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3 Beauty Products That Were My BFF On My Greece Vacation

3 Beauty Products That Were My BFF On My Greece Vacation

We bloggers love to write about and sometimes even "brag" about our travel bag "essentials" and claim that all of the products that we show as a part of a travel essentials video or a post are absolutely required for a successful vacation. Most of the times 65% of those products are something that we don't use even once when on a holiday. 

Honestly speaking, before I left for my Greek vacation I had clicked pictures of all the products I was carrying with me and I knew it would make for a nice, long, juicy post...
And then when I got back I changed my mind and decided to not do a post about it since I realised that it would be a lie to show you products that I did carry with me but did not use or rarely use. Instead I decided to do a post about the 3 products that I used almost everyday and without which I know my vacation would not have been as enjoyable as it was...

Ladies and gentlemen, please put your hands together for the 3 Beauty Products that were my BFF on my Greece vacation...

1. Gillette Venus Breeze Razor

This was perhaps my most used beauty product when I was on vacation. Europe is enjoying Summers right now and its all about mini skirts, cute shorts, sexy tops and tantalizing beach-wear. Hence, it goes without saying that you need to be at the top of your game with hairless limbs and other body parts (if you know what I mean) and nothing could have been as important as a razor. However, what makes this particular Gillette Venus Breeze a breeze to use (forgive the word-play!) is the fact that it can be used anywhere and does not require you to use a shaving cream or a conditioner or body oil or whatever else you use to "soften" the hair... You just need to wet the skin with water and the razor has a solidified gel that slowly foams up and gives you a very smooth shave in seconds.

Win! Win! Win!

2. The Body Shop Indian Night Jasmine Perfume Oil

I am going to tell you something extremely peculiar now. Everywhere I went in Athens I found all women and girls wearing the same perfume. Well of course it could not have been the exact same perfume but the notes were all similar, a very sweet floral, feminine scent and hence it felt like it was like their national fragrance note or something. Trust me when I say every single girl smelled similar - on the metro, in clubs, in restaurants, at stores and even on pedestrian zebra crossings. Needless to say I wanted to stand out and hence I judiciously wore my TBS Indian Night Jasmine Perfume Oil on my body as well as in my hair. The pati loved it no doubt (wink wink) and a cute Greek even came up to me in the metro and told me that I smell very good! *RestsHerCase*

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3. Sleek Makeup Blush by 3 Palette in Lace

Well to be honest I carried this blush palette because it contained 3 shades but I only used one shade out of it, the Orange shade called Crochet every single day in Greece. It complimented my tan beautifully and it made me look all sun-kissed and exotic. Ahem! No I don't say it, it's the pati's verdict :P
On a serious note the matte texture and the subtle Orange undertones goes very well on medium Indian skintones and when applied on tanned complexions the warmth of the shade is enhanced and it makes one's skin almost look like its glowing... If you do get a chance to pick up this palette then for sure do so!

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  1. So happy to still see genuine posts around. You are so right about the travel essentials... am very curious about the perfume oil though... does it moisturise as well?

    1. Thanks Ankita for recognizing my efforts to be genuine with my posts :) I had started feeling very fake on my blog and so I realized I need to change things around here :/
      Regarding the perfume oil, its amazing.. Do go through the full review on it... Link is in the post... And no it is not moisturising... The oily texture just helps the fragrance stay on longer and not evaporate...


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