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CONTEST: What Do You Hate About Yourself & What Do You Love? #SecretsRevealed

Contest: Share Your Secrets & Innermost Fears #SecretsRevealed
There are times when we hate ourselves, hate every little thing about ourselves and wish we looked, behaved and sometimes even been some one else... And then there are times when we love ourselves to bits... Love the way we look, love the way we smile and even love the faint smile lines we get...

Coffee Breaks With ISLM: Are You A Muscular Woman?

Are You a Muscular Woman?
Guest Post By: Priyanka 
I am sure many of you have heard the constant refrain of certain elders along the lines of “Stop lifting weights! Do you want to be muscular like a man?” or maybe a “You will cause your reproductive system serious harm if you lift dumbbells!”
The worst part? This archaic thought process is not limited to uneducated woman. The latter was by a very intellectual 60 year old female who is a former International Law professor in a world renowned university.

Coffee Breaks With ISLM: Accept Yourself, Love The Way You Are

Don't Try To Be Someone You Are Not!
Every time I hear statements like these, read them on book covers and come across people preaching these sentiments, I want to puke. I find them to be utter nonsense and do not support these notions... Of course I know this could whip up a storm and a HUGE controversy, but then just hear me out before you decide to write something scathing in the comments section below...

Coffee Breaks With ISLM: I Knew You Were Trouble

Coffee Breaks With ISLM: I Knew You Were Trouble

Guest Post By: Sabista

So, shame on us! Let’s take a break from makeup, clothes, shoes, bags etc. and let’s talk about the fifth most important thing in a girl’s life; boys! So yeah, boys are important, but they don’t really top our list of must haves (sorry to disappoint you darlings, but we girls have more important things like the perfect pair of boots or the sexiest looking LBD to think of!). This is going to get all gritty and nasty therefore, I suggest you keep your self-esteem aside while reading this because I will be ripping every girl’s self-esteem to shreds (including mine) with this blog.

Coffee Breaks With ISLM: Miss Moving On!

Call Me... Miss Moving On!

Guest Post By: Sabista

There are times when being ruined can leave you devastated and miserable. When all you want to do in life is crawl into your bed and let darkness take over.  You spend your days walking aimlessly around the streets with lifeless eyes and a fake smile, which will later haunt you when you stare blankly into the mirror, trying to practice fake social acknowledgements so that the world and society still consider you sane enough to not be sent away. What we fail to recognise is that sometimes being ruined can give way to build something beautiful in place of the rubble and debris left behind. We forget that until and unless an old building isn’t demolished and torn down to pieces; a stronger foundation cannot replace the outdated architecture that stood there before. 

Coffee Breaks With ISLM: I Am Cheating On My Boyfriend With...

Coffee Breaks With ISLM: I Have Lipsticks; I Don't Need A Boyfriend...

Guest Post By: Sabista

OK! So the title is a tiny bit misleading because I don’t have a boyfriend, which means technically I am not cheating, but let’s keep the discussion of my pathetic singlehood for later. Let’s cut to the chase and get straight to the point. If I had a boyfriend, I would be cheating on him, with my obsession for lip products! Oh, don’t act so innocent! I know you’re doing the same. I know you feel an adrenaline rush too, when you apply a swatch of color on your wrist from a tester for that new, sensational shade that has just been launched in the market. I know your heart starts beating like a hummingbird, the moment you imagine that swatch of color on your lips. I know your makeup bag is bulging with cylindrical tubes of color in every shape, size and shade possibly known to mankind.

So, it’s a known fact amongst women, that you can never own too many lipsticks at once; but is that really …

Coffee Breaks With ISLM: Should I? Should I Not?

Makeup Then... Makeup Now...

Guest Post By: Sabista

The first twenty years of my life I was a stranger to make up. My initial days, I spent as the fat girl at school and the rest I spent as the awkward and tall girl who shared a wardrobe with hippies. Even though I was teased and bullied in life about my weight issues, one thing that was always constant throughout the years was flawless skin! Unfortunate enough for me, I started working late nights; and don’t let your imagination run wild! By late nights, I mean I started working the BPO circuit. The shifts and dietary switches took some major adaptation but amongst all this chaos, my skin took quite a beating. I developed dark circles under my eyes, and sudden break outs on the face weren’t so sudden anymore. In short, my face turned from a majestic plum to a malnutritioned prune within a year of starting work. I used to think that I had no way out, because I used to hate make up!

Coffee Breaks With ISLM: Should Women Be Obligated To Wax/Shave?

Women And The History of Hair Removal
Guest Post By: Catherine
Do you think women have an obligation to keep their legs shaved?" It's one of the more controversial questions posed by popular dating website OK Cupid, which determines potential mates based on compatible answers.

One dating blogger identifies the catch-22 of this particular question: like many men, he prefers the look and feel of a clean-shaven leg - but he finds the implications of a depilatory "obligation" unsettling. For men and women alike, the problems of female body hair and its removal are implicitly intertwined with gender equality. As Guardian columnist Hadley Freeman discusses, many women are uncomfortable baring body hair, but they too are equally unwilling to condemn it.

Coffee Breaks With ISLM: I Find Dove Ads Disturbing...

Why I Am Not A Huge Fan of Dove Ads

I know this post of mine might just whip up a storm but I truly mean what I wrote in the title.

Dove ads are disturbing...

Keeping my fear of creating controversies aside (I just hate confrontations and heartburn), let me delve deeper into my feelings and elucidate on what I am trying to say here...

Shopping When Down In The Dumps... I Stopped! How and Why?

Finding Alternate Means of Lifting One's Spirits and Shopping Isn't One of Them!  My Story...
I make it a point to never go shopping when I am feeling low.

Yeah I know!

It totally defies the logic we women live by but this is a conscious decision I took about 4 years back with a lot of deliberation. Like all such history making and logic defying decisions, this too has a story behind it and to truly understand the workings of my mind, you will need to go back a few years (or fast forward your life in some cases) and come to a point in time where you received your first pay check/salary.

Coffee Breaks With ISLM: Is Blogging Dictating My Social Networking Habits?

Coffee Break With ISLM: Blogging & Social Networking Platforms
Facebook and Twitter are wonderful platforms. The moment I open my eyes in the morning, instead of kissing the pati a good morning, I roll over to my phone and check the latest updates that I have received and people have shared with me on the aforementioned social networking platforms. It gives me a gist of who is wearing what today, who wore what yesterday (guilty!), whose blogger is giving them trouble, who is switching to an alternate blogging platform, who is a Forest Essentials fan, who is a TBS addict (guilty again!), who got themselves new lippies, who is traveling where (ummmm yeah that's me again!) and well who attended which event...

Coffee Breaks With ISLM: That Little Thing In Everyone Of Us... Faith!

Everyone Has Traces Of It...
Disclaimer: This is not a beauty related post!

While on my way to office today morning, I took a rash "free" left turn and almost crashed into a policeman who was calmly riding his bike... The moment I ""cut" him off I knew I was in trouble and was looking into my rear-view mirror trying to gauge his expression... And what I saw left me amazed...

Coffee Breaks With ISLM: Reader Criticism... Boon or Bane?

My Take on Criticism... 
Nothing makes me feel like I am on the top of the world when I wake up in the morning and read a raving comment by one of ISLM's readers... It totally makes my day and I know for a fact that it would lead to a "good" day :) We all revel when complimented and if they are genuine and truly heartfelt, it feels all the more elating and somehow makes a warm shooting feeling surge through you... Doesn't it? :)

But what do you do when someone criticizes you?

Coffee Breaks With ISLM: When Will I Learn?

Guest Post By: Soumanti
Has this ever happened with you... You go to a beauty shop and the sales girl goes all ga-ga over you. She praises your healthy, well manicured nails and manipulates you into buying another bottle of nailpolish? Has she ever manipulated you into buying a fairness crème which when applied at home makes you look like a desperate ghost trying to be more chalk-whitey? Did the evil ever manipulate you to buy the wrong shade of foundation?

If the answer is yes, then fret not cause you are not alone! You are just like one of us, like lots of other women who cannot differentiate between a fake comment and a sincere one.

Coffee Breaks With ISLM: Friends And Makeup Do Not Mix... Or Do They?

Sharing... With A Clause...

Coffee Breaks With ISLM: Should Bloggers Reply To All Comments?

I am going to be honest today... Brutally honest...

When I had just started following beauty blogs and wasn't even a beauty blogger myself, I would leave comments on posts that really touched me in ways more than one. Some of my comments would be replied to and some would be ignored. The blogs that ignored my comments were mentally blacklisted and I wouldn't go back to them for a week or so. But there were blogs where my comments were immediately replied to and I would feel like I belonged to the blog :) I don't know how many of you feel like this but this phenomenon left a huge mark on the principles I have as a blogger today.

Coffee Breaks With ISLM: Waiting For An Indian Carrie Bradshaw Are We?

Guest Post By: Soumanti
High heels surely does help a woman look tall, smart and sharp. High heels can be labeled as a woman’s if not best, then a close best friend... It adds height, panache and a great posture. Heels work oh so well with minis and tunics, sarees,salwar suits, formal wear or just plain old jeans and tees. High heels are friends with more or less every attire. It can instantly add the “oomph” in your sweatshirt paired with mom jeans. Women like me,

Coffee Breaks With ISLM: Heartbreak!

Post By: Anks There is one part of us that we love more than the others. Right? For some its their eyes. For some its their smile. For some its their flawless skin. For me it was my hair. Always my hair. I had healthy straight hair that have experimented with often. But my experiments were all abt the cut. When I was in class 9, my hair covered my hips (and what a blessing that was) and went on for another 4 inches. Maintenance was

Coffee Breaks With ISLM: This New Community Of Beauty Bloggers..

The Beauty Blogging Community...
Post By: Samyukta
Beauty Bloggers have been in existence since a while now, especially abroad where this was always a much recognized hobby and a profession as well. Comparatively, in India, it is still in its nascent stage but is accelerating to be a much acknowledged "activity", which is gaining popularity with bloggers, the brands they write about, their PR agencies and well the population in general. When I started out about a few years ago, there were only a handful of beauty bloggers in India but today 3 years down the line we have a plethora of them, each replete with their own unique characteristics... And thus today, we have a community... This community that I talk about is not only of Beauty Bloggers but of Beauty Blog readers, Guest Bloggers and blog followers as well. Isn't this something really special? >>

Coffee Breaks With ISLM: Obsession With Red & Pink Lipsticks In India

What's Your Poison? Red Or Pink?