you are addicted is actually good for you, for your skin, for the environment and even kind to animals? LOL... That's a catch 22 situation isn't it? ;) Yup this happens when you are addicted to TBS :P But you know the strange part, even though I had tried like all kinds of body butters and lotions and shower gels they had to offer, I had never tried out anything from their makeup range barring the lip glosses... Strange isn't it? So this time I made a conscious effort and got myself TBS Eye Shadow in Midnight Blue...

Midnight Blue is a greyish, violet-y blue that looks anything but "midnight-y". It is more like the color of an overcast sky that warns you about a thunderstorm. The description might sound a little grave but on the eyes it looks anything but. It is a gorgeous shade that I think would suit all kinds of skintones... From the…