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Essential Makeup Brushes and Their Uses

Makeup Brushes 101 - Part 2 Choosing the right make up brushes and using them properly can make all the difference to the overall effect of your make-up, but with so many make-up brushes to choose from it can get pretty confusing, even intimidating to the real beginner when they are faced with so many choices. Of course one great idea is to buy a complete make up brush set from somewhere like The Salon Outlet – but then you’ve still got to know what to do with them.

Basics of Eye Makeup: Must Have Eye Makeup Brushes

  Must Have Eye Makeup Brushes The other day while shopping for groceries and other household essentials, I popped a bottle of baby shampoo into the grocery cart... The pati looked at me incredulously and winked... Ummm... No I wasn't giving him hints I assured him and told him that the baby shampoo was for me... He looked doubly stunned and asked me as to what made me deviate from my trusted banana shake shampoo (He meant the Body Shop Banana Shampoo , ahem!)... I had to clarify that the baby shampoo wasn't for me per say but for my makeup brushes... He just looked on at me, then shook his head, muttered under his breath "What's next? Toothpaste for your lipsticks?" and then walked towards the adjoining aisle... Ha ha ha... I would have felt pity for me if I hadn't gotten this uncontrollable urge to laugh at his lost and almost defeated expression :P

Basics of Eye Makeup: Winged Eye Liner, Types And Tutorial

  How To Master The Winged Liner Look Winged liners have got to be one of the most successful resurgent trends in makeup history and not without merit. It has the ability to glam up your look like nobody's business... Hence, ladies if you haven't yet joined the "revolution", leave everything you are doing right now and jump onto the bandwagon... I hope this Winged Liner Tutorial comes to aid :)

The Basics of Eye Makeup: How To Groom Your Brows

Tutorial on How To Groom Your Eyebrows I am back! And even though I have not been regular with blogging, I have missed you all like crazy! I swear... And to be fair I have been updating my Instagram pretty often so that you all have a peek of what I have been up to ;) If you still don't follow me on Instagram, I would urge you to do so at the earliest :) My Instagram handle is @isimplylovemakeup. So anyways... My trip to Manipur was a blast and in all honesty my trips to my native state are always very close to my heart... However, I'll be talking about it in another post and I shall focus this post on the series of posts that I am doing on Basics of Eye Makeup .

The Basics of Eye Makeup - Techniques to Master

Basics of Eye Makeup - Part 1 Makeup is fun. If you find it daunting, then you are not looking at it correctly. Maybe if you tilt your head by say 27 degrees and then look at makeup, you'll see how much fun the whole process is :) Makeup is fun because it weaves magic... Because it can turn you from a white swan to a black one in a jiffy! I personally prefer the black version and hence the analogy btw. It is fun because it makes me feel like I hold the key to a lot of crucial things in life including showing the face I want the world to see one day and then an altogether a different on another day. It gives me that power. And like they say, with great power comes great responsibility. But with makeup there is no responsibility and this is what makes makeup the most fun power to have :)   

The Basics of Eye Makeup

  Tips And Tricks To Master The Basics of Eye Makeup While going through my very early posts on the blog a few days ago, I couldn't help but cringe with embarrassment looking at posts after posts of unblended eye shadows, scrawny eyebrows and uneven liquid liners, so much so that I even contemplated deleting many of them... But then I let them be thinking that going through them again and again will remind me that learning is a constant process and that there is always something new that one can imbibe in their makeup process daily... Isn't it?