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REVIEW & LOTD: Bharat & Dorris Diamond Eye Shadow in Shade 02

Diamonds they say are a girl's best friends. And I say that make-up comes a close second. So what happens when you get yourself a product that has combined characteristics of both? Well ladies and gentlemen I am talking about Bharat & Dorris Diamond Eye Shadow in shade ***. This diamond eye shadow is gorgeously pigmented like a good eye shadow should be and has these little hints of "chunky" glitter that surface here and there on the eye lids when one is blinking and maybe winking. No it doesn't have the kindly of glitter that looks tacky like a cheap imitation glass diamond, rather it has the kind of glitter that twinkles here and there and reminds of you of a clear night sky :) Beautiful image isn't it? :)

Image of the Product


Oooohhhss And Aaahhss!!
1. Unlike B&D's water color eye shadows, these diamond eye shadows crease very less.
2. They have some gorgeous pigmentation
3. They are very comfortable priced.
4. Have a matte finish with l…

HAUL: Faces and Bharat & Dorris

Hola Chicas... How is your Sunday going? Mine went all busy busy with a movie to catch and then loads and loads of household work! Phew! :D Now that I am all done with that, I plan to telling you guys about my yesterday's haul :) As you all know there's a 50% off Sale going on at Faces Cosmetics and most of my stuff is from the sale.. So here you go :)

The stuff that I bought are as follows:
1. Faces Mineral Pressed Powder [Orig: Rs.449/- On Sale: Rs. 225/-]
2. Faces Mineral EyeShine Trio in BeechWood [Orig: Rs.449/- On Sale: 350/-]
3. Faces set of 10 mini Nail Polish [Orig: Rs.599/- On Sale: Rs.299/-]
4. Faces Blending Brush in 106 [Rs. 249/-]
5. Faces Rouge Lipstick in Catherine - 2 [Orig: Rs.249/- On Sale: Rs.186]
6. Bharat & Dorris Cream Lipstick in Shade 123
7. Bharat & Dorris Cream Liner in Shade 12 [Rs.390/-]
8. Faces Long Wear Eye Pencil in Purple [Rs.249/- no discount] :(
9. Faces 3-D Stick on Nail Stickers [Rs.179/- no discount]
10. Maybelline BB Cream [Orig…

REVIEW, SWATCH & LOTD: Bharat & Dorris Cream Liner in Shade 12

I have always stayed away from brown eye liners cause I never found them flattering on me. I generally preferdark shades like black (duh!), plum, navy blue etc. But when I set my eyes on this, I knew I had to buy it! :D

I had earlier reviewed Shade 14, which was a gorgeous purple here. Today's post is about Shade 12, which is a stunning brown with golden specs and shimmer. I will not really be reviewing it cause my review would turn out to be the same as shade 14, so I'll leave you guys to drool over checkout some swatches and EOTDs :)

Honestly? I like this shade better than the purple one ;)

Image of the Product

How it looks on the eye!

It costs INR 395/-

Would I Recommend?
Yes yes and yes with all my heart :) If you stay in either Mumbai or Pune, then you better grab one! If you got some relatives this side, then ask them to get it for you :P No denying the fact that it's a beautiful shade :)

Overall Rating:

So which one did you guys like better? 12 or 14?

REVIEW & LOTD: Bharat & Dorris Cream Eye Liner in Shade 14

I had my brush with makeup first when I was in my Std XII i.e. around 10.5 years back (ok thats a decade and I am old!). It was my birthday and one of the neighbor aunties had gifted me an Elle 18 liquid liner and a StreetWear Lip Gloss. These were my first cosmetics and unlike 99% of the blogging population, I initially never wore any kajal. It was only liquid liner on my upper lids and gloss :) I had then decided that I was never a gloss girl so my staple used to be just an eye liner. I am a KV product, you Kendriya Vidyalaya (Central School) and used to wear a Blue and white Salwar Kameez as a uniform, which was quite a nightmare as we used to be incessantly teased by the chicks in Army Public School (Oh those were the days!). I used to hate the uniform then but very surprisingly I was pleasantly reminded of it when I went for the movie "Pappu can't dance saala" and Neha Dhupia wears the same "uniform" in the opening song of the movie :) And she looked ever…

REVIEW & LOTD: Bharat & Dorris Lipstick No. 145

You know how much I love Red lipsticks and so to me it makes a lot of sense that whenever I go hauling to any make-up store, I pick a Red lippy for me randomly. Yes yes you too must try this out and share with me the feeling of exhilaration :P LOL... So anyways while hauling at Bharat & Dorris the other day, it made perfect sense for me to purchase a Red Lippy from there too. I got myself this shade numbered as 145. Here, let me pause my review and again complain about how inconvenient and difficult I find it is to remember and refer to make-up products by numbers rather than shade names. You see these beautiful and some of them downright gorgeous creatures made by God man deserve a lot of affection from us. Therefore they deserve names and not Roll numbers!
Now coming back to the review... Shade 145 is a gorgeous Red, which has a tiny hint of Coral in it. The shade is gorgeously bright and really in the face in a good way though ;) The image of the lipstick here shows the shade …

REVIEW & LOTD: Bharat and Dorris Water Color Eye Shadow in No. 04

You all of course know that I have had a major hauling experience (if that even is an expression) yesterday at Faces and Bharat & Dorris and well I am very promptly doing a review of one of the eye shadows today. As both the eye shadows are of different finishes, hence I shall be doing two different reviews. Today's review is about shade 04. I hate the fact that Bharat & Dorris did not even take the pain to name their shades. I am highly critical of brands that number their shades and do not name them (hear Inglot?)... So anyways, shade 04 is a very beautiful taupe shade with a satin finish. It feels smooth to apply and the pigmentation is good!

Bharat and Dorris does have some glorious shades of eye shadows but then again the experience at the store wasn't too convenient. Yes I do plan o reviewing the Bharat and Dorris store experience as well. Maybe in a couple of days. Let us concentrate on 04 today :)

Image of the Product:


Oooohhhss and Aaahhhsss!!
1. …

HAUL: Bharat & Dorris, Faces, Mango and Promod!

I don't if many of you all know about it, but Faces Cosmetics have launched easy to wear Airbrush Nails replete with nail glue and a set of 24 artificial nails that you can wear and apply at the comfort of your own home :) Well if there was something that was launched newly, then I had to go and get it right? :P So come Saturday and I went to Phoenix Market City where there is a nice Faces store where I was sure to get my hands on the latest launch of the brand :) And well I splurged... Mango... Promod... Bharat And Dorris and Faces :( :D
Ok people I am officially in love with Mango! So anyways, just a peek at my haul... It'll be a quick one I promise cause I need to go out (It's Saturday Night people :P)... So here's the haul and be prepared to be jealous wowed :P
Stay tuned for reviews :)

REVIEW: Bharat and Dorris Cream Eye Liners

Post by: Kannu

Ladies and gentlemen... Please put your hands together for our first guest post and also an entry post for the giveaway :) Btw, have you guys entered the giveaway as yet? No? Really? Why? LOL... You could check out the giveaway here :) So anyways coming back to our guest blogger, let me introduce you all to Kannu Mankatala Wadhwa. She is from dil waalon ki dilli (Delhi) and will be reviewing this professional range of makeup from Bharat and Dorris :)

Applying eyeliner was always a very difficult exercise for me until I started using gel liners. Gel liners are very convenient to use and have a long lasting effect. I went to Pune last week where I discovered this make up brand called “Bharat & Dorris”. Well to be honest I had never heard about this brand before or seen it anywhere in Delhi & NCR. The B&D store was quite huge and attractive so unlike any other girl I got tempted to visit the store. So this was my first visit to a B&D store and I must say I am very …