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REVIEW: L'Oreal Paris UV Perfect City Resist Multi-Protecting Advanced Essence

L'Oreal Paris UV Perfect City Resist Multi-Protecting Advanced Essence
L'Oreal Paris UV Perfect City Resist Multi-Protecting Advanced Essence

REVIEW: L'Oreal Paris UV Perfect City Resist Multi-Protecting Advanced Essence

The name's quite a mouthful isn't it? Believe it or not there is a lot more text that can be appended after this name that would probably describe the product a little more! But well you can read it off the carton in the images that I have posted else I'll just end up screwing up my SEO ^_^

So the L'Oreal Paris UV Perfect City Resist Multi-Protecting Advanced Essence (phew!) comes with SPF50 and PA++++. It is I think the "next version" of the L'Oreal Paris UV Perfect Aqua Essence that I had reviewed a couple of years ago and was smitten by it. Last month when I went to repurchase it they told me that it has been discontinued and instead they've come up with an essence that combines the goodness of the aqua essence with a pollution protector. Now it's really difficylt to actually gauge if a sunscreen works and when its been combined with an anti-pollution feature you really don't know how to judge it! But I'll try my best :)

Price of L'Oreal Paris UV Perfect City Resist Essence

It costs INR 799/-

I bought this product almost a month ago because I was looking for an SPF product to wear daily for my Tennis lessons. It's been getting really hot and sunny here in Pune and a hour and 15 minutes under the direct sun can be extremely bad for one's skin especially after 30! Plus I did not want something that would give me a white cast and I also wanted something that was very lightweight and did not really lay on thick especially since playing tennis means sweating like a pig and I didn't want to clog my pores!

The UV Perfect City Resist Essence is great in many ways. It is very lightweight, gets absorbed in the skin almost immediately, does not leave a white cast and I think it works. Honestly though, if you are looking for something that will prevent you from tanning, this product isn't it. However, as far as I can tell it does help protect my skin from extensive sun damage and burns. I expected my skin to start showing a lot of signs of aging because of being under the sun constantly without a shade but honestly my skin looks and feels good. Even the little skin pigmentation that was starting to show on my cheekbones probably due to the sun (freckles?) have disappeared as well!

As far the product working against pollution is concerned I don't really know how to judge it to be honest but I seriously don't see any side-effects of anything harmful on my skin and I think I can safely attribute it to this gem of a product.

One thing that I want to highlight in my review is the fact that the L'Oreal Paris UV Perfect City Resist Multi-Protecting Advanced Essence does not break me out even with all the sweating and the dust and dirt flying off from the tennis court. So that's a big thumbs up!

I whole-heartedly recommend this product to everyone who is looking to save their skin from sun and pollution damage!


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