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REVIEW: L'Oreal Paris Infallible Blush Paint Longwear High Impact Stick - Fuchsia Fame

Review of L'Oreal Paris Infallible Blush Paint Longwear High Impact Stick - Fuchsia Fame
Right now am sitting at the dining table trying to figure out a way to start this post in an "interesting" way... I am obviously struggling... There are these times when your mind just goes blank and you can't think of anything, right? Yeah, I am having one of those moments...

So, I guess I'll directly dive into the review and not mull around. I bought the L'Oreal Paris Infallible Blush Paint Stick on a whim... I was out window shopping at Shoppers Stop and I just happened to glance at the L'Oreal counter and this cute little stub caught my fancy... The moment I swatched it I knew I had to buy it...

Price of L'Oreal Paris Infallible Blush Paint Stick It costs a whopping INR 999/-

There is nothing much to talk about the packaging. It is exactly what it looks like, a rotating chubby stick with a cap. The plastic doesn't seem cheap and is pretty sturdy. I have d…

REVIEW: NYX HD Blush in HDB1 Bronzed

REVIEW: NYX HD Blush in HDB1 Bronzed
So I really want to rush through this post cause it's my bestie's husband's birthday in 4 hours and we are all going out and as usual I am running late... But no I won't rush through this, I promise cause well it is a review post and reviews should be lengthy and should go on and on and on, right? Wrong!

I believe reviews can be effective even if they are short but should be to the point and informative. Do you believe the same?

Top 5 Blushes For Indian Skin Tones!

Top 5 Blushes For Indian Skin Tones!ISLM Writer: Ishleen
Hello my darlings!
All hail summers! Yes, the season of oily, dull looking skin is here and this is the time of the year when I miss my Rosy-Posy cheeks and I crave for those just-pinched looking skin! And the best way to achieve that perfectly rosy cheeks is to get your hands on the best ever blush available in the market and sweep it across your cheekbones and blend it into your hairline and temples. But getting a great blush does not necessarily means you need to shell out a huge investment and we girl, have got you covered here! So in no particular order, let us start!

Makeup Revolution London Treat Powder Blush Review and Swatches!

Makeup Revolution London Treat Powder Blush Review and Swatches!ISLM Writer: Ishleen
Hello pumpkins!
So in keeping along with my rut to stop doing lip product reviews for a while, I decided to look up through my stash and get out all my blushes! But then I thought of narrowing down my options and whipping something up which was budget friendly, easily available in Delhi and looks fabulous on us Indian beauties!

Maybelline Blush Studio Cheeky Glow in Peachy Sweetie Review and Swatches!

Maybelline Blush Studio Cheeky Glow in Peachy Sweetie Review and Swatches!
ISLM Writer: Ishleen

Hello my angels!
How is everyone doing? Remember, how last week our darling Santa (read Samyukta) sent across a bag full of goodies for me to devour? Yes, I still was trying to get over that overwhelming happiness when she called up today and gave me more good news! Guess what? My bae is finally coming to meet me! And as Sam says, when we are in a good mood, we feel good about the products we are about to review! Maybe she is right, because I most definitely am in love with this little baby blush I am in for reviewing today!

Sleek Makeup Blush Flushed - Perfect for Brown Skin

REVIEW, SWATCHES: Sleek Makeup Blush "Flushed"
I am 30 years old. And even though I am very comfortable about being on the other side of 30, confident about my looks and probably the happiest in my life, I have realised that subconsciously I have started veering towards makeup practices and techniques that are known for creating an illusion of a youthful appearance.

REVIEW: Studio West Maya Radiance Blush in Plum Shine

REVIEW: Studio West Maya Radiance Blush in Plum Shine
With the festive and the wedding season just around the corner, it seemed appropriate for me to start the series of reviewing Studio West products with this blush. If you are wondering about what Studio West is all about, then I'd suggest you to go through THIS POST of mine :) 

REVIEW: Wet N Wild Colour Icon Blusher in Mellow Wine

REVIEW: Wet N Wild Colour Icon Blusher in Mellow Wine
ISLM Writer: Himani

Hey all beauty geeks!!! Today I am going to review Wet N Wild Color Icon Blusher in Mellow Wine. Blush is one makeup product that takes me into another world altogether. Honestly, I believe there can be nothing more dreamy than a beautiful blush color. The color on the cheeks can transform an entire look for Drab to Fab.

REVIEW: Sleek Makeup Blush By 3 in Lace, Swatches & Review

REVIEW: Sleek Makeup Blush By 3 in Lace, Swatches & Review
So the last time I visited Vero Moda (that was 2 days ago), the bestie and I were overwhelmed by the sheer amount of lace that was in the store. Everything from sweaters to tops to skirts to dresses to shorts to undies to headbands was either completely made out of lace or had some part in lace...

REVIEW: L'Oreal Paris Lucent Magique Blush in Fuchsia Flush

REVIEW: L'Oreal Paris Lucent Magique Blush in Fuchsia Flush
It's been a while I actually sat down and did an actual review... I have been lazy long enough and still wanted to continue being so... But then the pictures that I clicked of the L'Oreal Paris Lucent Magique Blush came out so lovely, I couldn't hold myself back and so now I am sitting down to finally review it... That and the fact that it truly is a gorgeous blush...

REVEALED: Nars Blush in Exhibit A

NARS Blush in Exhibit A - Photos, Swatches and FOTD
Not a long time ago, looking at my beauty dresser, I was told by a (spiteful) woman that she never wore makeup because "thankfully she was naturally beautiful"... Well it hurt at that time but I am glad I didn't take it to heart because gradually I saw her immersing herself into makeup so much that today she seems to be almost drowning in it... And I am glad I didn't listen to her, because if I did then I wouldn't have been an excitedly, proud owner of this wonderful thing called NARS Blush in Exhibit A

REVIEW: Kryolan Blush in TC1

Review of Kryolan Blush in TC1

Guest Post By: Pranali

After hearing so much about Kryolan, I wanted to try their products. So I picked up a blush, craving for an orange Blush. And after possessing this one, I want to own them all.
There are so many colors ranging from Pale Pinks to Coral Pinks and Deep Red, for varied skin tones.

I tried two blushes at the store on each cheeks and stepped out. This Blush looked so natural in sunlight, and it added a warm glow to my cheeks.
There are so many things, I love about this blush. And I’ll reveal them all in The Goods.

REVIEW: Lakme Absolute Cheek Chromatic Baked Blush in Day Sheer

Review of Lakme Absolute's Cheek Chromatic Baked Blush In Day Sheer

I am not a blush person per se. Don't get me wrong, I do use a blush and I totally realize its power in making or breaking a look. However, give me one blush that I can spend my whole life with it and not even feel the need to get myself another one until I actually hit pan with the one that I am using.
Yes! I always finish my blush before I purchase another and I know many of you will just gasp at it with disbelief... So let me just reiterate, I am not really a blush person per se.

REVIEW: Bourjois Cendre De Brune Blush

Review of Bourjois Blush in Cendre De Brune

Guest Post By: Pranali

A Round domed baked blush enclosed in a fat round pot, with a tiny mirror above. If there were any words to describe this blush, I think cuteness will top the list.
I was in search of a Pink Bush that would suit Indian skintones. And I found this Dusty or Mauvish Pink Color. The Color is as Pink to Indian skintone as Bubblegum Pink is to white skin.

REVIEW: Maybelline Cheeky Glow Blush in Creamy Cinnamon

Review of Maybelline Cheeky Glow Blush in Creamy Cinnamon

Just when I thought I had "mastered" neutral and natural looking makeup and I had all products that I would ever need to execute the perfect natural makeup, Maybelline comes along and treats us to these delightfully cute looking Cheeky Blushes... Of course it comes in a plethora of shades but the one that I could get my hands on is this gorgeous shade called Creamy Cinnamon...

Let's get to know this shade a little better :)

REVIEW: MAC Cream Blush in LadyBlush

Review of MAC Cream Blush in LadyBlush
Guest Post By: Rmyah
These days I’m hoarding blushes… So much that I keep forgetting the ones I already have for the ones that are fresh entrants to my kitty. One such forgotten beauty was my dearly beloved first MAC blush… I cannot even believe I forgot about this one.
For many, their first blushes remain cherished, same is the case with me… My love for blushes started with this darling of mine called “Ladyblush”.

REVIEW: Sleek Blush in Life's A Peach

Review of Sleek Make Up Blush Life's A Peach 
Guest Post By: Shabby
Sleek was a brand I was very eager to try and when I heard that it accepted debit cards I tried my luck and to my utter surprise succeeded. Then within 5 days I had my sleek order in my hands in safe condition too. So moving on to the ordered items, I ordered a blush as I had heard so much about the awesome quality of Blushes by Sleek. Somehow I was impressed by Life's a peach with the online swatch and ordered that.

REVIEW: Aaranya Honey Moisturising Shampoo

Review of Aaranya Honey Moisturising Shampoo
Guest Post By: Manu
A good, different, uncommon name is always like a ‘Jingle in your ears’ which definitely draws your attention. And this shampoo’s name perfectly fits for this phrase. Aaranyaa – a Sanskrit word which historically means green and bountiful forest, so be rest assured to get all the natural ingredients in this product. Ah! What a bliss! It brings me back the memories of my childhood vintage – pure black shampoo with Amla, Shikakai and Methi (fenugreek) seeds. Above all, it also claims to be

REVIEW: Ellis Faas Blush In S303 (Soft Bronze) And S304 (Mulled Wine)

Review Of Ellis Faas Blushes S303 And S304
I have never been a blush girl especially during my early blogging days. I always felt that they made me look too "made up". Then gradually I started exploring more and realized that "the made up" look was a result of my incorrect application rather than anything else and needless to say I was smitten for life (I hope!)...

Where ease of application is concerned I have always preferred and enjoyed wearing powder blushes... In short I kinda have more faith in my ability to handle a blush brush rather than

REVIEW: Maybelline Dream Mousse Blush In Soft Plum

Review Of Maybelline Dream Mousse Blush In Soft Plum...