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REVIEW: Colorbar Perfect Match Beauty Balm (BB Cream)

Colorbar Perfect Match BB Cream

REVIEW: Colorbar Perfect Match Beauty Balm (BB Cream)

I like being tanned. The fact that all kinds of makeup look fabulous on tanned skin is a reason, yes... But the fact that it validates my outdoorsy activities gives me kind of satisfaction that is second to none. I play an hour of Lawn Tennis every morning and hence the tanning is a given especially in these Summer months...

However, not everything is hunky-dory with a tan. Apart from the fact that it is next to impossible to tan evenly, the fact that your foundation shade is continuously changing is something that I loathe dealing with when tanned. And hence I decided to take a hiatus from using foundations and turned to BB Creams instead... I have always been a huge fan of The Body Shop Vitamin E BB Cream but this time I was looking for something new, something that I hadn't tried before and something whose reviews I had not read before because simply put I wanted to be surprised...

So I walked up to the Colorbar Counter and got myself matched to the shade Honey Glaze 002 in the Colorbar Perfect Match Beauty Balm.

Colorbar Perfect Match BB Cream
Colorbar Perfect Match BB Cream
 The first thing I noticed about the BB cream when I first swatched it on my forearm was the fact that it felt very light and blended right into my skin... I immediately bought it since I had been struggling with the summer heat and I literally was looking for something that would disappear into my skin...

Price of Colorbar Perfect Match Beauty Balm

It costs INR 550/-

I have been using this BB cream continuously for the past 2 weeks and I am highly impressed with this product. It gets absorbed right into my skin without making it look oily, shiny. powdery or patchy rather it leaves a velvety finish on my skin and it makes me look healthy. Additionally, it has very light coverage but it magically evens out the skintone making one look naturally flawless! I am not kidding when I say that it is probably one of the best drugstore BB Creams I have ever used!

The BB Cream itself is of a runny consistency, however when you spread it, it dries up real fast and hence you have got to blend it the moment you dot it on your face. Another con of the product is that it applies patchy if you have not moisturised your skin properly and hence you have got to prime your skin well before applying this BB Cream.

The tube contains very less product and I am already on my second tube after using the first one for 10-12 days...

I highly recommend this BB cream and I think it would suit beauties across all skin types.

Overall Rating:


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