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Coffee Breaks With ISLM: Heartbreak!

Post By: Anks There is one part of us that we love more than the others. Right? For some its their eyes. For some its their smile. For some its their flawless skin. For me it was my hair. Always my hair. I had healthy straight hair that have experimented with often. But my experiments were all abt the cut. When I was in class 9, my hair covered my hips (and what a blessing that was) and went on for another 4 inches. Maintenance was

REVIEW: MAC Lip Liner In Spice

Review of MAC Lip Liner in Spice

REVIEW: MAC Lipstick In Twig

Review Of MAC Twig Lipstick

REVIEW: MAC Fluidline In Siahi

Siahi... The Ink!

REVIEW: Bourjois Paris Blush In 33 Lilas D'Or

Is It Really?

Meet The Bloggers: Ankita from Novice Make-Up

Hello ladies, today's feature of Meet The Bloggers got a tad bit delayed cause I wasn't feeling too well and slept off early last night and woke up late this morning :P Have to rush to the beauty parlour so thought of updating it before I leave :) Today we are featuring Ankita whom we all know better as Anks of Novice Make-Up . Ankita a professional, a wife, a HOT mother and a beauty blogger and to top it all she is a friend :) She says that she is a working mother who realises the potential of looking good and groomed in today's professional and personal world. Totally agree with you there Anks :) Oh and with her new "fringed" hair cut she is looks all the more beautiful. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Ankita!!! *applause* *drumroll* Full Name Please: Ankita Blog URL: http://novicemakeup.blogspot. com/ Since How Long Have You Been Blogging: I started Novice Makeup in may 2011. But I have been blogging for the last 7 years. Anks from Novi