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Featuring: Colorbar Deep Sea Eyeshadow in a Biker Chic Look

Colorbar Deep Sea Eyeshadow
I am loving Blue this season... Blue on the eyes especially... There is something so calming as well as edgy about blue eyeshadows... On their own or paired with black or some other color for that matter, blue eyeshadows are a trend to embrace this season!

LOTD: Glam Up Your Look With MAC Contrast!

♥ Mystery ♥ Glamour ♥ Pizzaz ♥

REVIEW & LOTD: The Body Shop Eye Shadow in Midnight Blue (42)

Addiction they say is bad... It is the root cause of many an evil but what does one do when they tell you that the product that you are addicted is actually good for you, for your skin, for the environment and even kind to animals? LOL... That's a catch 22 situation isn't it? ;) Yup this happens when you are addicted to TBS :P But you know the strange part, even though I had tried like all kinds of body butters and lotions and shower gels they had to offer, I had never tried out anything from their makeup range barring the lip glosses... Strange isn't it? So this time I made a conscious effort and got myself TBS Eye Shadow in Midnight Blue...

Midnight Blue is a greyish, violet-y blue that looks anything but "midnight-y". It is more like the color of an overcast sky that warns you about a thunderstorm. The description might sound a little grave but on the eyes it looks anything but. It is a gorgeous shade that I think would suit all kinds of skintones... From the…

Trends: S/S 2012 (Part 2) -> Extreme Smokey Eyes albeit Navy Blue, Nude Lips and Sporty Cheeks

Well well well if it isn't the weekend already! :) And well last night I went totally overboard with makeup. In a span of half an hour I did a total of 4 looks! Wow it was like the Godess of make-up had entered me and was making me whip out some super HOT looks one after another ;) LOL... Yup I know I have some serious humility issues :P

So anyways, its Saturday today and I am back with another set of trends that are well trending with S/S 2012 season :) So here goes...

1. Extreme Smokey Eyes (GUCCI)
Surprising or not surprising, smokey eyes are super in :) Yup I am one happy girl this Summer ;) But there are a few pointers to be kept in mind... Like forget black and embrace Navy Blue this season for a "cool" smokey look. You needn't be neat, but that doesn't quite mean that you can go overboard with just any kind of strokes :P You need to cleverly understand how to make it look beautiful even when the blending is uneven ;)

2. Sporty Cheeks (DKNY + Tommy Hilfiger)