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REVIEW & SWATCHES: Colorbar I-Glide Pencils

I have been really lazy lately, so much so that I have been shelving writing a post about Colorbar's I-glide pencils, can you even imagine that? I-Glide pencils are like these highly respected pencils in the beauty blogosphere, so much so that no Indian beauty blog is complete without at least one post on these pencils, be it a review or even a swatch post. And I had the audacity to actually completely ignore posting about these pencils!!! LOL! But yesterday when my co-sister got me two more of these I-Glide pencils, I knew it was high time I wrote a post about these miracles. Now if you have been regular on beauty blogs especially the Indian sites, you will have already known that Colorbar has come out with four new shades in these pencils and well don't we beauties just love options? The more the better isn't it? :) So anyways, the I-Glide pencils that I now own are: 1. Silver Hue 001 2. Prunella 005 3. Flirty Turquoise 007 (new) 4. Coal Mine 009 (new) There isn…