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The Week That Was #2: Makeup Wise...

My Makeup Last Week...

REVIEW: Colorbar (Precision) Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner

We beauty bloggers are known (and sometimes expected) to keep trying out new products that keep getting launched in the market, but like everyone else we also have a selected few products that are our favorites and we keep going back to them :) Isn't it? Well for me Colorbar Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner in Black is one of them. I am on my fourth "bottle" and well I am yet to come across an eye liner that competes with it terms of price, pigmentation, staying power and waterproof-ness.

This eye liner has a decent pigmentation and though it may not be the "jettest" of black but it sure is black enough for me. The feature that makes it a champion for me is that it is really waterproof without even flaking... Another super awesome feature of this eye liner is that it stays out on my lids without rubbing/transferring even though my lids are super oily. Lakme intense artist transfers and even duraline mixed eye shadows don't hold up on my oily lids. But this Colo…

My Colorbar Haul

Yay!!! I went shopping again :) This time I found myself a Colorbar counter at Pune Central and raided it. Actually, I went to get myself an I-Glide pencil but ended up buying products that I didnt really need but bought them still so that I could get myself a free trousseau bag :) Why did I want the bag? Well for the simple reason that it was in PINK :)

My Haul looks something like this:

Ok, let me list out the products now:
1. Colorbar Nail Lacquer "Exclusive"
2. Colorbar Velvet Matte Lipstick "Addictive Magenta"
3. Colorbar Precision Waterproof liquid Eyeliner
4. Colorbar High Definition Kohl Eyeliner

The PINK trousseau bag that I got free with it is as in the image :)