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REVIEW: Bourjois Paris Blush In 33 Lilas D'Or

Is It Really?

REVIEW & LOTD: Faces Glam On Cream Blush in Sun Kissed

The Winter sun reminds me of sandy beaches and the blue sea, some trance music and lots and lots of Tequilla shots :D Wait... I think I am talking about the Sunburn Fest in Goa, which unfortunately the pati and I could not make it to :/ So anyways... I am making do with this gorgeous cream blush from Faces and it is transporting me to Sandy Beaches and Clear Blue Waters alright ;) Ladies and Gentlemen, please put your hands together for Faces Glam On Cream Blush in Sun Kissed.

It is a cream blush, which I think is a boon for the Winter months... It is a burnt orange kind of a shade with little golden sparkles that look gorgeous without being OTT... In all honesty, the sparkles are not very visible, leaving behind a slight flush and a glow to your face... The shade of the blush looks gorgeous with Red, Pink and even Nude lippies.

What I really like about the blush is that the first layer is almost sheer and in order to bring in some color you can easily build it up with multiple "…

REVIEW: The Body Shop All-In-One BB Cream

This I am guessing is the most awaited reviews of all. I have been receiving review requests for this TBS BB Cream since so long that I simply caved in and got down to the business of reviewing it for you guys only :)
Before I start, let me tell you that I LOVE IT! I think this says it all and you may want to skip reading through what follows... But still humor me, be kind to me and indulge me and read my review ;)

After the let down by Maybelline's BB Cream, I was quite wary of trying another BB Cream but the TBS junkie that I am, I had to get this All-In-One BB Cream when I came to know that they had launched it recently and it was supposed to be more apt for Indian skin tones than the previous BB cream TBS had come out with... Now ideally my shade is 02, but they were out of stock and I came home with shade 03 and it still suits me! Yes girls, it adapts to your complexion!!! It's just fabulous!

I am not sure how would it suit Oily skinned beauties though cause my super dry…

REVIEW & LOTD: Colorbar Cheek Illusion Blush in Floral Fucsia

They say earlier when make-up wasn't really a way of life, girls pinched their cheeks to bring that "blush" to their cheeks. But alas that never works for me. However hard I pinch myself I can never get that "virginal blush" on my face. But why should I lose out I ask myself and hence get myself a "blush" that gives me the just-pinched blush and better still, it stays on me for a much longer time :D So take that :P

Ladies and Gentlemen welcome the newest kid on my "blush block", Colorbar's Cheek Illusion Blush in Floral Fuscia :) Colorbar has changed the packaging of its blushes and also introduced a few new shades :) The packaging thus has become more striking and blingey :) Not that I am complaining ;) Floral Fuscia though looks quite muted like its older cousins Plum Brown and Just Earth, but on the cheeks it truly imparts a rosy blush that would suit especially warmer skintones :) While applying these blushes you will also notice th…

REVIEW & LOTD: Maybelline Clear Glow BB Cream

With all the hype going around about BB creams and stuff, it isn't a surprise that we are all very curious and excited about getting our hands on the newly launched Maybelline's BB Cream. I am no exception and I got myself the BB cream as soon as it was available in the stores :) The only difference lies in the fact that originally BB creams are an acronym for Blemish Balms but Maybelline's BB stands for "Bright Benefit". Huh? Yeah! :P

So anyways, I got myself this BB cream on Saturday from the Maybelline counter at Pantaloons where they were giving a discount of 15% off on all Maybelline products :) Yay Yay! Now you ask me as to how do I rate it? Well I kinda have mixed feelings about this product. It's good no doubt and it does make my skin look all even and blemish free and even flawless but I guess my discomfort stems from the fact that I am uncomfortable with anything on my face excepting moisturisers. I feel that I look artificial :( You guys take a lo…

Review & LOTD: Illamasqua Powder Blush in Morale

Ever happened to you that you hear people talking about something over and over again and then suddenly one fine morning you make up your mind to get it for yourself as well? LOL... That's exactly what happened to me when the biggies in the Indian Beauty Blog-o-sphere were all talking about "Illamasqua" day after day and well I had to have one too :P So when I got the opportunity I got myself this blush from Illamasqua and well yes I am glad that I did! :)

Illamasqua they say is make-up for your alter ego. It is for the bolder person hiding inside all of us. It is an act and an attitude. A symbol of tolerance. A celebration of idiosyncrasies. A confident statement of self-ownership.

The shade Morale, which is from the "theatre of the nameless" collection is a bold fuschia and it sure isn't the kind of shade that looks really bright in the pan but is pretty sheer and "wearable" in person. Rather, Morale is a shade that seems to be proud of its &q…

REVIEW & LOTD: Colorbar Blush in Plum Brown

Faces and Colorbar are my favorite brands off late and hence it becomes my "duty" to try out most of their products and review them for you guys.. See how much I love you people :) LOL... My latest obsession and favorite is the Colorbar Blush in Plum Brown and if I need to describe it in one word I would say "HG material". Ok that's two! I have honestly been pretty wary of blushes especially since they need a lot of practice to master and well I just don't like the idea of being the clown of the party :D But out of the lot of 6 blushes that I own I must say that this is my favorite powder blush and NYX's Golden is my favorite creme blush. Yup I'll be reviewing that soon too :) So anyways coming back to the subject of today's review, let me put it in a sentence that this blush is definitely my HG blush and I would be lying if I dont accede to the fact that this is the only powder blush that I use nowadays :D Colorbar has yet again o…

REVIEW & LOTD: Maybelline Expert Wear Blush in Pinch O' Pink

It's no secret that I am crazy about eye make-up and just simply adore eye-shadows in all shades and colors.. Just lately I have started investing (yes I call it investing, cause good products just never let you down in the future :P) in lipsticks and blushes cause you know eyes might be mirrors to your souls but lips are the mirrors to your thoughts and well pink/red/highlighted cheeks just look so pretty ;)

I must say that I don't really own a hoard of blushes just about 4 to 5 and so for me to do this review is fairly simple as I am not really spoilt for choice. Ha Ha! Now one thing that most of us bloggers and blog readers make a point to do is that we read several reviews of a particular product before venturing into buying it... It of course makes sense to be aware of what you are buying, after all money is hard to earn ;) So, well before buying this particular blush from Maybelline, I did do some extensive research on the blogosphere. Hence, you can be res…