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REVIEW: Colorbar Perfect Match Beauty Balm (BB Cream)

REVIEW: Colorbar Perfect Match Beauty Balm (BB Cream) I like being tanned. The fact that all kinds of makeup look fabulous on tanned skin is a reason, yes... But the fact that it validates my outdoorsy activities gives me kind of satisfaction that is second to none. I play an hour of Lawn Tennis every morning and hence the tanning is a given especially in these Summer months...

REVIEW: Colorbar Radiant Glow (Eclat Lumiere) Highlighter

    REVIEW: Colorbar Radiant Glow (Eclat Lumiere) Highlighter Hey Ey Ey Hey Ey Ey... Girl gone wild... A Good Girl Gone Wild!!! As Madonna swoones about going wild to the beats of Avicii, I sit here typing out this post at a speed that would put bullet trains to shame... Why? Because the pati is waiting for me to finally come to dinner so that we can together gorge into our subs and watch the Lone Survivor ...

Colorbar Contest To Celebrate Their Newly Launched Fragrances

  Colorbar Giveaway!   You all of course know by now that Colorbar has ventured into the fragrance industry and has now two fragrances under its wing... Well in order to celebrate their launch and to share their success with us, they are sponsoring a giveaway for all you Colorbar fans and I promise the products are just fabulous!

REVIEW: Colorbar Take Me As I Am in Mysterious Nude

  Review of Colorbar Take Me As I Am in Mysterious Nude Search for some things never end... Like for the perfect foundation, the most flattering nude lipstick, the brightest pink nail polish and the spot-on eyebrow pencil... I had always harped on MAC Taupe being my most favorite nude lipstick but then I met Colorbar True Gloss in Natural Tan. It became my most used nude gloss/lippy and now ladies and gentlemen, frivolous that I am with my loyalty, I have now found another gorgeous MLBB lip shade that I keep reaching out to when getting ready for work...

Featuring: Colorbar Deep Sea Eyeshadow in a Biker Chic Look

Colorbar Deep Sea Eyeshadow I am loving Blue this season... Blue on the eyes especially... There is something so calming as well as edgy about blue eyeshadows... On their own or paired with black or some other color for that matter, blue eyeshadows are a trend to embrace this season!

PREVIEW: Orange Galore!

Orange Lip Products From Colorbar Nothing says Summers like the color Orange... Freshly squeezed Orange Juices, a refreshing swig of Screwdriver and a bright Orange lippy is what I associate summers with... So when I received these Orange hued goodies in my mail yesterday, I knew I was going to have an extremely awesome Summer this year :D

Featuring (LOTD): Colorbar Eyeshadow in Copper Crush

Makeup Featuring Colorbar Copper Crush Eyeshadow You know the feeling when you are digging, delving and searching for an eye shadow in an array of displayed eyeshadows and then you find one... It's like hitting a Gold Mine! Well in my case it was more of a Copper mine and I brought the baby home... Ladies please behold Colorbar Eyeshadow in Copper Crush .

Swatch Fest: Colorbar Matte Touch Lipsticks

  Swatches of Colorbar Matte Touch Lipsticks Our beloved Colorbar Velvet Matte Lipsticks have some beautiful albeit expensive new cousins, the Colorbar Matte Touch Lipsticks ... Similar in finish, they have a richer pigmentation and a creamier finish than their older cousins...

REVIEW: Colorbar Definer Lip Liner In Just Coral

Review Of Colorbar Definer Lip Liner In Just Coral I like to think of myself as a low maintenance girl. Of course, the amount of truth behind that statement can only be validated by the pati. When I say low maintenance, I of course do not mean that I need no taking care of and the stuff that comes with it, what I mean is that I prefer makeup and products that need no touching up throughout the day ;) I just cannot be the one seen in office and mall washrooms doing my makeup, combing my hair or spraying perfumes... Not that I have anything against who do that, it's just that I prefer to be discreet or rather really inconspicuous when I am "touching up"... When I talk about No Touch-Up Beauty Products , the first thing that comes to mind is a matte lippy,

Swatch Fest: Colorbar Definer lip Liner Swacthes...

Swatches Of Colorbar Definer Lip Liner Pencils By now, almost the whole blog-o-sphere is buzzing with the news of Colorbar's newly launched Lip Liners. Called Definer Lip Liners they come in an array of delightful shades.

Colorbar Bloggers Meet: New Marketing Strategies, Branding & Some New Range Of Products

Colorbar Mumbai Bloggers Meet...

REVIEW: Colorbar I-Glide Pencil In Jaded

Review Of Colorbar I-Glide Pencil In Jaded

REVIEW: Colorbar Velvet Matte Lipstick In Thrilling Pink

Review Of Colorbar Velvet Matte Lipstick In Thrilling Pink

REVIEW: Colorbar Velvet Matte Lipstick In Pretty Please

Please... Pretty Please...

TUTORIAL: Purple Smoked Out Eyes With MAC Trax

Tutorial Featuring MAC Trax

REVIEW: Colorbar Ultimate Makeup Remover

Makeup Removers According To Skin Type!

Colors Of The Rainbow... Or Close...

Like Pink Wasn't Enough!

HAUL! MAC... Accessorize... Colorbar...


REVIEW: Radiant Pink from Colorbar True Gloss

Who lovesCandyFloss? I know I do... I do cause I have an enormous sweet tooth and I love them also cause it brings back childhood memories :) It takes me back to the time when we were on a cable car to Mussoori, then it takes me to the time when we were sitting in the gardens of the Sun Temple picnic-ing in Gwalior then it takes me to the times when we used candyfloss as a prop in one of our college fashion shows... Candyfloss holds a special place in my heart and somehow my latest purchase from Colorbar takes me to this candyfloss induced nostalgia :)   There is something about the Colorbar True Gloss range that just tempts me so much that I have to go and buy newer shades :P Last time I reviewed the much celebrated and much raved about shade called Vintage Rose and today I talk about a lesser known shade called Radiant Pink . If Vintage Rose was a bright fuschia based shade then Radiant Pink is its Neon cousin who is beautiful on its own but still clamors for more attention..

2013 New Year's Eve Look...

I am still not getting the new year vibe as yet... Maybe cause it's really NOT COLD here in Pune... Or maybe because I had 31st Dec as well as 1st Jan working... Or maybe because I still remember Nirbhaya... Honestly speaking we had nothing planned for the NYE... We just thought we'll have a bunch of friends over, have some drinks at home and then head out for a nice dinner past midnight... But then some of our friends found this fabulous place just close to where we all stay and so we girls all decked up and headed out :) Since everything was planned so suddenly, I really didn't get to click a lot of pictures and whatever I did click are on my phone and my phone needs an OS upgrade so do bear with me about the lack of pictures here :P Here are some pictures... Makeup Breakdown 1. MAC Rocepaper/ Browbone & Inner Corner 2. MAC Humid/ Crease 3. Maybelline Gel Liner/ Lower waterline 4. Colorbar Precision Waterproof Liner/ Upper Lashline 5. MAC Zoom Fast