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Drugstore Skin Care Products This Winter #BackToBasics

Drugstore Winter Skincare Products
Drugstore Winter Skincare Products

Drugstore Skin Care Products This Winter #BackToBasics

10 more days to go and we will be bidding adieu to 2016... It's been an interesting year alright, professionally, personally and blog wise... 2016 is the year I actually grew up mentally and emotionally... It has been the year of finding myself, doing stupid things and learning things first hand, gaining confidence and getting a perspective about what my priorities are in life... Needless to say 2016 gave me my life's maximum number of ups and downs till date and also is leaving me with a feeling that things are not gonna slow down in the near future...
I am kinda bracing myself but at the same time I am pretty excited :)

Since 2016 was so explosive, I decided to do something that would end the year in a similar note and hence last month when I went shopping for Winter skincare products, I decided to steer clear of my usual TBS, Forest Essentials and the like. Instead I decided to go back to the basics and take care of my skin using my favourite drugstore products and things out of the kitchen...
So here goes!

1. Face Cleansers

Virgin Coconut Oil, Sugar, Baby Wipes

I do not use soap on my face or even face wash... Since the time I discovered cleansing oils, butters and gels 2 years ago, I have always removed my makeup as well as washed my face using them and water... I have replaced my favourite TBS Cleansing Butter with pure and virgin Coconut Oil. I rub the oil all over my dry "made up" face and it dissolves the stubbornest of makeup in a jiffy. Now since oil is heavier than water, its impossible to remove the residue by splashing water. Instead I either take a wet tissue (Johnson's Baby Wipes) or a damp cotton pad and wipe away the goop off my face. By this time some coconut oil has already been absorbed in my skin and it feels clean and hydrated.
I exfoliate my facial skin once a week and I do it using sugar. You'll have to keep in mind that I don't use basic granulated kinds, instead I use castor sugar i.e. powdered sugar. Its more gentle on one's skin and its also easier to use. Again I use virgin coconut oil as the binding agent i.e. I mix the sugar and the oil in the palm of my hands and then use the mixture as a scrub. I wipe it off with a wet wipe or wet cotton pad.
I finish off the ritual with a refreshing splash of water.

2. Bath

I have replaced my TBS body washes with Nivea body washes and for the Winters I prefer the use the Creme Care variant. It has the signature Nivea scent, feels very creamy and is not drying at all.

3. Hydrate & Moisturise

Skincare is never complete without moisturisers and the Winter season calls for a little extra. I use the Nivea Soft Light Moisturiser cream for my face and neck, while I use the Vaseline Intensive Care Cocoa Glow Body Lotion for my body. I make it a point to apply the face cream as well as the body lotion immediately after a shower in the bathroom itself while my skin is still damp. This helps in immediate absorption of the products and keeps my skin hydrated longer...
For my lips I am currently using the The Frizz Kiss Lip Balm by Kronocare. I received it in this month's My Envy Box and I love it because it extremely moisturising as has a refreshing peppermint flavour.

That's all I am using this Winter, nothing fancy but very effective. Let's see how these see me through the cold season...
What does your Winter skincare look like? What products are your absolute favourite this season?


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