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Traditional Engagement Makeup

Tips & Tricks: Indian Bridal Engagement Makeup

I did my own engagement and wedding makeup and even though I am pretty proud of the feat there are no doubt a few things that I would like to change in both of my makeup if I had a chance... And one that tops the list is making my eyes more dramatic and beautiful.

I have small eyes and even though I don't care much and very consistently line my eyes (both waterline and tightline) with a black kohl, I still feel I could have done something more elaborate with my eyes at least on my engagement evening... And to illustrate what I mean is why I am
writing this post...

Bridal Makeup: Pink Daytime Wedding

Pink Bridal Makeup for A Daytime Wedding
Daytime weddings are very close to my heart. Even though I couldn't have one but somehow I find weddings during the day very very special and well very convenient...My today's Bridal Makeup is about this pretty Pink look that is simple and yet eye catching... I have achieved this look using Maybelline's Instaglam Wedding Edition Box (featured HERE).

Presenting The Maybelline Instaglam Box - Wedding Edition

Introducing The Maybelline Wedding Instaglam Box
It is the Wedding season again and soon-to-be brides and very soon-to-be brides have a good news coming there way :) Maybelline has just launched the Wedding Edition of it Instaglam Box that covers the basic makeup needs for every new bride...

Bridal Beauty: Tips & Tricks For Your Engagement/Sagan Makeup

Engagement Makeup

Marrying into a North Indian family is like getting a crash course on Bollywood weddings and demystifying the various functions and celebrations that are always a part of a Karan Johar movie. From rokka to sagan to chunni-chadhana to teeka to mehendi to sangeet to jai-maala to phere to vidaai, I have been educated about them all...

Bridal Beauty: Preparing Your Bridal Beauty Trousseau

What Should You Include In Your Bridal Trousseau

Marriage has a different meaning for all of us... The reasons we get married are numerous and varied... What varies the most though, is the way we get married, the different traditions, beliefs, practices and cultures... But one thing that runs common amongst all brides (the world over) is shopping and preparing their bridal trousseau... Today on Bridal Beauty we shall be discussing and listing out beauty products that are a must have for your bridal trousseau.

Bridal Beauty: Tutorial For A Bridal Eye Makeup That Goes With Everything

LOTD & Tutorial: Indian Bridal Eye Makeup
Marriages they say are made in heaven. Weddings on the other hand are a result of conspiratorial planning, procrastination, deep analysis and a balancing act of keeping all parties concerned placated. Trust me when I say that I speak out of experience! My wedding had three communities involved and myriads of people directly or indirectly being affected. As a result for me my wedding was somewhat like an Annual Day function in school wherein I was rushing off to my dressing room every hour to change. I changed 3 outfits during my wedding ceremony in 4 hours flat! 

Bridal Beauty: Makeup For Pre-Wedding Functions Like Sangeet & Mehendi

Makeup Tips For Pre-Wedding Ceremonies Like Sangeet Or Mehendi

In the excitement of the impending wedding, we often trivialize and in some cases even overlook our makeup for pre-wedding functions like Sangeet, Mehendi, various Poojas and the like. Of course in front of the actual wedding ceremony these little functions mean very little but they do form an important and an integral part of the whole regalia...

Bridal Beauty: Makeup For An Indian (Night) Wedding - Tips & Tricks (Part 1)

Tips & Tricks For Doing Your Own Wedding Makeup (Night Ceremony)

India is a country of diverse cultures and hence observes myriads of traditions and practices... One that I am going to talk about today is the time of the wedding ceremony... From the night time festivities of North Indian weddings, to the early morning ceremonies seen in the Deccan region, to the early evening celebrations in the North-East, our country sure knows how to do weddings any time of the day!

And lucky for us, I got this brainwave to do posts on Bridal Makeup for each type of Mahurat...

Bridal Beauty: Should You Do Your Wedding Makeup On Your Own?

Hire A Bridal Makeup Artist or You Be Your Own Makeup Artist

I remember when I was getting married, there were tons of things that needed last minute touch ups... But not my makeup... My Kanjeevaram needed another pin, I needed to change my heels at the last moment, I had to adjust my jewellery, the pallu of my lehenga kept slipping, the potloi that I wore for the pheras needed an extra hand to be carried and the most hilarious of all, the pati's pagdi needed attention almost all throughout the ceremony, it just refused to stay in place! But my makeup stayed true to me... It did not budge, it did not smudge and it did not get washed away... Mind you I got married in June, during the peak monsoon season in Bombay and even the humidity that mother nature bestowed upon me (as a wedding gift?) couldn't undo my makeup...

I am extremely proud of that :)

Bridal Beauty: LOTD, Basic Questions Addressed and Some Tips & Tricks

Bridal Beauty -  A New Section On I Simply Love Makeup

Till a couple of days back I had no plans of starting this section on Bridal Beauty... I am not really a huge fan of wedding extravaganzas, intricate designer bridal lehengas or huge jadau ornamental sets... I am more of a minimalist where marriage is concerned and hence I am not sure if I would be able to do justice to the to-be brides who are looking for help in beauty and makeup and planning for a Bollywood style wedding ceremony...