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LOTD & Video Tutorial: A Quick Makeup Look

I told you all last week how my Saturdays are generally spent with my guy going to office and me getting ready and seeing him for lunch :) Well this Saturday was no difference and we went to Cafe Linger On for lunch where we actually won a Quiz contest held by them as well ;) So all in all a Saturday well spent! :D

Here's the look I did this Saturday... Nothing too fancy rather a quick one mostly cause I slept in late and well wasn't left with much time to get ready ;) So I did a flat 4 mins look and tell me if you guys like it... Also, as you all know I am lately obsessed with making video tutorials, I have made one for this look too. Its a quick look, makes you look all fresh and girly and hence perfect for a daytime appointment :) Do check out the video as well and "like", "favorite" and do "subscribe" :)

This honestly is a flat 4 minutes look and perfect for times when you are in a serious hurry! :D P.S. I have done a similar look in the past …

REVIEW & LOTD: COlorbar Velvet Matte Lipstick on Over The Top 1

You all know my obsession with Colorbar Velvet Matte Lipsticks and the way I just keep buying them. One very major reason for my love for these lippies is that they are really long staying and hence wearing them to office leaves me free from the hassle of touching them up in the middle of the day! You know what I mean don't you :) Nothing personal but I have always been the one to scoff at girls who crowd the washrooms to touch up make-up or even change their make-up :P I know I know many of you do it... Nothing wrong with that ;) The problem lies with me not you :P LOL! 
So anyways this "Over The Top" shade isn't really over the top if you know what I mean, rather it is a nice soothing "corally-pink" shade that looks beautiful and feminine! Nothing vampish about it! :D
Here are the comparison swatches, lip swatch and an LOTD with it :)

So do you think it's your color? :)

NOTD: All That Glitters Must Be Gold! Colorbar Nail Lacquer...

I started out with browns, the graduated to pinks, dared to Red, then experimented with neons and now finally I tried Gold! Yup I am talking 'bout my nail polish shades :)

Here's the shade I am sporting today :) Doesn't it look gorgeous?

The shade is number 57 from Colorbar Exclusive Nail Lacquer range.

Isn't is a nice pale golden, perfect for everyday wear? :)

Review & LOTD: Colorbar I-Glide Pencil in Blackout

This is going to be a short and sweet post about the blackest of all blacks in eye liner pencils. Colorbar I-Glide pencil in "Blackout" is a jet black liner that does not smudge, does not crease and does not transfer! It's simply perfect for times when you have to put in long hours but do not get the opportunity to touch up your make-up time and again. This is one reason why I find this best for office! :)

I use it as an eye liner on my upper lashline as well as a kajal on my lower waterline. 

I will not list down its pros and cons cause they are same as it is for all I-Glide pencils. You can read my detailed review here


It costsINR 325/-

Definitely! As these pencils are really soft they need to be sharpened frequently and will get over pretty soon... So yup I will buy it again! :)

Would I recommend it?
Oh you bet!

Overall Rating

REVIEW PREVIEW/HAUL: MAC, Colorbar and Lakme Absolute

Like I promised you guys loads of reviews, I am done with my Mumbai shopping and here is a preview of upcoming reviews...
1. MAC Matte Lipstick in Chili
2. MAC Satin Eye Shadow in Club
3. MAC Eye Shadow in Mythology
4. Illamasqua Powder Blush in Morale
5. Colorbar I-Glide Pencil in Blackout
6. Colorbar Eye Shadow in Black Tie
7. Lakme Color Crush Nail Polish in 02

8. Lakme True Wear Nail Color in Vanilla

 Hope you like my haul ;) Let me know what would you like me to review first :)

REVIEW & LOTD: Colorbar Velvet Matte Lipstick in Creme Cup 1

Of course you all know that Colorbar Velvet Matte lipsticks are my favorite... I got myself this new shade called "Creme Cup 1". Its a fabulous shade... The swatches are here for you to decide...

This lippy doesn't really require a review as I have already reviewed a number of Colorbar Velvet Matte lipsticks namely, Hot Hot Hot, Addictive Magenta and Smokey Rose. And swatches for others such as Brick-O-La and Bare are available here...

What do you guys think of this shade? :)

Fwd: NOTD: Colorbar Quick Finish Nail Lacquer in Midnight Glam

This is what I am sporting on my nails since yesterday. It is Colorbar's Quick Finish Nail Lacquer in Midnight Glam that I purchased as a part of my Tuesday's Haul :)
Let me know how you guys like it :)

HAUL: Lakme Absolute and Colorbar

With the launch of Lakme Absolute range of cosmetics, the Indian Beauty Blogosphere has been buzzing with the latest in the range and reviews of products from this range have started trickling in... Well I am not gonna be left behind for sure and I am doing my bit to keep the beauty blog readers informed of all the rights and wrongs from this range... Yup! I am so noble! :P

So anyways, I went to Central today and got myself a couple of stuff from Lakme Absolute and also from Colorbar, which is still going strong as my favorite affordable brand of cosmetics :) Now ladies and gentlemen, lets please indulge in some eye-candy ;)
Lakme with the purchase of products more than Rs.1000/- is giving this pretty jewelry box :)

A little about the products now though full reviews are gonna follow one by one. The eye shadows as you can see are baked. Lakme Absolute has introduced baked blushes as well but they seemed too glittery for my liking but you never know I might just pick one of them up :)…

REVIEW & LIP SWATCH: Colorbar Lip Pot in Coral Crush

Since the time I got to know about the launch of Colorbar's Lip Pots, I have been covetting them and well unfortunately they are just not available in Pune. Therefore I asked my co-sister who was to be visiting us for a while to get me a lip pot in Coral Crush from Delhi. The moment I lay my eyes on it I haven't really been as ecstatic as I had hoped to me. Well I shouldn't really be unfair to the product (or to my co-sister for that matter), but Colorbar's Lip Pot don't impress me much (a-la Shania Twain, if you didn't really get it!) and well i don't think I'll be getting myself another shade in it. No doubt the packaging is really cute (I am a sucker for lil dibbis) and the product swatches wonderfully on my had and the quality is good but that is exactly where the fell-good factor ends.. Am I being too choosy? Well you guys be the judge then :) First off the "dibbi" is really tiny! You get a mere 6gms of product for INR 495/-.…

REVIEW & LOTD: Colorbar Velvet Matte Lipstick in Smoky Rose

I have always been told and well I have also always read everywhere that matte lipsticks are not for thin lips and I have always followed this rule until maybe recently. Why have I stopped following this rule? No! Not because my lips have become plump, they are still petite (yes i prefer petite to thin ;)), but because I discovered the wonderful world of Colorbar Velvet Matte Lipsticks and also a fool proof way to apply matte lippies on thin lips :) So much so that now Colorbar Velvet Matte is my favorite range of lipsticks. Well yes I am yet to try out MAC Matte lippies and so of course my fav can change anytime ;) Another reason why I have started preferring matte lipsticks is because they are long stay lippies and the Colorbar ones really stay for very long on my lips :) They easily stay from 10 to 10 with two meals, two apples and numerous cups of coffee in between. They do start fading out but a stain or tint is still visible at the end of the day :) My newest purc…