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Summer Tan and MIA Rants

Indian Beauty Blogger

Summer Tan, Summer Makeup and MIA Rants

Hello gorgeous women! If you are reading this in the month of March 2017 then you are probably one of the few followers of my blog who have decided to stay on and wait for me to get out of my blogging hiatus. I have been really out of action these past few months and if you have stuck around then you have my heartfelt gratitude :)

Thank You!

Why was I MIA is a question I ask myself often nowadays and I really do not have a straightforward answer to it. There are a number of factors contributing to this and the most important of them all is the Commercialization of Beauty Blogging. I don't know if anyone has started noticing this but the fact that honest opinions and reviews of beauty and makeup products have dwindled lately and everytime I search for a product review on Google I get a list of 24 blogs talking about the said product out of which at least 22 have the same, "positive" experience that sound too good to be true.

Let me give you a real life example. I was approached by Pantene and they sent me a hamper of their shampoo and conditioner. I was supposed to "take a challenge" and give my "honest" opinion of the product. I hated the shampoo conditioner duo and it royally screwed up my hair. So I decided to not write about the product. The PR chased me down till I told them through a text message that the product did not suit me and that it damaged my hair. They "offered" me a deal which I did not accept.

I then searched for the review done by other bloggers and not surprisingly found that it suited every single person who reviewed it. I still let it go thinking that everyone's hair is different. But the damage that the products caused me was irreparable and I have been chopping off my hair to remove the dead ends left behind by the damage.

All these chain of events plus the fact that this is not the first time I have experienced this led me to simply give up writing on my blog. The fact that honest opinions and reviews were probably making me a very unpopular blogger and I did not want to put in all the effort, so I stopped...

However, I have now realized that there is more to blogging and it is probably one of the means for me to express and convey my emotions lucidly without worrying about popularity, traffic and PR samples. This made me decide to come back to blogging not just to ISLM but also start a new one dedicated to traveling... Check out My Infinite Wanderlist if you have been bitten by the travel bug yourself :)

In other news if you notice the major tan that's going on in the pictures I have posted in this post then let me tell you about it! I have joined Lawn Tennis coaching and I go for it every morning 8:00 am to 9:15 am... The sun by then is unforgiving to the skin and hence the major tan! Sigghhhhhhhhhh... The only issue I have with tanning is the fact that its impossible to tan evenly. That and the fact that you have to buy a completely new shade of foundation to match you!


  1. The commercialisation is insane. I have had a similar conversation with a few beauty bloggers (old timers) about the same thing! We have a whatsapp group and get our reviews from there now. I don't Think there are any honest reviews anymore. Every product is fantastic and every shade is gorgeous! No one says this did not suit me. That is the reason you are really needed in the space. You need to tell people what worked and did not work for you.

    1. When you put it that was Anks it makes so much more sense to go on blogging :)
      But yes you are right, the thing has gone completely out of hand... And what is more surprising is the fact that it just seems to get worse with fashion bloggers reviewing newly launched cars and alcoholic beverages etc!!!

  2. The same happened to me recently because most of the bloggers - especially the ones that started around the same time we started have completely commercialized their blogs. its more like modelling for a brand. Most new ones got into blogging just to be a model and get free products. Those same Pantene people made it impossible to breathe. It was a big mistake to say Yes to them and I do not like to go back on my words. I used it just thrice and specifically mentioned in the very first line of the post - This is an ad.
    Bless the readers who still read and appreciate the honest reviews we take time to write. I was feeling very low recently for the reasons you mentioned.
    Unfortunately, most of the PRs have also gone crazy and do not even bother which blog does what and send products to the one who can 'glamorize' things.
    Please do not stop because I need you. It feels good to see few of those blogs who still cares about truth.

    1. OMG Shayoni I am so glad I am not alone in this... I am so sorry that you've been down too because the same reasons... We should connect more often! And thank you for the encouragement and frankly I need you too ♥

  3. such a great post, i like it thank you for sharing this.
    Top Indian fashion blogger

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  5. Plz don't get disappear again as u did past month. I really love reading your posts as there are few bloggers who do things on their blog honestly and trust me there exists sets of readers who is not interested to see beauty bloggers doing automobile and potato chips posts. Love ur writing style and honest reviews.


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