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2013 Flashback: Top 11 Beauty Products

Top 11 Products of 2013
With 2013 just wrapped up, I guessed it to be the perfect time to retrospect and thank the past year for making me come across some fabulously awesome beauty products. But instead of listing out a plethora of products and confusing everyone with a jumble, I decided to match all the drama that 2013 brought us and make the whole thing a little melodramatic by having a little ISLM countdown for the top 11 products of 2013 :)

CULT STATUS: Repurchases From The Body Shop

My Repurchases: The Body Shop Vitamin E Night Cream & Intense Moisture Cream
So... I get these pangs to meet my sister on and off... You know how it is with sisters right :) So this time on I planned a weekend trip to Bangalore to spend some quality time with my baby sister and just relax... But God had other plans and we spent the weekend doing all sorts of things...

From an overnight camping trip at the foot of Savanadurga to climbing it (it is one of the largest monolithic hills in Asia), from spending the night in tents to getting lost in the interiors of Karnataka in torrential rain, from eating voraciously to shopping like a maniac and finally ending up missing my flight back home even while arriving at the airport 1 hour before departure, the weekend at Bangalore was FABULOUS! Plus the weather! Wow the weather... You Bangaloreans reading this post are one lucky lot! :D

Cult Status: My Recent Repurchases from The Body Shop And Olay

Recent Repurchases From The Body Shop And Olay
A few weekends ago, while I was in Bombay and meeting up with the girls (Anks, Neha & Raunak), amidst all the food, gossip and parking woes, we did talk some serious talk as well... One of such talks included Neha suggesting that I should do intermittent posts on Products I Repurchase... I loved the idea! I mean what better way to follow up a raving review than with a post that corroborates the fact that I indeed loved a product and recommend it wholeheartedly. And yes ladies, if I am repurchasing something then on ISLM we award it the Cult Status :D