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REVIEW & LOTD: The Body Shop Eye Shadow in Midnight Blue (42)

Addiction they say is bad... It is the root cause of many an evil but what does one do when they tell you that the product that you are addicted is actually good for you, for your skin, for the environment and even kind to animals? LOL... That's a catch 22 situation isn't it? ;) Yup this happens when you are addicted to TBS :P But you know the strange part, even though I had tried like all kinds of body butters and lotions and shower gels they had to offer, I had never tried out anything from their makeup range barring the lip glosses... Strange isn't it? So this time I made a conscious effort and got myself TBS Eye Shadow in Midnight Blue...

Midnight Blue is a greyish, violet-y blue that looks anything but "midnight-y". It is more like the color of an overcast sky that warns you about a thunderstorm. The description might sound a little grave but on the eyes it looks anything but. It is a gorgeous shade that I think would suit all kinds of skintones... From the…

REVIEW & LOTD: MAC Mythology Eye Shadow

You know your trip to the salon has been a successful one when one your mood is on "auto happy", two you are itching to try out new looks with the hairstyle, three the "pati" keeps fingering through your hair :) And well all three are true for me and hence it isn't very difficult for you guys to guess that I got myself a new haircut after 8 months and I am totally loving the new me :)

While I was freshening up after gyming today, I felt like trying out a look with subtle yet defined eyes and as if on auto, my hand went towards my palettes rack and pulled out the MAC palette. On opening it, I realised that I had been ignoring a very MAC Mythology since some time now and then it struck me that I hadn't reviewed it either. So, well today I am reviewing MAC Mythology, which is a pretty shimmery, peach eye shadow and is perfect for day wear :) It has a luster finish and has a tiny bit of fall out associated with it. It isn't too pigmented but si…

FLAUNT: My MAC Eyeshadows :P

Well after hauling at MAC yesterday, I came home and took out my MAC shadows that I had bought a while ago and stashed in a "safe" place :P And when I counted them to be a total of 8, I had to flaunt it! I know I know I have a long way to go but then a girl has to start somewhere right? ;)

So here we go...

It is a part of the Peacocky Collection. It's a gorgeous Metallic Pale green that looks gorgeous even when worn on its own.

Beauty Marked
This was my first purchase from MAC and it's a gorgeous shade for doing smokey eyes. It is essentially a black shadow with a hint of Purple glitter. Fabulous when paired with MAC Cranberry for a smoking Hot Smokey Eye :)

With most Indian beauties preferring MAC Ricepaper for highlighting I had to go and get myself Nylon :P Its a pale white gold kind of a shade, not a perfect choice for a highlighter but gorgeous when used alone all over the lids for that ethereal and a dreamy look :)

A very pretty neutral shade w…