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A La Mode... A Monthly Dose Of Beauty & Fashion

A Monthly Dose of Beauty & Fashion With A La Mode

Just when I thought, I had my plate, my hands and my day full, I realised that there was yet another thing I wanted my finger in... So I got in touch with my favorite fashion blogger Abhilasha (of lookinggoodfeelingfab), who happens to be a great friend as well and we started A La Mode... It is a compilation of everything beauty and fashion stands for and it is our attempt to bring to you all something relevant, interesting and exciting very month...

App Alert: I Simply Love Makeup Is Now On Android!

Android App Now Available For I Simply Love Makeup
The whole evening today, I was mulling over in my mind the way I would start this post. Of course the most ideal and I guess the most predictable way would be to start talking about how I started the blog and what a great journey it has been and how I had never dreamed of having a mobile app for the blog and blah blah... But  now that I finally get down to type out this post, all I wanna say is...

Hell Yeah! I Simply Love Makeup is Now on Android ;)

Announcements, New Beginnings & Custom Domains...

I have been unwell since almost a week now... Started with throat infection manifesting itself with a full blown bout of influenza with accompanying fever and needless to say I have been out of sorts :/

So to get myself out of the blues, I thought of shopping... Now in my condition where the moment I stand up, my heads starts swimming and I sway like a willow in the wind, I thought better of it and relegated myself to some online shopping... So this time instead of getting customary makeup, apparels and home decor products I went and got myself a custom domain all thanks to Anshita's encouragement :D Yup Ansh from VanityNoApologies :)

And Ladies And Gentlemen, now on my blog has a new address...
And if you want to access my dressup blog, here's the new address... And of course I have a brand new blog where I shall be doing book reviews as well.. The address for it is...

New On The Block: An Introduction...

If you have been following my blog for a while now, you'll know that I have a penchant for coming up with new sections on my blog. Of course I have been a little quiet in this department for a while now, but now am back with a new section :) It's called... New On The Block... As the name suggests, I shall be promoting and bringing to notice new products, new brands and yup new blogs to your notice... Bottomline, anything or anyone new worth mentioning will be featured in this section!

So stay tuned for the upcoming editions  :)

Winner(s) Announced: What Does Makeup Mean To You Contest...

I am overwhelmed by the creativity and talent that got showcased in the What Does Makeup Mean To You contest... It was extremely difficult for me to point out which entry was better than the rest. Every reply was so unique in it's own way... Here are a few snippets, that actually caught my eye...


Now announcing the winners...
I really wish I could announce all of your names... To prove the task was so difficult, I have chosen THREE winners... Yes Three! :P

The winners are...

Please email me by 6th Jan with your details <Postal Address and Phone Number> :)

We Have A New Member OnBoard...

With work and home, maintaining a steady stream of reviews and posts on IsimplyLoveMakeup was becoming a tedious task and I desperately needed help... This is when one of my best friends Manu agreed to help me out with some reviews... She has been extremely supportive of me from the day ISLM was born and it was only natural for me to turn to her when I needed help ;)

So ladies and gentlemen please help me welcome Manu aboard!
Oh yes! She loves to laugh :)

I Simply Love To Dress Up... Who doesn't?

You all know I Simply Love Makeup and well it may not be news to you but I Simply Love To Dress Up too ;) Ha ha :D

Yes ladies and gentlemen, I have a new blog that would focus on fashion, style picks, latest trends and well my obsession with mixing trends :) Follow me there too and like the FB page as well :)

Blog Link:
FB Page:

My twitter and instagram handles as well as email id remain the same as is for ISimplyLoveMakeup :)

Face of the Day and an Announcement...

Hola chicas :)
This is my regular makeup that I do for office... And the breakdown follows...

Makeup Breakdown
1. No base
2. Maybelline Gel Liner on lower lashline
3. Colorbar Precision Waterproof liquid Liner
4. Colorbar Velvet Matte Lipstick in Creme Cup 1
5. Colorbar Blush in Floral Fucsia

From the pictures it is evident that I am wearing a suit to office today... Would you like me to do an outfit post for it? Do I hear a yes? Oh yes I do and that's exactly why I have done it already not here but somewhere else... This brings me to my announcement... I have started a new blog, which is a sister to ISLM and it's called
                 I Simply Love TO Dress Up

I did have a blog called I Simply Love Dress Up but I have renamed it to I SImply Love TO Dress Up :)
Here's the link to it...

Hope you all support it as much as you have supported ISLM all this while :)