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REVIEW: L'Oreal Paris Color Riche Le Matte Lip Pen - She's So Matte!

Review of L'Oreal Paris Color Riche Le Matte Lip Pen in She's So Matte! As far as I am concerned there are 2 kinds of Indian skintones, the ones that suit MAC Cosmo (and Mehr) and the ones that don't. I fall into the latter category and because of shades like these I have always believed that pink-ish nudes would never look good on me...
I believe I have also done a post (or two?) on Cosmo and Mehr and how horrendous they look on me.
MAC Cosmo Look
MAC Mehr Look

These shades put me off of nude pinks for years until I chanced upon the L'Oreal Paris Le Matte Lip Pen in She's So Matte a week ago and it changed my life... The shade as you can tell is a gorgeous, matte nude pink and it would look flattering on fair to medium skin tones. I really can't say how it would look on darker skin shades, unfortunately.

I posted a couple of Instagram stories wearing this shade and I have been bombarded with DMs asking about the shade! So that's testimony enough about how b…

Let's Talk About My Obsession with Salwar Kameez

Let's Talk About My Obsession with Salwar Kameez
I am not sure how or when did this obsession start. It could be because of the self-realization of finally wearing the FabIndia kurtas that I have been accumulating over the past years or could be because I ultimately discovered how comfortable and smart fitted and cropped pants look under a long kurta or even may be because I have finally gotten bored of the basic Jeans and Tee look that I sport at work...

Whatever the reasons, I am enjoying this phase to the fullest :)

I currently buy my everyday Kurtas from FabIndia, W for Woman and Aurelia. My cropped and fitted pants are either from W for Woman and Aurelia. Personally, I prefer the pants from "W" better than from Aurelia. Where do you buy yours from? What brands do you suggest?

HAUL: A Tiny One!

A Tiny Haul Post

So I have this cocktail party to attend at the end of this week and I am grappling to figure out what I should wear... I have zeroed onto a black skirt I own that I imagine wearing with an Emerald green silk shirt/top... I say "imagine" because I don't yet own the said shirt and hence on Christmas Day I went shopping looking for it... The way I shop is that I first make up my mind about what I need and then go looking into stores for that particular item. Of course this generally always fails because hey the item exists only in my head and hence I always end up getting things that I don't need and not buy something that I actually need...

That's exactly what happened day before yesterday and I ended up with no clothes but a tiny makeup/skincare haul... Some of these products are new for me and some have been a personal favorite since a while now...

REVIEW: St D'Vence Moisturiser - Autumn Edition

Review of St D'Vence Moisturiser - Autumn Edition (For Dry to Very Dry Skin)
To wear my favorite and the most expensive perfume I own to work or not is a debate I have with myself every morning while I get ready for work. The EDP in question here is the Davidoff Cool Water Sensual Essence, the one that comes in the sensual Golden Brown colored bottle... It is my favorite scent because it not just smells beautiful but also because it smells warm and sensual.

But then the post is not really about the perfume :)
It is about this glorious smelling body moisturiser that eventually ends up winning every single day because it is one of the best smelling bod
St D'Vence Moisturiser, Autumn Edition is a thick body lotion that gets absorbed very easily into the skin. It is non-greasy and very hydrating. It is perfect for dry skin and is great for dry winters.
y I have come across till date. Simply put, the St D'Vence Moisturiser, Autumn Edition smells divine...

Review: Nykaa eyeMBold Kajal

Review of Nykaa eyeMBold Kajal
The day I bought the Nykaa eyeMBold Kajal, I posted a picture of it on my Instagram story and it exploded. I had so many of you all asking me to review the kajal pronto as everyone seemed to have heard mixed views about it. Needless to say I was intrigued; I had no idea that the fat, chubby kajal stick that I had picked up on a whim could create such a furore!

I am going to be brutally honest. Since the time Nykaa started with its own range of makeup and beauty products almost 1.5 years ago, I haven't really had the urge to try its products. And the fact that I was never sent any samples didn't help their case either... And hence when I spied that a brand new Nykaa store had opened up in my neighborhood mall I had to pay a visit...

Mascara Mixology/Mascara Cocktail: Tips and Tricks

Mascara Mixology/Mascara Cocktails: Tips and Tricks
I love cocktails as much as the next 30 something standing next to me. But when you add the word mascara to cocktails you have my full and undivided attention.

You see I am one of those many who are left wondering how a mascara can magically transform one's lashes from barely there to va-va-voom... "Blessed" with lashes that refuse to respond to any mascara I have been forever on the lookout for a magical wand that would show some semblance of fluttery lashes. It took me a while to realize that one mascara would never do the trick for me and so I turned towards Mascara Cocktails...

Changes in my Skincare and Fitness Perspective Post 30

Changes in my Skincare and Fitness Perspective Post 30 #Adulting One early morning while I was sipping an exceptionally strong cup of coffee and introspecting I identified a few lifestyle changes that I had incorporated in the past year or so. On further retrospection I realised that these changes were a part of what I perceived would be good for me in the long run... When did I start thinking about my health in the future? When did I start worrying about how my skin would be 10 years down the line?

OMG was I #Adulting?
Is this even the correct usage of the latest hashtag?

My Tiny Greek Haul

My Tiny Greek Haul
I wish I was one of those people who traveled to shop. I know a lot of friends are champions at it and they bring back the most exquisite jewels in terms of makeup products and clothes and accessories from their vacations... But I have never been able to master the art and every time I am back from a holiday and people ask me what I got, I lament at the fact that I let an opportunity go!

3 Beauty Products That Were My BFF On My Greece Vacation

3 Beauty Products That Were My BFF On My Greece Vacation
We bloggers love to write about and sometimes even "brag" about our travel bag "essentials" and claim that all of the products that we show as a part of a travel essentials video or a post are absolutely required for a successful vacation. Most of the times 65% of those products are something that we don't use even once when on a holiday. 

7 Fab Makeup Tricks to Rock the Summers!

7 Fab Makeup Tricks to Rock the Summers
Whether you are dressing up for a party or every day at work, you want to look fresh and pristine. Even a light layer of makeup can make a big difference to your appearance. However, the scorching heat is playing up merry hell for makeup lovers and fashionistas. Putting on makeup can be a tricky affair in the peak summer months. Cakey or patchy skin, running mascara are common makeup debacle that happen when the mercury soars. However, with the right technique and using the right products one can put an end to these makeup woes. So ladies, we bring you the following seven makeup tricks and product choices that will make sure you never fall victim to a bad makeup day (or night)! 

10 Sexist Remarks We Women Tend To Ignore (But Shouldn't!)

10 Sexist Remarks We Women Tend To Ignore (But Shouldn't!)
This post has been long due...

Every now and then I come across a sexist remark, sometimes intentional, sometimes not and it makes want to write about it... But life happens, I push the remark to the back burner just the way we are conditioned to in order to prevent a confrontation or more likely to "free" our minds for more "important" things and hence the "writing" never happens... 

LOTD: My Current Makeup Routine

LOTD: My Current Makeup Routine
My typical weekday starts with my alarm going off at 6:50 am and me putting it on snooze without fail... I am finally up by 7:15 am and out of the door for my tennis lessons by 7:40 am... It's with clockwork precision that I follow these times... After an hour of tennis I dash off to my workplace where I shower and get ready to face the day!

REVIEW: Irresistible Me Hair Extensions

REVIEW: Irresistible Me Hair Extensions
I wore my extensions for the first time and then asked the pati what he felt about my "new look". He looked at me intently for a couple of a minutes while I held my breath and then finally he said "Baby I don't see a difference"... Shock, disbelief, utter dismay, exasperation is exactly what went through my mind, in the same order that too and then I burst out laughing...


When You Want to Start Your Own Makeup Line

When You Want to Start Your Own Makeup Line If you have wandered through Sephora or Ulta and thought “I would love to create makeup” or even dabbled in creating your own products in your kitchen, then it’s time to talk about what it takes to make that dream a reality. It won’t be an easy task so you need to decide first if you are truly committed to getting into this kind of business. Makeup and beauty products is a business that must be fluid and ready to make changes as trends change.

REVIEW: L'Oreal Paris Revitalift Intense Repairing Essence

REVIEW: L'Oreal Paris Revitalift Intense Repairing Essence
2017 has been an extremely interesting year so far for me. I feel I have become more tolerant, more mature and my priorities have changed to say the least... So much so that makeup is gradually taking a backseat and skin and hair care is something that I realise I have started veering towards. More than new lipstick launches it is face serums and night creams and Vitamin C face products that have started to pull rank...

I think my age is finally catching up...

Top 6 Ways to Save Your Makeup During Sweaty Summers

Top 6 Ways to Save Your Makeup During Sweaty Summers
Even if you have started using your primer, waterproof mascara, and even you’re your favorite powder, summers can actually ruin whatever makeup you have applied. It is tough since women have to take a gamble when their skin gets exposed to the summer’s steamy temperatures.

REVIEW: Colorbar Perfect Match Beauty Balm (BB Cream)

REVIEW: Colorbar Perfect Match Beauty Balm (BB Cream)
I like being tanned. The fact that all kinds of makeup look fabulous on tanned skin is a reason, yes... But the fact that it validates my outdoorsy activities gives me kind of satisfaction that is second to none. I play an hour of Lawn Tennis every morning and hence the tanning is a given especially in these Summer months...

REVIEW: L'Oreal Paris UV Perfect City Resist Multi-Protecting Advanced Essence

REVIEW: L'Oreal Paris UV Perfect City Resist Multi-Protecting Advanced Essence
The name's quite a mouthful isn't it? Believe it or not there is a lot more text that can be appended after this name that would probably describe the product a little more! But well you can read it off the carton in the images that I have posted else I'll just end up screwing up my SEO ^_^

Summer Tan and MIA Rants

Summer Tan, Summer Makeup and MIA Rants
Hello gorgeous women! If you are reading this in the month of March 2017 then you are probably one of the few followers of my blog who have decided to stay on and wait for me to get out of my blogging hiatus. I have been really out of action these past few months and if you have stuck around then you have my heartfelt gratitude :)

Top 5 Matte Lipsticks for Medium Skintone

Top 5 Matte Lipsticks for Medium Skintone
Hey guys! Its been like forever since I posted anything here and truth be told I have been kind of losing interest in anything makeup related. So much so that I have even stopped wearing makeup on a regular basis. Its just an eyebrow pencil, a little highlight on my nose and a liquid liner and I am kinda good to go... I am not sure what's really going on, it could just be a phase, I sure do hope that it is *crosses fingers*...

Anyways, I have however started a new travel blog of sorts. Its called My Infinite Wanderlust and I have been giving it a lot of my time and that could be one reason I have had no energy left to put here... But now that I am writing a post today I feel like I have truly missed writing about makeup and beauty and this may just be the impetus that I need to get my ass right back to being a part-time beauty blogger :)

My Envy Box - January 2017

My Envy Box - January 2017
This post is past long due... I thought of skipping writing about this month's My Envy Box but the Jan 2017 box is so fabulous that I felt like I would be cheating if I did not share it with you all... This statement alone should be enough to tell you all that I downright LOVED the My Envy Box January 2017 edition ^_^

REVIEW: Makeup Revolution Radiant Lights Highlighter in Breathe

Review of Makeup Revolution Radiant Lights Highlighter in Breathe
Lately I have been getting invariably drawn to exploring makeup options that are not only fabulous but also pocket friendly... Discovering makeup products that work flawlessly and also don't cost a bomb is something that is keeping me busy nowadays. And the latest such discovery is the Makeup Revolution Radiant Lights Highlighter in Breathe...

REVIEW: Maybelline Lash Sensational Full Fan Effect Mascara

Review of Maybelline Lash Sensational Full Fan Effect Mascara
I am sitting in my living room right now, nibbling on a slice of banana bread, while the pati is enjoying the antics of Charlie from Two and a Half Men that's playing on TV... The past few months has been so hectic for me with all the traveling and stuff that quiet evenings at home like these is something I have been living for lately :)
Don't get me wrong, traveling is great but just sometimes I crave going back to warm and cozy times at home... It's like using makeup products from high-end brands one after another and then just for a change you go back to using your trusted drugstore brand and realise how much you missed it...
That's exactly what happened with me when I switched back to a Maybelline mascara...

How To Accessorize Your Winter Looks

How to Accessorize Your Favorite Winter LooksWinter is coming. No, seriously, it is. You have to be prepared in the fashion department when it comes to the cold. You are more than welcome to look like a marshmallow in a down coat, but why skip out on an opportunity to be fashionable this winter season? Here are a few items to help you accessorize your winter look!