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Changes in my Skincare and Fitness Perspective Post 30

Changes in my Skincare and Fitness Perspective Post 30 #Adulting

One early morning while I was sipping an exceptionally strong cup of coffee and introspecting I identified a few lifestyle changes that I had incorporated in the past year or so. On further retrospection I realised that these changes were a part of what I perceived would be good for me in the long run... When did I start thinking about my health in the future? When did I start worrying about how my skin would be 10 years down the line?

OMG was I #Adulting?
Is this even the correct usage of the latest hashtag?

Did my 30th birthday subconsciously lead me into finally believe that my body wasn't invincible and that I did really need to take care of not only my skin but also my overall health?
So today I plan to share some of the changes I have made to my lifestyle in terms of my general health and skincare...

1. No Eye Cream can Replace Olive Oil

The first thing I did when I turned 30 was think about my skin. I knew I was blessed with pretty good genes (touchwood) but the realization that my skin would obviously not remain the same forever led me to stress about what I needed to do about it... In hindsight the "stress" per se wasn't a smart thing, after all the amount of stress you take is inversely proportional to the degree of youthfulness of your skin. And so I started using eye creams and I went through them like lemonade on a hot Summer day... I tried the likes of The Body Shop to L'Oreal Paris to Olay to Ponds and honestly I still haven't found my Holy Grail!

One smelled good, one felt good, one had an easy applicator and one was easy on the pocket but honestly I didn't see any "real" or "permanent" results on the very fine crow's feet I thought I spied at the corner of my eyes... And so after spending a fortune on finding THE EYE CREAM I simply gave up and went back to the basics...

I rediscovered Olive Oil and its anti-ageing properties and I am a convert ever since... I diligently apply Olive Oil around my eyes every night and I see some really great results!

2. Avoiding Soaps, Soapy or Artificial Face Cleansers

I have given up on soap, face washes and artificial/synthetic scrubs, exfoliators and other face products completely. Ladies and gentlemen I am today proud to announce that I only apply products out of my kitchen on my face. My theory is if it is good, healthy and "pure" enough to be ingested then it is a no-brainer that it's perfect for external application.

I have homemade face cleansers, scrubs, moisturisers and makeup removers that I use on my face and neck area and my skin has never been happier!


Some of my DIY videos that you may like are:
DIY Face Cleanser and Scrub
DIY Body Moisturising Spray

3. Physical Activities for Fitness not Sudden Weight Loss

There was a time I was going on fad diets and extreme cardio exercises to lose weight overnight and look skinny. When I was in my 20s these severe measures worked wonders but what I didn't realise was that it was internally screwing up my metabolism and playing havoc with my hormones...

I realised that tricking my body continuously worked temporarily and in the end it was my body that was having the last laugh. As I grew older I realised that my body had stopped responding to diet fluctuations and irregular  but intense workouts like it did before and I had started piling on the pounds! And if that was not enough, these pounds were not easy to shed.

So now I have started doing the right thing, I have started following a proper regimen that constitutes not starving myself but eating clean (fresh and as much as possible raw) in addition to a well formatted workout routine peppered with an outdoor game like Lawn Tennis... This combination does not help me with looking skinny but I know is making me healthier and fitter.

4. Cutting Down on Sugar

This is one tiny lifestyle change that the pati and I both have made together that has led to some fabulous results... My tea and coffee are both sugarless but I am struggling to not get tempted by desserts and chocolates. The pati on the other hand has almost given up any form of white sugar and only takes in sugar in the form of fresh fruits. He lost 7 kgs in a month just by this. Mind you he doesn't work out!

So my next aim is to cut down on desserts and other sweet meats. Mind you I didn't say give up, I just said cut down, I am part bengali and sweets will always be a part of my life :)

5. Timings for Gym & Outdoor Activities are now Most Important

I have been playing Lawn Tennis since the start of this year and have been gymming more or less regularly since the past 3 months now... But that is not what this is about. I have come to realize that the timings of these activities seem to hold a great deal of importance to me...

Earlier I would gym or play a match of badminton or go swimming to socialize and be among friends. This invariably meant that I allotted time for these activities in the evenings after work. But since a year now I have been doing these activities really early in the day (6:30 am) and I try to make it at the time when I know none of my friends, acquaintances or colleagues would be around. Why? Because apparently I feel I can focus on my training better without any interruptions.

God! I really am getting old, ain't I?

Have you crossed a certain age where you think you need to take life a little more seriously?


  1. Love the post . Looking forward for more .


  2. Yup I am past 30 and yes health does get important . No more taking it for granted.
    How do you select your cosmetics


    1. I know right!!! Its like an internal alarm goes off that you just cannot take anything for granted any more! Phew!
      Regarding your question, you have given me a great idea for my next post :)

    2. Waiting waiting for the next post. ..


  3. Nice post! Do u use anti ageing creams..if yes..pls recommend

    1. Hey Aditi... No I don't use any anti-ageing creams anymore... I generally apply olive oil in my under eye area and use this Facial Oil by Korres at night before I go to bed.
      During the day I am currently using Johnson's Baby Lotion but I plan to switch back to TBS Vitamin E Day cream.
      Hope this helps! :)

  4. Love the post. In my 30s too, I feel like this came at the right time. Coz I've just started #adlting too. Staying extra hydrated, keeping the diet clean as possible, & more of kitchen aided skin care (nothing better than whipped egg white for skin tightening eh!)


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