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REVIEW: Coastal Scents Hot Pot in Passion Fruit Pink

  Review of Coastal Scents Hot Pot in Passion Fruit Pink - Dupe of Mac Molten Mauve? Guest Post By: Himani Hey all beauty geeks!!! Has it ever happened to you that you ignore a certain thing for very long and then, it becomes one of your favorite items ever. Well, this happens to me a lot of times. I have an 'inertia' issue and do not like to make changes voluntarily. I stay happy in my own 'wonderland', till something becomes too big to be ignored. Lip glosses, nude lipsticks and now, coastal scents hot pots are some of the makeup biggies that I could not ignore and finally, succumbed to the whole idea.

INFOGRAPHIC: Pink Eye Makeup Tutorial (EOTD)

  Infographic on Pink Eye Makeup Tutorial Pink eye makeup can be tricky but if done the right way it can prove to something really pretty, feminine and flirty... With this look, I aimed at something non-fussy and yet prettily colorful. Hope you guys like it...

TUTORIAL & EOTD: Sparkly Brown Eyes

  Pictorial Tutorial for Sparkly/Shimmery Neutral Brown Eye Makeup Not every day is a dramatic makeup day and not every night when you go clubbing calls for dark smokey eyes... Sometimes, just sometimes you want to sport some neutral eyeshadows and yet not be left behind off the bandwagon and look glamorous... So for such occasions and situations and moods, I have this super glamorous EOTD tutorial for you guys... I hope you like it :) ♥

Snippets From My Last Night's LOTD

  Grey Smokey Eyes & Pink Lips! Last night after a nice, sumptuous dinner, the pati decided to work... On my laptop :/ Now with my laptop engaged, I had nothing to do but to sit at my vanity and experiment with stuff... Not meaning to do anything serious rather having a particular look in mind that I needed to try out before I did a final version of it for the blog, I got down to business...

Rants And A Random EOTD

  Prospective Tutorial Candidate... I have been in a super organizing mode since the past couple of weeks. The pati calls it the "Monica Mode" (Friends-esque). He says I transform into this scary person who doesn't listen to legit explanations (read excuses) or identify with any reason (read laziness) and just go on cleaning, putting things in their "proper" place, discarding stuff we don't use any more and well basically just not let anyone relax... I don't see any harm in it especially since it surfaces only once in two months... But of course the pati has a different story to tell...

REVIEW & LOTD: The Body Shop Eye Shadow in Midnight Blue (42)

Addiction they say is bad... It is the root cause of many an evil but what does one do when they tell you that the product that you are addicted is actually good for you, for your skin, for the environment and even kind to animals? LOL... That's a catch 22 situation isn't it? ;) Yup this happens when you are addicted to TBS :P But you know the strange part, even though I had tried like all kinds of body butters and lotions and shower gels they had to offer, I had never tried out anything from their makeup range barring the lip glosses... Strange isn't it? So this time I made a conscious effort and got myself TBS Eye Shadow in Midnight Blue ... Midnight Blue is a greyish, violet-y blue that looks anything but "midnight-y". It is more like the color of an overcast sky that warns you about a thunderstorm. The description might sound a little grave but on the eyes it looks anything but. It is a gorgeous shade that I think would suit all kinds of skintones... From t

In The Spotlight: MAC Club Eye Shadow

Welcome to another edition of "In The Spotlight" and today we are featuring MAC Club eye shadow. When you google MAC Club, you come across mixed reviews about this shade and almost negligible reviews from Indian blogs. We Indians are I guess still exploring the possibilities with makeup and tend to walk on the safe path... Especially for products that cost the earth, we like to checkout reviews online extensively and look at swatches after swatches and then finally go with a shade that seems to be the most popular with all beauty bloggers... We all end up with similar shades of eye shadows like Naked Lunch, Mythology, Expensive Pink, Cork, Carbon Black, Folie, Texture, Rice Paper to name a few... Now this doesn't quite work for me... Why, I don't know but it just doesn't... Now am not saying don't read reviews on beauty blogs, rather if I said that then I would be putting my feet on the "kulhari" myself :P But what I want to tell you all is tha

EOTD: Smoked Out Liner Look

This is going to be a really small post with only a handful of pictures... You know how awesome Smokey eyes look don't you... Well I am now trying out the the "smoked eye liner" look nowadays... Once I "master" it, I'll  be doing a full fledged post on it and even a couple of tutorials... But following is just a few shots of my first attempt at it... Lemme know of what you guys think about it...

EOTD: Red Smokey Eyes... Yes! RED! :P

Red lipsticks are all the rage now and with everyone looking for their perfect Red, it is now become a norm to see a lot of Red lipstick reviews and a lot of Red LOTD posts... Yes I am guilty of quite a few too ;) But last night I thought of trying out Red on my eyes... Something drastic you say? Not really, if you know how to tame Red on your eyes, you are then another bit closer to achieve the know-all of makeup ;) Now who wouldn't want to do that ye? *Yup the "ye" part was an Irish imitation... Am watching a lot of Sons of Anarchy these days ;)* Here is the look... Your views are really WELCOME! And I would love you guys to be brutally honest with me :D With Flash I paired it with Pink Blush and Nude Lips :) And this is what I used to create this look... Coastal Scents 88 original palette... Oh btw if you guys actually like the look, then let me know I'll pakka se do a tutorial on it! :)

EOTD & Makeup Break-up: Pink and Taupe

It's been a while I did any EOTDs for the blog... And I promise this time it wasn't laziness ;) The thing is as Winters start setting in and the weather becomes dry, I start getting dry patches over my lids and below my chin :( And though I do use an ointment for it, it does take time for them to heal completely... So last night while washing my face after the gym, when I noticed that the dry patches had started to heal, I for my brushes and my MAC and Inglot palettes out and did an EOTD... It felt so good :) So here it goes... With Flash Without Flash Makeup Breakup 1. MAC Sushi Flower (Light Pink) - Inner 3/4 of the eye 2. Inglot M363 (Taupe) - Outer V 3. Inglot DS51 (Sparkly Orange) - In the crease for blending 4. Maybelline Gel Liner - Lower waterline 5. Colorbar Precision Waterproof Liquid Liner - Upper Lashline (Winged) 6. MAC Zoom Fast Black Lash Mascara Hope you liked the look :) The pictures below are with Instagram Effects...   ♥

REVIEW & LOTD: Maybelline Eye Studio Color Tattoo In Fierce & Tangy

There is no denying the fact that Orange was the color of 2012 and might even spill over to half of 2013... If you didn't know this, then either you have been in a coma (God forbid) or are really really trying your best to clear your IIT entrances ;) Cause Orange has been everywhere... From apparels to accessories to makeup! And when I say makeup, I mean lipsticks, eye shadows, eye liners, lip glosses, blushes and well even concealers ;) And continuing the trend Maybelline, when finally launched its Eye Studio Color Tattoos in India, it continued with the shade of Orange called Fierce and Tangy as is available in other countries. They did decide to drop "Tough As Taupe" :( I had really been looking forward to that shade and well they just didn't introduce it here :( One of my Italina blogger friend Suhrya of Drama&Makeup says that Maybelline launched only 4 shades in Italy! That really makes me feel better now ;) LOL... So anyways, going ahead with the review,

REVIEW: Colorbar (Precision) Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner

We beauty bloggers are known (and sometimes expected) to keep trying out new products that keep getting launched in the market, but like everyone else we also have a selected few products that are our favorites and we keep going back to them :) Isn't it? Well for me Colorbar Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner in Black is one of them. I am on my fourth "bottle" and well I am yet to come across an eye liner that competes with it terms of price, pigmentation, staying power and waterproof-ness. This eye liner has a decent pigmentation and though it may not be the "jettest" of black but it sure is black enough for me. The feature that makes it a champion for me is that it is really waterproof without even flaking... Another super awesome feature of this eye liner is that it stays out on my lids without rubbing/transferring even though my lids are super oily. Lakme intense artist transfers and even duraline mixed eye shadows don't hold up on my oily lids. But this Col

Entry1 (Cotton Candy Eyes) For VanityNoApologies' Makeup Contest

Heylo people :) Here's me participating in an eye makeup contest organized by L'Oreal and VanityNoApologies :) The link for the contest is here I have done a sparkly pastel eye makeup that is fun and fancy at the same time :) It reminds me of cotton candies :) I have used pastel pink, green and blue eye shadows to give it a cool yet ethereal feel to the whole look :) Quoting Anshita: " Come up with an eye look that involves bright and colourful shades. Make sure the look is wearable so all the people here get some nice ideas to try out next time. " This look is wearable and I myself wore it yesterday! So here's the look :) The products that I have used are as follows: 1. Eye shadows from Sleek iDivine "Original" palette. 2. Maybelline Gel Liner in my waterline. 3. Sleek Black eye shadow as a liquid liner using Inglot Duraline on my upper lashline. 4. MAC Zoom Fast Lash Mascara 5. MAC Ricepaper as highlighter. 6. MAC Pai

GUEST POST: Valentine's Day Look and Tutorial

Guest Post by Bidisha You all know that I have a giveaway underway on ISimplyLoveMakeUp where I will have two winners. One winner wins a GlossyBox and another winner will win three of my favorite lipsticks :) If you haven't entered it yet then worry not beauties you can still enter it here . As a part of one of the rules, Bidisha from has very sweetly done a guest post about a Valentine's Day look and a tutorial :) I wont introduce her to you all just yet, for that you'll have to be a little more patient and wait for a couple of more days ;) So over to her for now... Hello everyone... This is Bidisha here I am so excited today to write a post for my adorable friend suma <3 So today i thought of doing an easy eyemakeup tutorial for you all This particular eyemakeup can be done during day and is also suitable for evening ! In this tutorial I used sponge applicator instead of brushes. So lets get starte

EOTD: Yellow and Pink

Hello ladies... I finally did a look using my brand new Coastal Scents 88 Eye Shadow Palette... Yay Yay Yay! :D Also do note that I could finally use yellow on my eyes. Honestly? I have been itching to do a yellow EOTD since a long time now but whenever I would I would go to purchase a yellow eye shadow, I would get side tracked and end up buying something in either Pink or Purple :P LOL... So finally when I got my Coastal Scents palette I knew that the first look I wanted to do using it would be something with yellow! EOTD A Side View The Products that I used  Hope you guys like it...