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Featuring Ellis Faas Creamy Eyes E123: Simple Blue Eye Makeup Look

Blue Eye Makeup Featuring Ellis Faas Creamy Eyes E123
With the rupee doing an all time low, shopping online from foreign sites has almost ceased. I see people cribbing, feeling fidgety and still not be able to do anything about the shopping cravings. But Ellis Faas seems to have come to our rescue. They support currencies like USD, Euro, GBP and Indian Rupee for shopping online from their site! Can you believe it?
And if that wasn't enough, Ellis Faas provides free shipping to India as well. Now this is one brand that actually loves us ;)

LOTD: Asian Eyes And Blood Red Lips

Asian Eyes And Blood Red Lips Courtesy of MAC Eyeshadows and Ellis Faas Milky Lips
It is no secret that I am no fan of the monsoons... Ok that's putting it lightly... I extremely abhor the rains and cannot wait for the season to pass over. Imagine, if this is my plight when staying in a city that is to the leeward side of the monsoons, what would I be doing if I was living on the windward side... I even shudder to think of it...

Featuring: Ellis Faas Cosmetics for a Grunge Inspired Black Smokey Eye Look

An Ellis Faas Makeup Look
Makeup is a wonderful thing. It helps you weave magic every time you are looking to do something new. It helps you explore your inner creativity, brings out your inner diva and helps you discover your niche... Makeup truly is magical and without it, I know I would be incomplete...

REVIEW: Ellis Faas Blush In S303 (Soft Bronze) And S304 (Mulled Wine)

Review Of Ellis Faas Blushes S303 And S304
I have never been a blush girl especially during my early blogging days. I always felt that they made me look too "made up". Then gradually I started exploring more and realized that "the made up" look was a result of my incorrect application rather than anything else and needless to say I was smitten for life (I hope!)...

Where ease of application is concerned I have always preferred and enjoyed wearing powder blushes... In short I kinda have more faith in my ability to handle a blush brush rather than

The Week That Was #2: Makeup Wise...

My Makeup Last Week...

REVIEW: Ellis Faas Mascara In Black (E401)

Review Of Ellis Faas Mascara - E401