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REVIEW: Irresistible Me Hair Extensions

Left: Without Extensions; Right: With Irresistible Me Extensions

REVIEW: Irresistible Me Hair Extensions

I wore my extensions for the first time and then asked the pati what he felt about my "new look". He looked at me intently for a couple of a minutes while I held my breath and then finally he said "Baby I don't see a difference"... Shock, disbelief, utter dismay, exasperation is exactly what went through my mind, in the same order that too and then I burst out laughing...


Hair Extensions haven't really caught up as much in India as it has abroad and it came as no surprise that the pati as well as my maid looked at my "longer" hair astounded... My maid then plucked some courage and gingerly felt my "hair" with her fingers and exclaimed "Yeh to asli baal hai!" (They are real hair)...

I knew I had hit jackpot!

Ladies and gentlemen I plan to talk about Irresistible Me Hair Extensions and how it opened doors to a new world for me...
About 6 months ago I got contacted by the lovely people at Irresistible Me and they urged me to try out either their hair extensions or hair tools. As I am a huge fan of Hair Care YouTube gurus like Mellisa Kayley, Sarah Angius and the like, I had been looking to try out hair extensions... However, we don't really have hair extensions easily available in India and hence I jumped at the opportunity when Irresistible Me contacted me...

The selection process (of the hair extensions) is very simple, convenient and extremely customer-centric on the Irresistible Me website...
I chose the Silky Touch type of hair extensions and went on with choosing the color (Silky Medium Brown #4), length (16") and the weight (140 gms) and the item was ready to be shipped...

Irresistible Me hair extensions are made of 100% real hair and they can and should be treated as real hair is... You can wash it, condition it, style it using tongs, straighteners and do everything else that you can do to your own hair...

The hair extensions come in a 2 compartment packaging. One compartment that you should open first contains a single 3-clip weft that you use to check if it matches your hair color. If it does then you open the second compartment, which contains the full set. If on the other hand it doesn't match you, you don't open the second compartment and instead exchange the set for another color!


My 140 gms set consists of:
  1. One 4 clip weft
  2. Three 3 clip wefts
  3. 5 2 clip wefts
  4. 2 1 clip weft
These hair extensions are amazing and once you get the hang of using it they really deem super helpful especially when you are getting ready for a wedding or a special function... Since they are made of 100% real hair, they look natural (not plastic-ey at all), they don't smell funny and are extremely convenient to use.

I whole-heartedly recommend Irresistible Me extensions and their website offers something for everybody and their every needs!


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