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Basics of Eye Makeup: Winged Eye Liner, Types And Tutorial

  How To Master The Winged Liner Look Winged liners have got to be one of the most successful resurgent trends in makeup history and not without merit. It has the ability to glam up your look like nobody's business... Hence, ladies if you haven't yet joined the "revolution", leave everything you are doing right now and jump onto the bandwagon... I hope this Winged Liner Tutorial comes to aid :)

EOTD: Soft Smokey Eyes... Double Winged Liners... Et Al

Till maybe yesterday 8:00 pm, I was on a winged liner roll.. I thought nothing could look cooler than the little flick that I did at the end of my liner... But God had some other plans for me ;) While doing an EOTD for the blog, I messed up my liner while winging it and voila I discovered that I had the ability to do a double winged and it looked good on me :D Yay! So ladies... Here goes... Excuse The Oily Face :P With Instagram Effects (I am so Addicted!)   MakeUp Breakup 1. MAC RicePaper - All over the lid, inner corners as well as a bit on the under eye area. 2. Inglot Matte 378 - Outer V and Crease 3. Maybelline Gel Liner - Lower Waterline 4. Colorbar Precision Waterproof Liquid Liner - Upper Lashline 5. MAC Zoom Black Lash Mascara So how do you like the look? Do you like the double winged liner trend? P.S. I am planning on selling a couple of my MAC stuff as some of the shades do not suit me :( Would you be interested in me keeping a sale?